Hillary Clinton on Russia probes, marriage to Bill Clinton, presidential debate

"There is no denying that the Russians interfered in the election, whether or not they had willing or unwitting help from the Trump team," Hillary Clinton said.
6:25 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton on Russia probes, marriage to Bill Clinton, presidential debate
School band and just clean backfiring Komi was quote biggest mistake in modern political history. Although joint we'll say it was trumped but because it opened the door to expressed Russian investigation and the appointment of a special prosecutor. Do you think in four years we're still gonna have president from. I don't know and I don't think anybody does know I think that. There is a lot to investigate. And I'm. Personally. Very. Grateful that somebody of the stature of Robert Mueller would be there are conducting this investigation he taped totally. Straight aero guy I mean if it's there it's there it's not it's not and I I really believe that you'll be honest and transparent and tell us whatever it is he finds. But ever I say in the book and I try to explain. What bothers me there's just too many connections to be called just coincidences there just are and you have some of it is financial entanglements and some of it is hunting for you know negative information about me and some of that is calling you know people. And trying to hide those connections in the meetings in the calls and all that all of that has gone up. Now there's a lot of smoke. And whether or not there's fire we need to have figured out but here is what's important. Put the investigation into trop his associates and everybody else to one side there is no denying. That the Russians interfered in the election night whether or not they had some willing or unwitting help from the trump team. They interfered. And they did so to help him and hurt me. And they did so to destabilize our democracy and they have not stopped. I mean there's been enough public testimony before congress now by the very distinguished experienced. Intelligence professionals. Who all say the same thing. This is a clear and present danger to our country. And I think it's a if so roles were reversed. If I had won the electoral college and I we're in the White House and the intelligence services I've served with them I've worked with them. I've read their analysis I both on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And as secretary of state you know they don't always get it right but these are patriotic hard working dedicated men and women and if they have come to. I told me. You know we believe that this election was interfered with we believe that it was influenced and we believe they are still trying to get into our systems. I would've stopped at nothing I would have stood up and in front of the country said. Even if that advantage to me that I am not going to rest until we know exactly what happened and make sure that. The Republican Party bills itself as of the party of family values. However many Republicans have been very critical of you are staying in your marriage. They say that it is a marriage of political convenience the opposite it is athletic good stuff and as a as opposed to. Saying that staying in a marriage is a family value right Craig what what is your response why did you stay in your memory slot right about it I hope everybody will ring if you ever ask themselves as. Basically I say look yeah I hear that people so they have an arrangement gets called marriage and a half after. Have battle lot more happy. Odd days is sad or angry days and I am very. Proud and grateful that. I am married to my best friend that he has Ben my biggest. You know source of encouragement and support over all the years. Many more than some of you've been alive that we have been together. But. It is important for people to recognize also that. This whole idea as you started out saying you know family values can be used as such a they soared to hurt people. In LI. And oftentimes nobody really knows what is the fact and I think it's time that we. Really tried to support people in their decisions and give them war understanding and my passion and I don't. Mitt add to my. This debate last night when he was at act like stalking. Oh yeah assembly would really. That we that we legally he went yeah come on that's music that yeah we've played a lot of the Canadian sweat suits had I have no doubt Ed you know like you say the book that you wanted to use it said this shouldn't I what is it now okay so it got hot. Well you know sweep practices act I was very. Committed to prepare for the debates and so we practice because I thought they'd be a big deal on it I'm glad that most people thought I won all three of them to get that. I did you know with that kind. Commitment to really being prepared. And we practiced the young man who played trump practiced. Stalking me. Oh yes oh gas talking me and saying really nasty things to me. Because I wanted to keep my composure didn't you know ice at the end of the day I thought people are gonna say okay. This a big job it's a risking serious hard job. Caught let's go with the person who's the adult in the room and I was hoping that would be made so I practiced all of that and we then go. When I was actually on stage yeah it felt so different. That's when I was thinking like okay what do I do we got something you can just where this Al. I'm.

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{"id":49823419,"title":"Hillary Clinton on Russia probes, marriage to Bill Clinton, presidential debate","duration":"6:25","description":"\"There is no denying that the Russians interfered in the election, whether or not they had willing or unwitting help from the Trump team,\" Hillary Clinton said.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-russia-probes-marriage-bill-clinton-presidential-49823419","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}