House investigators to lay out findings from impeachment hearings

White House lawyers turned down a request for their attendance before the House in Wednesday's public impeachment hearing.
3:22 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for House investigators to lay out findings from impeachment hearings
And for more impeach embattled this week I'm joined now by our house investigative reporter Catherine folders join us live from Catherine hit Capitol Hill they captured. Odds so they they despite the president's protests there the house investigators impeachment investigators are preparing to release their report. About the president's alleged misconduct with Ukraine. What are you hearing about that report what can we expect from a when it's released. They are on the House Intelligence Committee which led this impeachment inquiry as it relates to Ukraine after all those closed door deposition and weeks of public hearings began drafting this report. Now later tonight around 6 o'clock they're expected to how members from that committee both Republicans and Democrats come in. In view that report behind closed doors they can't take them apart with and that won't be public until tomorrow evening after 6 o'clock around 630 the committee the House Intelligence Committee. Will then vote on that report after a incorporating some of the minority of the republicans' views after they view it they will vote. On that at 6 o'clock it's a formality DeVon it's likely to to pass an essentially what this will do is shift that report. From the House Intelligence Committee over to the House Judiciary Committee which as you were talking out of having that first. Public impeachment hearing on Wednesday they will get. And that report likely tomorrow night when he CNN of course that will likely be central the fax from that report. It will be central to that its first impeachment hearing on Wednesday with constitutional and legal scholar seven. And it's important remind everybody Catherine right that this report death shouldn't be any big surprise this is basically. That did the lawmakers the investigators the Democrats lean out all the findings. Of alleged misconduct on the part of the president things we've been hearing about. In these public hearings but. One thing that won't be in this report or this hearing apparently is any input from the president in his team. Despite all their complaints about not being involved in the process of actually turned down. An invitation to appear on Wednesday. That's frame are also expecting Republicans on the committee to release the counter report to. Chairmanships report but you're right the Republicans and the White House really has notified the Judiciary Committee that. They aren't going to send council air going to send their lawyers to participate. In Wednesday's hearing and what I heard from sources of the White House and Republican sources on Capitol Hill is you've seen for the past. Couple months or president attacked. This process doesn't Keith Smith hopes he's also complains though that he hasn't been able to how his lawyers present in the house intelligence. A committee hearing so why would anyone to send them now up over the White House is saying they don't have enough information about what the Wednesday hearing will be like that there will be no representation from men and they aren't facing another deadline at Devens Friday about 5 o'clock chairman Nadler has given the White House the deadline to respond to whether. The president when the White House will participate in these proceedings. At all we still expect perhaps some additional hearings to be announced before this goes. Before they begin drafting articles of impeachment if they decide to go before this goes to the full house floor Corvette. And of course that sought an opportunity to participate. In a trial on the Republican controlled senate if and when. This process heads there Catherine folders thank you so much will be back with you all week in you can follow. The impeachment hearings here on ABC news live on Wednesday gaveled the gavel coverage hope you'll join us then.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"White House lawyers turned down a request for their attendance before the House in Wednesday's public impeachment hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67448740","title":"House investigators to lay out findings from impeachment hearings","url":"/Politics/video/house-investigators-lay-findings-impeachment-hearings-67448740"}