Highlights from the GOP Debate

ABC News' Shushannah Walshe gives us the highlights from the GOP Debate.
3:18 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Highlights from the GOP Debate
We are joined by ABC's political that path party deputy political director and we'll get it right. He asked me. I want. Yeah I think defense. Ike has been off but and the Lenovo flavor people who. And to shut us Sabena views that you've been with the rights of the over the huge corporation. That is big for. What they. You cloning. Even that isn't what you have talk let's. I think that's what. Our review. You can leave easy. There. He Donald. It can happen but it really happened and we were wondering who would be back Jeb Bush person on. Well with Michael W tonight. And it. He's. Done it before I'll come won re content around ten that they. Before. I had that Oppo playbook rat after trump university where it tied for. Where your tax return so he could tell. F public needed they. Watson for the fascinate me why these bags keep on deliveries. Another go round humans that. And I think what's nine. I think home in the and all through the violence that call me anything that. Is. It's lions began wild room. If you recanted parents stayed right like them more concentrated they can make their attacks were in fort and they are tied for trop. So that attempts get wilder. Well let's talk about how this that you I think that he'd also in the political unit we've talked a little bit about if he ever becomes unstoppable. How does that happen. Right without panic and they've never seen a campaign like this before one of the things pointed out has been. That he's weak with a particular group bright with late decider with people who haven't quite made up and it supporters will stick with him. But for folks who don't quite know many folks who were leaving and other campaign and picking and you can't. They might be the ones that neither candidate should target if you think rubio or cruise or whoever is left standing at the end of all. I think making the right case for those. You point out one group that does he struggling and that is only high but there is citing. Close to win very close to. This is where we need to be heard if you said which earlier that. That. We've seen that voters don't go anywhere else okay. Donell. He says but Beasley to spiders is where. Performance like tonight could possibly. But his monthly Condit and it doesn't seem. How'd he stop just I have gone observation on the ship view that human life for a company.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"ABC News' Shushannah Walshe gives us the highlights from the GOP Debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37211723","title":"Highlights from the GOP Debate ","url":"/Politics/video/highlights-gop-debate-37211723"}