Some hotspots past their peak: Pence

At Thursday’s task force briefing, Vice President Mike Pence said that much of the coronavirus pandemic could be "behind us" by early summer.
2:19 | 04/23/20

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Transcript for Some hotspots past their peak: Pence
Today the White House corona virus task force the met. And while love our hearts are with the families of those who have lost their life to the corona virus and those who are struggling with serious illness today. Our team led by doctor Deborah verbs informs us. That the data continues to show promising signs of progress. The New York metro area. New Jersey Connecticut. Detroit in New Orleans all appeared to be past their peak. And we are seeing consistent declines in hospitalization. And cases in regions across. The country. Our only conclusion is that we're getting there America. Because the American people are put into practice. The president's guidelines of social distancing because you've been listening. And a cheering to the guidance of state and local officials. We are. We're making we're making meaningful progress. In a very real sense scaring Americans. And be exposed to the corona virus and no less extent. Saving lives for tests for sexually believes Mr. President that if we continue these mitigation efforts in the days ahead. As states implement their policies including phased reopening that will preserve those gains we do believe by. Early summer we can be in a much better place as a nation. With with much of this corona virus epidemic. Behind us. Earlier today we also had a conference call led by secretary Ben Carson. And leaders from hall about the president's announcement yesterday. That he is re purpose things he's White House opportunity and revitalization council. To focus on the impact of the corona virus on minority. Communities. Secretary Carson will convene the council tomorrow. And will be reporting. Tomorrow afternoon on their progress we want to thank. More than 270. Leaders of organizations dedicated to housing homelessness. And improving the lives of people across our urban communities not only for being with us today. For the way they have partnered with our administration and partnered with state and local officials put the health of all of their constituencies. First.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"At Thursday’s task force briefing, Vice President Mike Pence said that much of the coronavirus pandemic could be \"behind us\" by early summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70319153","title":"Some hotspots past their peak: Pence","url":"/Politics/video/hotspots-past-peak-pence-70319153"}