Hillary Clinton's Childhood Friend Shares Her Memories

ABC News' Terry Moran asks about happy times, difficult times and her favorite music.
5:36 | 07/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Childhood Friend Shares Her Memories
The lower it or edit make its way out around eight childhood friend. A Secretary Clinton herself down there Carey taking away. Bottom as you know there was that. Three days walking around the floor beat. Delegates today Hillary Clinton's big night we made a beeline. He lying again below night now. The idea. He lives in Arlington heights Illinois which is right next door to mount prospect Illinois. I grew up. You may remember bad for two reasons. President Clinton mentioned it last night and it was that very powerful moment when you had the opportunity. Illinois. Your childhood friend tell me about. My speech. Happy I am a delegate from. McMillan high and he accidentally. Been a long road. The valley bills and ballot. You know I helped her mommy and daddy here very nice and I want it fat man. You just said your sweet friend. Now all the things we've heard about Hillary Clinton and all the things Americans know about her over this quarter century that she's been the public guy I don't think. We did the word that comes to many. Why Elton. Hard working friend her friend mean everything turn. And I am 25 mark classmates from grade school when I spoke Whitney. There's little trip and mean she thought she failed and it included had fell and they are 25. And mutual friend have you guys like different rates fall as well as I still can't believe me. I can't let that pants because it's like hurt aimed at sorry guys but it's true yeah. So let me ask you. Over the course of those 25 years he has come in. Of four a lot of criticism right and a lot of attacks some fair some not there's some politics I'm just downright dirty ask how is that Ben. As a friend and her circle of friends to see that and frankly to see the struggles that she's been through. In her marriage is what which played out in. Republicans are too painful way that's that's the ruling that it was in the public eyes. We laugh at family everybody every backyard. I pet. We're Saddam but the group of the girls that have known each other militants intent. And we get together often often and we stayed at my place in Indiana. And we Wear around this table about twelve months and I looked at all twelve of us you know we'd volley aides as saying. I'm the only one with white hair but it's extra in the only honest when I Atlanta. But I looked at this table and I could tell you I'm really happy story about each of my girlfriends. And a very sad story about each and and how I'd have very great stories and she's late she's with us he's just one of the girls so she mixes into that group. Just fine and that's a people need to understand. She's very much like. She's at ground she's a mom. She's all of those things you've hit it very relatable so it's. Adds up said he Lynn when they say these things. Now when you spoke about her parents that was such a moving moment do you expect she's gonna do the same tonight and talk about it. If she doesn't quite fit. She at least will be thinking and her Brothers are here. And Chelsea's here and and you know ill loved her mom and dad very much want. Knocking they weren't just people they were always part of my life and my mom and dad in her parents were good friends and that was just. But for bill. You know Hillary's dad was. He EXX girl he was large presences there. Funny followed everything I think one of all of them hundreds and hundreds of speeches that I heard Bill Clinton give us I think. Baby the eulogy Eddie gave that Hillary's dad's funeral was one of the best ones that I've I've ever heard ad you know he loved northeast like them I. And could even speak at her memorials there. Yes I was moving and I have one more question as well now I'm not gonna ask you tell any embarrassing stories out of you'd like to volunteer than you can. But I think somebody is notre since that age I'd like to know the playlist the music playlist when you guys and later right out yeah. Well of course he was of Canadian fan. I don't figured but that shows our anchor LC he let out but I'll tell you. We always had this thing about The Beatles that she was again all fanning. I was charged. George spent and when George Harrison died she called them have vowed to offer me sympathy. Was very. That is that now that sweet that's me that the ugly thank you very much thank you very happy that they get caught on them. Yet can't help every month.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran asks about happy times, difficult times and her favorite music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40972372","title":"Hillary Clinton's Childhood Friend Shares Her Memories","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clintons-childhood-friend-shares-memories-40972372"}