Hillary Clinton a 6:1 Favorite in Vegas

Las Vegas Bookmaker Jimmy Vacarro tells ABC News' Brad Mielke what Donald Trump needs to do to make up ground.
3:08 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton a 6:1 Favorite in Vegas
Well hello from ABC news I'm Fred milky and we are here at the south point hotel and casino in Las Vegas and is that time you guys it is debate day. Here in Las Vegas and if you look behind the of course you'll see your standard sports book all the NFL games all the Major League Baseball games coming up college football over the weekend. But there right over my shoulder if in his bring that again. You will speed. The president's romance partner you're. Donald Trump. The big underdog and I actually joined right now but the odds maker for this puts sports book here Geneva Kara thanks for joining us. It's my pleasure at Jenny can actually make that right up did you walk up to the window and placed placed us on. You can look very and you could try to make that bet but you won't get it because it's illegal to federal and Campbell election. It's kind of a sad situation because we can look a lot of money on the cancer question. No betting entertainment purposes only. Entertainment purposes only but we've seen now. For entertainment purposes only not just depends on on who's gonna win the election which that one right over my shoulder but also lot of that's on the debate tonight. We'll get into that in a second first this explain to me. Can you bet on the election anywhere in the anywhere else in the world they feel like I see odds on it all the time on line. About everywhere else in the world it's that the United States they are much more concerned about our presidency as we are. Asked about their as our height I don't think anybody cares what the president of your ways. But I've been doing interviews I did mountains for sweetened television again went for Chinese television it's a real real big thing for them to follow us and in. Europe where they had the most action on on this election. It's like a Super Bowl Sunday to them they are known for all right let's and they books so much money it's insane. We are the only place you can't better. And so taking advantage behind these odds here I mean you said he's not hear us explained what somebody. What what these odds are telling book currently what you're seeing as I care over the last few months it's surely without being a politician here that there. Mr. trump has stepped in to few potholes. Where something was about even way back in July right after his convention. I he arms he gained a lot of strength but that's quite so naive that some things that obviously it hurt him. And so we're seeing now it's like. Hillary is a six to one favorite meaning if you're baiting an illegal book around the world. Yet delay at least six dollars when one dollar on Hillary she's that big of a favorite. It just like booking a football or baseball game he changed daily weekly power rating can actually when it was good. Is our power. When he made some mistakes the Arctic or off today's. Much bigger long shot now. And of course the polls are telling us very similar thing right now Jimmy C. Hillary Clinton with anywhere from four point lead in the polls to a twelve point applause when you take a look at those polls that sort of what's informing your odds here. It's exactly what it is no different light he would actually Jimmy argument guards on this it. It's not that hard really isn't and actually now we're on the ninth inning zone he eventful few rabbits out of its hat tonight. Or he's going to be trouble but remember in the business and Iron Man nothing is an absolute. So don't consider it done but he has a long fight ahead of them.

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{"id":42919343,"title":"Hillary Clinton a 6:1 Favorite in Vegas","duration":"3:08","description":"Las Vegas Bookmaker Jimmy Vacarro tells ABC News' Brad Mielke what Donald Trump needs to do to make up ground.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-61-favorite-vegas-42919343","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}