House Judiciary Committee Republican talks impeachment hearing

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., says Republicans have "no burden" and "nothing to prove" in the hearing.
4:53 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for House Judiciary Committee Republican talks impeachment hearing
Congressman good zip so what do Republicans hope to accomplish today it's here. Today Democrats are facing. He's been polling numbers that deteriorate almost by the hour and they believe that what will save them. There's a lecture from three liberal law professors Republicans don't have any burden today there's nothing we're trying to prove we think. Record evidence establishes that. Parade Ukraine was a very corrupt country the president had a legitimate and deep rooted concern about the corruption Ukraine and specifically. Marie smoke and potentially provides connection there so we like to see morph back to witnesses today will only largely being legal analysis thankful for the country that. Do you think there's any chance that the president impeached this foregone. At this stage. I believed. In January 2018 it was a foregone conclusion that the president would be impeached largely because house Democrats want to show that they have the power but I think that's very dangerous for the country we get it to reflexive impeachment anytime someone has a disagreement on policy or process. A few that's what we so working whereas this process go from here pickets were wrong conclusion are Republicans can. An issue subpoenas leaders can issue questions in the district meet you bring your own witnesses. To the table before it gets to that point. Under the rules of the house we would have the right for a minority hearing to be able to bring in witnesses and develop facts that we believe would be helpful to the vets to date. House Democrats have walked our ability to call our own witnesses and put them on. Here's why that's important. If the president had a legitimate belief that the recent on the Biden's were corrupt and that would indicate his. Asking presents a list to potentially take a look at that rupture if there was no legitimate we'll leave it. Reese on the five's Walt yup in this something far more problematic is far different but even. Testimony George from the State Department demonstrated the Marines but was dirty we all knew it in the president's questions of Mike which has. There really hasn't been any crystal clear evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Joseph Biden even if the president has. Seen want to pursue it from the through the normal channels why not why we're Republicans were in control of the house and joined by 70% that no look we. Tried to pursue a lot more as Republicans in the house and it was largely Paul Ryan walked us. We didn't send out any subpoenas in the 150 congress on the Paul Ryan's leadership and I think it was largely because he was sympathetic to the people the FBI and department justice who were railroaded president tried so that's a fair. Criticism we ought to have done more. But right now we're trying to get to those facts we want to call those witnesses we want to call the whistle blower. But it's Adam Schiff and house Democrats who stand in the way. Of the factual development that would indicate the president president's legal team so this week they will not participate in this process to think that's a mistake should his attorneys commit here in India the defense. My belief is that you always take every opportunity yet even an unfair process so far the president I would set my team but I can understand why. They have such serious concerns when you look at the fact that a lot of this evidence was developed in secret in the bunker. When you look at the fact that we don't act. Access to the reports and documents in real time this ship report over 300 pages we only got it yesterday a Democrats had an earlier look at so it gives them. An advantage but that. Procedure look at it won't overcome the fact that the president's ups. And if he is in. Innocent why not have John Bolton make more brainy come forward and and would they be the definitive word mind. Some of this speculation as you put it about the president's motives I'm sure there's a lot of frustration from folks who would like to see that happen the president passed away impact on the president's. In the future presidents of both parties have to be able to rely on their closest advisors they got to have. Creative out of the box thinking. They know what you're concerned with advising the president are engaging in honest discourse but somehow that's going to be the subject of a congressional hearing that stuff doesn't go exactly as everybody what happens now. I think that way those. I think. Presidential concerns. Are really what the president finally congressman 70% of Americans say that the president did something wrong here maybe it's unimpeachable. He's a removable. But they don't think that this conduct when it comes Ukraine's maybe appropriate is there anything in your mind about what we've seen over the past months. With this phone call with the pressure campaign Rudy Giuliani over there all that. Anything improper. No I don't believe the president. Acted improperly in any way I think largely that polling. Is animated by the fact that we've had a very one sided process that Republicans were able to pull the whistle or call Hunter Biden put on evidence about where is my. I don't think you'd see the polling in quite that same way but if you look at the trend lines there is no dispute over the last few weeks Democrats have lost substantial ground when it comes to trying to get a groundswell from the public on impeachment. And I don't think there's any doubt that a lecture today from three constitutional law professors is not going to fundamentally change the way the American people. These facts congress Mecca to Florida thanks so much thank you.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., says Republicans have \"no burden\" and \"nothing to prove\" in the hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67492721","title":"House Judiciary Committee Republican talks impeachment hearing","url":"/Politics/video/house-judiciary-committee-republican-talks-impeachment-hearing-67492721"}