Hillary Clinton on Deciding to Run for Office

Clinton alludes to presidential run in describing how she came to run for Senate.
6:58 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton on Deciding to Run for Office
When you made those decisions -- -- when you chose to become secretary of skating you made the president look Lincoln acts. How do you make those decisions and wouldn't take on challenges like that and running for president. Would be giving -- in your life. Well that's a tricky question because obviously I'm thinking about that right now. And. OK I will try to briefly describe. -- decision making -- starts at with the decision to run for the senate. I did not ever think I personally would run for elected office I love doing policy. I loved. Trying to make things better for people -- worked for the children's defense fund with Marian Wright Edelman I chaired the Legal Services Corp. I started. A wonderful group and Arkansas called Arkansas advocates for children and families I was always an advocate and I love that work and I. Really thought that was my highest and best use and in after the 1998. Mid term election. Senator Daniel Patrick winning hand announced that he was not going to run. In 2000 again. And almost -- for the words were out of his mouth people from New York we're calling me and saying we really would love for you to run I -- that's ridiculous. I usually start decisions I end up making by saying that's -- -- I -- that you don't react and think you so much I love New York -- and Dylan I -- talked about you know living in new York and we got out of the White House and obviously also an Arkansas where. The Clinton presidential. Senator areas and by -- everybody come visit. And so I kept saying -- and I mean delegations of my friends people that I had known for years were coming in saying we really want you run now. I knew enough about politics to realize that they were having trouble recruiting any other Democrat. Because at that time mayor Rudy Giuliani was running and people -- a little nervous about running against the mayor. And so they were trying to find somebody that they could. Put into the race. And I kept saying no no no no no and you know it was it was flattering I was honored but it was not gonna happen in my in my mind. And then I have to tell you this was one of these little -- moments I was actually in New York City Saturday. And a high school. In Chelsea. -- Which I guess -- an -- And I was there to promote me and HBO documentary about women in sports but I love sports growing up I was really bad but I played softball. I'd played everything but. I was tolerated by my teammates but -- really believed in sports for girls as well as -- So the name of this series was called dare to compete. So the young woman who introduced me she was -- captain of the basketball team this really attractive young. Vibrant woman she introduced me and I went over she was at the podium and I went second my hand to shake -- hand anchor -- she'd been downed trees considerably taller than I -- fifth. She bent down she whispers in my years -- to compete mrs. Clinton. I. And that I started thinking like I don't mind as I mean I've gone around for years telling young women. Compete. You know make your own way -- -- stand up for yourself and all the rest of that. And writers so many young women and then not so young women to run for office -- supported them I'd raise money for the my campaign for them. And I slowly inched my way toward making the decision but I had a really let it percolate because it was. It it was hard to do Douglas -- I'd never done it before and I was perfectly happy saying vote for him vote for her improved -- it was hard to say vote for me I'm. That that was at that you know for awhile my my my staff who guide I started my campaign in July of 1999. And on Saturday morning and -- -- graciously. Introduce me and after it was over my Stetson. Who's the candidate who could. It's it will what do you mean is that we -- -- like yourself some time you -- have very much so it took awhile and slowly but surely. So fast forward. After the end of the 2008 primary which had been so hard fought and -- and so exhausting. Really I I read about this in my book I have a book coming out in June which starts with the decision to. Except the president's offer. I basically. Thought you know campaign in and help. Then Senator Obama be elected. And then go back to the senate because I loved loved loved representing New York in the senate. So we surely after the election the president reaches out to me -- starts talking to me about. -- and talk to me asks me if I would be his secretary of state. And has a no no no that's ridiculous. -- -- -- Fun throwing names and a -- know -- is that I want you I want you either you know I can't do I just can't -- Mr. President elect I can't do it but I'm going back -- -- -- think about it not. Anyway this goes on his eyes and detail in my book. And finally I I had -- the same kind of come being two terms. -- Experience with myself it was like. Suppose issues have been reversed and I was the president elect -- -- was facing all of these horrible problems like this Great Recession and then. Two wars and everything that the new president was going to be facing. All the things -- inherited an and an I thought well suppose I'd asked him what I want him to say. So I worked my way again through the process. Until I found you know. Words to say yes I will. It's for me I I am somebody who -- -- really mull things over. Because there is a cost to everything. And for me. It's -- it is. Exciting to be in the public arena trying to do what I -- and influence the public debate to speak out for people who. May not have. Voices on their behalf so I really appreciate doing all of that I just have to decide whether. I'm I'm ready to do that. So stay tuned that happened between -- when I know -- now I thought -- out of.

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{"id":23607440,"title":"Hillary Clinton on Deciding to Run for Office","duration":"6:58","description":"Clinton alludes to presidential run in describing how she came to run for Senate.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-deciding-run-office-23607440","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}