House continue process on articles of impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee will begin debating two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.
4:32 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for House continue process on articles of impeachment
And as we're gonna turn to Washington house Democrats unveiling two articles of impeachment against president trump. Abuse of power and obstruction of congress and tonight house Democrats officially. Drawing up those articles of impeachment and a full house vote could come as early as next week so when I bring in Karen Travers at the White House and we have Catherine fall there's. In our DC bureau it's good to see both of you Catherine I'll start with you can you just tell us logistically. How this works what happens when they're drawing up these articles. Anderson this is going to happen over a period of two days today. And tomorrow so tonight around 7 o'clock we'll see. Our members of the Judiciary Committee now remember there's 41 of them and each one of them against the opportunity to give a five minute opening statements so that's going to last quite awhile into the evening so that most likely that is what we will see today just opening statements of from these members. And how does mark up works in Kimberly this Worley processing can last just hours on end beacon goes the wee hours of the morning's some days this week. We'll see you Republicans offer amendments to these articles it's unclear how many they walk or offer any at all you can see some Democrats offers amendments and will be voted on. A by Everett every member of the committee we'll see a lot of fireworks. In there to Sonoma happens after Thursday. And we could see this on Friday where then the Judiciary Committee will then vote on the articles. In the committee which as you mentioned that then they will send it over to the full house floor we'll event where it will be debated yet again. And then the full house will go likely early next week. In carrying president trump of course responding to all of this activity at his rally last night in Pennsylvania. It really caught it flimsy and pathetic and I was the first chance we heard from the president last night after hours of waiting for tweets about this he departed the White House in our brain actually here is RD dark and headed to Pennsylvania for that campaign rally. Surprise the president has kept up the same managed in the beginning of this process he says. His phone call it the president Ukraine was perfect this is all witch hunt and the Democrats have been out to get him from the day he took office. Yes a parent so when this goes to senate when his trial begins the Republican senators are saying. They are not going to call live witnesses which would put him at odds with what the president has been asking for. We're gonna it likely see this happening early next year that's led senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is signaling that the senate impeachment trial would be the first thing that they take up in the new year after that then you get to some of the policy priorities like. That US Mexico Canada trade agreement that the house is expected to pass sometime next week. But the private. Have been calling for a big splashy trial he would love to see this go on for me is he'd like to see witnesses live there in the well of the senate. Do you think testimony defending him that's good the president Gil he hasn't had chance to do that so far in this process of course Kimberly that's because the White House declined to participate. In the house process and that's because they say is been part of their. And it is being unfair sedate him and give it any credibility they wanna give an inch at all their essentially saving themselves for the senate trial now will Mitch McConnell. Allow the president to control this process it is that it you can set the rules there and I think they'd like to see this get wrapped up as quickly as possible. The president would like to see it drag on. Yet there's lots of activity because Katherine in the meantime. The inspector general is actually testifying on a holiday about his report that he just released. Oh on the FBI's investigation into the 2016. Election. You're right this comes after the release of that report on Monday and I you see him right there live on the Levys now answering. Some questions but I think global sea is out more what's answering a lot of questions about the split perhaps between what the FBI director ray taught us that an exclusive interview that this investigation was opened with appropriate provocation authorization. But then we hear from bill Barr the attorney general who. Actually takes issue with race they managing the president has tweeted about ray in and is rally last night said that the people who have high ranks at the FBI actually are great so. You conceded there as these people are at odds. And I Horwitz is likely going to answer questions about that from Democrats and Republicans on the panel to act. All right Catherine folders right NRDC bureau and Karen Travers. At the White House thank you ladies both we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"The House Judiciary Committee will begin debating two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67658702","title":"House continue process on articles of impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/house-continue-process-articles-impeachment-67658702"}