Hillary Clinton Cites Lack of Funding in Global Outposts

Hillary Clinton says heavy investment in Iraq, Afghanistan diverts needed resources from posts in other nations.
3:00 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Cites Lack of Funding in Global Outposts
Welcome -- secretary. You know we all deeply mourn the tragic loss of four extraordinarily brave Americans including our distinguished ambassador Christopher Stevens. But one of my top concerns is that we seem to be re learning the same lessons again and again and again. And secretary after the August 1988 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Admiral -- that exactly where you sit there was twelve years ago. And told the subcommittee that I -- at the time that quote in our investigations of the bombings. -- -- boards were shocked how similar the lessons learned war to those drawn by the body and the commission some fourteen years before that. -- the -- -- in 1985. In direct response I authored a bipartisan law they have -- -- government -- relations act. And it it we had a title the secure embassy construction and counterterrorism act of 1999. To upgrade diplomatic security and residences. To improve threat assessments and facilities emergency action plans security threat list. Perimeter distances letters setbacks for example crisis management -- diplomatic security. Trading rapid response procedures. Storage or emergency equipment like fire -- to present capabilities. And increased anti terrorism in Africa. Before 1998. There were a thousand. Security specialists. Today they are over 3100. I agree we need need more but how present day security personnel and assets are deploy -- Are above all a leadership issue and clearly. We have and had to. The diplomatic security assets of could have been deployed to -- guys. When it comes to what you knew -- secretary what requests were made of view and the department to beef up security in -- -- There are disturbing parallels to Kenya and Tanzania. -- East Africa terrorist bombings US ambassador to Kenya Prudence Bushnell Bushnell. Repeatedly asked secretary Madeleine Albright for more security upgrades. And the ambassador's request. Was rejected and the loss of life as we all know was terrific there are -- -- press reports the US ambassador to Libya. Chris Stevens and his team. Made repeated requests for security assistance so -- questions -- these one. He defied taken responsibility for -- got senior testimony a few moments ago. It turns and only in terms of during -- after the terrorist attacks. What about before the attack. On September 11 201211. What a twelve what did you personally and your staff. When did you become aware of ambassador Stevens and his team's request for security upgrades. What exactly did you do in response. You obviously we're very close to him to -- ask you personally at any time. When you say a moment ago that that could ambassador Pickering is a RB. Perhaps in think you relevant to be interviewed -- the most relevant persons of all you're the leader in that you're on top of at all. So I would join of my colleague and arrest Clayton you should have been interviewed and very important questions asked. And where you personally in any way at fault. Well first congressman. I'm well aware of the work that you did after the 1998. Bombings and I think that work and the legislation that you. Championed. Has been very important in protecting. Are people around the world. We have -- Not only reviewing but continuing to implement the recommendations of all the former arms and the eighteen previous -- resulted in a 164 recommendations and we have -- Very clear that the overwhelming majority have been implemented. -- hand fall such recommendations. Work. And by their very nature. Requiring continuous implementation like what kind of security upgrades or -- radio communication was necessary. And there were a few that work only partially implemented because. Some separate security concerns that that would have raised but. There was a need for ongoing funding you remember that admiral Crowe said. We want a 2.2 billion dollars. For building embassies we had. A number of embassies that we're built in those early years thanks to your legislation -- it petered off. You know we put so much time and attention into Iraq and Afghanistan. Trying to make sure that we secured our people -- we sent a lot of our diplomatic security personnel there. And so. It what we had a slowdown to over a number of years in our ability to build new Inman facilities in Houston and now the latest -- is saying. Let's get back and do this again because there's no substitute for -- I'm almost out of time and secretary when did you become aware -- -- message -- its request. And how did you respond to it and did he ever personally ask -- To be involved. -- now Owen and he -- -- now debt that. Any of the requests any of the cables having to do to secure with security did not that come to my attention.

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{"id":18296033,"title":"Hillary Clinton Cites Lack of Funding in Global Outposts ","duration":"3:00","description":"Hillary Clinton says heavy investment in Iraq, Afghanistan diverts needed resources from posts in other nations.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-testifies-benghazi-attack-hearing-cites-lack-18296033","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}