Hillary Clinton's Challenges as First Lady

Bill Clinton documentary airs on PBS as part of its "American Experience" series
2:33 | 02/13/12

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Challenges as First Lady
One of the big problems whereas the relationship between bill and Hillary. Voters thought that it was a zero sum game that for Hillary to be strong bill would have to be weak. And as a result the perception of Hillary's strength. Became a perception of bills weakness. The polling made me understand that. And when I came back to work for Clinton one of the first things they did. Wish to show Hillary can be as influential as you wanna be good do -- in -- Don't sit -- on the strategy meetings don't make the appointments don't make everybody be cleared with you. In the bedroom at night tell them what to do it. But don't let it be seen in public. -- -- advice is home. After the stunning defeat in the mid term elections. Hillary had received a large share of the play. She was outspoken she was Smart she was hard drive. And some people resented -- -- during the campaign it was two for the price of one but people aren't electing to the -- Mueller confess. She had been. Caught out trying to be difficult precedent. It just wasn't enough time. And that's when she had to Begin to really -- examined. Again as she did as governors life. What does the public want from me in this room. And to take on gradually little bit more of the traditional role of -- Well welcome to the White House and the beginning of the -- Christmas season here. Unsatisfied by her ceremonial role -- First Lady. Hillary began working on issues important to her. But not alarming the public. She began writing a book about children and traveled abroad with Chelsea to advocate for women's rights. She wrote a weekly syndicated column. And even consulted a psychic in the White House. But it wasn't enough. She felt -- one of the rare times in her life completely. Depressed. She said everything that she was doing wasn't working. She just didn't know what to do anymore is could she really wanted to be in their right at Bill Clinton's side fighting all the political -- that he was doing.

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{"id":15577076,"title":"Hillary Clinton's Challenges as First Lady","duration":"2:33","description":"Bill Clinton documentary airs on PBS as part of its \"American Experience\" series","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clintons-challenges-first-lady-15577076","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}