House Judiciary Committee lays out evidence for impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee’s lawyers will present their evidence on whether President Donald Trump should be impeached as Democrats move fast.
3:11 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for House Judiciary Committee lays out evidence for impeachment
I want to begin with their senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce -- what you walk us through what we expect to hear today but also what happened over the weekend because it was a big debate within the in the Democratic Party. On whether they should neo wrote all the blood in the scope of the articles of impeachment. It look I'm here this morning they're essentially going to turn this hearing room down the hall from me into a high stakes wherever you are going to see lawyers from both parties. Outlined there evidence and make their case for whether the president should or should not be impeached. Now over the weekend Democrats were hunkered here inside the capitol there were a lot of long hours a lot of heat and they are preparing for this. Next crucial phase is of course they are laying the ground work today and preparing to draft articles of impeachment against the president what you will hear. From the democratic lawyers today is why they feel that the evidence is rock solid thing will make the case that the president has abused his office. For his own personal political games while Republicans are simply going to pick apart the same evidence to do the exact opposite they are going to argue that there is no group. That the president was trying to get a leg up in the two point one election and the Republicans will likely continue to rail against the prospect because they believe. In his entire thing has been unfair. Even though of course the president is refusing to mount a defense and declining to send anyone to represented here at today's hearing. I asked about the scope because. What is there are a lot of unknowns here right and one of thumb is exactly what are the charges going to be against this president. He is likely to be charged with abuse of power bribery and obstruction and it is still unknown whether. Construction will go beyond the Ukraine matter to look at obstruction of the Moeller pro. A lot of Democrats feel there is a pattern. Of that he you're hear from the president that he should be held accountable for a wide range of that while other Democrats including. And the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee out of hinted that they need to states when yearly vote is. And narrowly more on just the Ukraine issue it prevents a real challenge for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Where he is very much in charge of what's happening here just a walk that fine line from the political. And the legal you have to show that the president I hit hit the mark for impeachable offenses but she also wants to satisfy.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The House Judiciary Committee’s lawyers will present their evidence on whether President Donald Trump should be impeached as Democrats move fast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67596813","title":"House Judiciary Committee lays out evidence for impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/house-judiciary-committee-lays-evidence-impeachment-67596813"}