House Democrats call on Senate to pass Justice in Policing Act

Congressional Black Caucus chair Karen Bass said the act is a “bill for human rights in our country.”
3:49 | 06/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for House Democrats call on Senate to pass Justice in Policing Act
The war so our margin for human rights in America. About human eggs in America. To be the beacon of hope for human rights and other countries and that's just isn't policing act is they've been well for human rights. We've got to the crowd. That thousands would mark everything except his murder simply won't ever forget his name. And policing their offense is it a transplanted vision policing in America. That is police brutality. Racial I would bet is the practice that not a matter. Inability to women have been engine and give the jurisdictions the power. That you have been the opposite. That fans both young artists and make sure our Thompson is no immediate use. I hope to different police department after being fired. Two weeks ago. A lot of. Boy that brother's up north like. Get fired. When he wanted Judiciary Committee. He said adding that people marching in the streets are telling him I'm not good enough. Either leaders that this country this world and he. He went on Wednesday lawyers name me something. It is dead end up changing the world for the better and I think it will he says I think it has that he died at he had slipped. It is going to you can make sure his dad isn't there. Today we have the opportunity any obligation. To ensure that his death and the death of selling others. I not again. Let me passes bill. The sentinel choice. To articulate collect light. But to do nothing. This is not an entirely bad matters. It's not that I'm very exciting. It's not entirely legitimate debate reform. Saying there is scant faith Gregoire. Investors. He's on his name nothing Rio. We must insist because he insists. On me OK. Atlanta matter and that. Senate. Republicans is that it cannot go well. And will not be allowed to thwart the will of the country. Everything. Isn't it time. In all of whom. That's another bill. Did three contract. To me back out thousands. Of president bill. It is that we live eight. Eight pathway. For hours after it is they. That yes this is qualified immunity that his Iraq. To look at density it is well. Oh no not. And it is the right fit and it was all on hey battle. Law. Dan and certainly. That path we'll always do that as well. But even at that it hadn't they'd better hope is already know. What scared I didn't let it. They didn't act up big you don't look like anyway.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Congressional Black Caucus chair Karen Bass said the act is a “bill for human rights in our country.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71452376","title":"House Democrats call on Senate to pass Justice in Policing Act","url":"/Politics/video/house-democrats-call-senate-pass-justice-policing-act-71452376"}