No House Democrats vote for the GOP tax plan

The House of Representatives approved the Republican tax bill.
4:10 | 12/19/17

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Transcript for No House Democrats vote for the GOP tax plan
On ABC news political director recline but by Johnson Tucci and Tara pol merry today and we're gonna bring you into and out of the the press briefing from. Sarah Huckabee Sanders but for now guys a very big victory for the White House 2272032030. Democrats voting for a twelve voting against it. And just like that twelve Republicans are twelve of opening at that and just like that. President trump is at the precipice of getting the single biggest legislative achievement of its time off. Several weeks Beers he would be Christmas present company he got his wish write downs of the wire. He may have just missed Amazon deadline for shipping. But he finally got there is still long road and Bryant was ready to pack. Package that the more of a gavel fell behind Alex site he would has been the signature thing for all right Karen yet it's tax reform done it. Honey this and I'm an old clip of him was pulled out from when he was twenty years old and a congressman a lax on his way. And an accident congress and he basically was saying that we need tax reform to make America great. Where he heard that would this hour. At Lou you know that's a good. Area there on the Ryan but you're never speaker Boehner stepping down right after that the Pope some of the Ryan last week it's you know forget all taxes are the Pope. That is where he worships is an activity he says that the now and that's not this bill that went down today but let's turn to that the president because this. You guys for its all across the country over the last couple years as president is the beautiful tax the biggest in the past all. Every transparently. It was attached to this easy every legislative priority all by the wayside this. When that survive what does that mean the White House will I mean again I think this president has said over and over again as. Kennedy and in the White House that you be the greatest gift that shot it got ever created for the economy create more jobs stock market would come back. Every tweak terror when he's going after somebody include something great about the stock market that's the thing that he constantly. Can say he's doing well here but for him you know look this is obviously been a very frustrating year for the president and Republicans. He tried to reform health care. Multiple times a lot of false starts there didn't get over the line he needed at least one wean this year now is is the perfect deal that he wanted. No absolutely. But it's still wing and front sized ones away. And he's not the only e-commerce news mountain overcoming its 28 teens they had nothing to show and some say you know trump. You learn the ins and outs of this bill Heatley attorney actually cared about any degree. Where's the care he doesn't really interest in the details glossed over because even half that seems their passion for you know he's not. But at the end of the day he was able to resign and century CE serious you know dance at that at and the yard line and again that's that. Sports frequently. I don't a lot you know our levee people now be something happening. It will be it again it's not often that the and asked for race essentially. But I wanted indictment is notable because there's. That the hills of the Bill Bennett but the fact that zero Democrats vote for this thing. Twelve Republicans vote against that we haven't seen a vote right now but what we know that most California New Jersey New York moderate. Republicans who they know this is gonna get if you think that speaks to something to me. No democrats' hopes along and a bunch of Republicans felt free to vote against this because this is not unmitigated winner. That that president thought would happen this is not a tax cut for everybody going to be tax increase for a large number of people particularly some Blue States. And it is disproportionately loaded to some of the wealthiest individuals and big corporate tax prominent individual tax cuts that are smaller and off. Yes and look I think you'll have the fact that there were New Yorkers sing this guy's from RC yeah now is affecting so many people appear what is he doing here and now even. After you're right. But still you you would think it for someone who you know east from more of those who the better understand.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"The House of Representatives approved the Republican tax bill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51891315","title":"No House Democrats vote for the GOP tax plan ","url":"/Politics/video/house-democrats-vote-gop-tax-plan-51891315"}