House Intelligence Committee to release report on impeachment probe

The committee is expected to vote on and later release a report that details the findings from the impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill.
2:41 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for House Intelligence Committee to release report on impeachment probe
And guys we moved to Washington where the cloud of impeachment continues to hang in the air the House Intelligence Committee led by congressman Adam Schiff. Releasing a report today's summer rising their impeachment case. So far so want to bring in Katherine fathers on Capitol Hill Catherine I just went to explain what is exactly is in this report. Oh well the short answer to that Kimberly as we just don't know yet it's not public members. Were allowed to begin viewing this report 24 hours before they vote on its nine at 6 PM so we've been seeing members coming in viewing this report today we will see a publicly around. At 6:30 PM but what we don't really expect to see any new evidence in this report it's the Democrats will make. Their clearest case yet and the president's actions hasn't relates to Ukraine were to benefit his own personal and political actions and really not only as it relates to Ukraine we saw. The chairman on television last night also. But talking about potentially some Moeller or related articles of impeach that you heard and I mention that the president was publicly asking China to investigate. Political rivals so also looking for not just Ukraine but what it potentially says about other countries who were told that it's roughly 175. Pages long can. Yet Katherine and so they released this and then you have the Republicans who released their version ever report. And they're saying that the president did nothing wrong and that he had quote genuine concerns about corruption in Ukraine so how do you put that against what we have we heard an all of these hearings. Yes that's what we've been hearing from Republicans during its profits generally but this report. That they released that last night was third clears the legal. Argument yet now it's essentially countering the testimony that we've heard from multiple witnesses many with firsthand knowledge they're saying that evidence that the testimony. Provided by those witnesses they're calling it here's say in their specifically arguing that Democrats are pursuing impeachment they write quote. As a tool for selling political scores and we litigating election results with which they disagree. All right and so then tomorrow they hearings continue with the House Judiciary Committee what should we be looking out where there. Eighty that's right we have the first step public impeachment hearing in the house judiciary a committee tomorrow we'll be hearing from four. A legal and constitutional. Scholars not necessarily household names but. Who won't be showing up there as we learned earlier this week are the president's lawyers of course they were invited to participate in this hearing today and they said that they're just not going to they're facing another Friday deadline a to tell the committee is still resisting any of these house proceedings Al. All right Catherine falters right there on Capitol Hill thank you so much for the information we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"The committee is expected to vote on and later release a report that details the findings from the impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67467224","title":"House Intelligence Committee to release report on impeachment probe","url":"/Politics/video/house-intelligence-committee-release-report-impeachment-probe-67467224"}