House manager Adam Schiff wraps up on Article I in impeachment

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos discusses with the roundtable if today's statement could have an impact on the trial.
28:28 | 01/24/20

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Transcript for House manager Adam Schiff wraps up on Article I in impeachment
That does wrap up the house manages argument on article one they're gonna have a few more hours on article to article to the obstruction. Congress I want to go to our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce has been up there on Capitol Hill I know you're inside the chamber as well some fatigue. Shedding in among the senators and of course the big question right now. Has this changed enough Republican minds on they key question of witnesses. Endured I can tell you from being inside the chamber there is a noticeable difference between yesterday and today and that is that fatigue is setting and look we have heard from Republicans last night and this morning who say they've had enough they feel it's getting too repetitive they've heard this. All before and you can see that a lot lot fewer Republicans seem to be paying close attention there's a lot more daydreaming. Going on in that chamber but there are still a few standouts including senator Susan Collins Lisa Murkowski Mitt Romney they are all clearly. Still following every word still taking copious notes and senator Lamar Alexander who is said that he. I have been praising actually did the presentations by Democrats he is that it has given him. A lot to think about and to consider going forward and Democrats see that as a positive sign that perhaps there's still a chance of they can persuade. These key moderate Republicans to join them in their push to call for additional witnesses and to introduce new documents and evidence. But George today's Democrats last chance to get these Republicans on board and is just not clear at this point. If what Democrats are presented she's going to be enough. And Terry Moran you sorry you saw Adam Schiff emphasize an argument in that presentation I national security talking about Vladimir Putin talking about Russia saying the president. Has given blood reputed a huge. Propaganda coup by repeating his propaganda and pressuring Ukraine who of course is fighting. Rush you could argue that was aimed directly at Mitt Romney when he was running against de Barack Obama 2012 said Russia is our greatest geopolitical threat. He was mocked at that time wasn't he George Mitt Romney for saying that people thinking that god the world that moved on from the threat from the Kremlin. President Obama sort of dismissing them as a regional power. But Mitt Romney clearly still had his eyes focused on the potential threat from Latimer potent and I was in. That press governors at that press covers in Helsinki. Where the president of the United States said those of a president trump said those things it was it was an incredible scene it was. Unbelievable. The the Russian delegation and put this well were smirking. At at what president trump was saying that Adam Schiff just played. Essentially buying into the Russian fears conspiracy theory that the DNC server ended up in Ukraine. President sort of present terms own staff were clearly squirming in their seats are member then ambassador to Russia. Jon Huntsman. All obviously uncomfortable by what seemed a subservient performance. By president trump which was disturbing. To many on both sides of the aisle in Washington and it was that feeling. Particularly in Mitt Romney who now looks like a profit for what he said in 2012. That it did Adam Schiff was likely appealing to saying that all of this evidence adds up. To a very great threat indeed the the over waning influence of a foreign dictator. An adversary like Vladimir Putin over our president that's the threat he was trying to describe and Adam. Adam Schiff also playing Robert Mueller said the threat is continuing right now Russia continues in your firm elections. When the president strongest allies in the senate Lindsey Graham has not come for the cameras let's listen in. Profound structural con okay. What's your reaction. Struck congress earth. I think it's a dangerous charge. Against the presidency is institution out table about that minute but the reason I came as I want to echo let. Mr. Schiff said today manager ship owning every American to put themselves. In the shoes of the buys. You're the vice president United States. You're in charge of view training corruption efforts. And your sign winds up getting three million dollars from the most corrupt. In a T in the Ukraine berets not. Would you expect. People to get deal paths. To the average American. The first play mini cap from berets not Hunter Biden was 87000 dollars. Do you expect anybody to ask questions about that. Here's what I can say if the shoe world the other foot and this was Liz Cheney. Our chances sign. Do league in this in the Ukraine. Adam shift would be leading the charge. For an investigation of what happened. Because it is bad government. Is a clear conflict of interest. It undermines any effort to bring better government at the Ukraine. And to combat corruption how do you think the ukrainians take this when they hear that the vice president's son. Is getting three million dollars from the most corrupt company. In the Ukraine it cannot undercuts that narrative I think it's bad foreign policy and here's my point. I supported Muller looking into all things trough. Because I think believe the country needed to have somebody outside politics to resolve the allegations against the president here's what is stunning to me. That the impeachment managers are telling the United States senate and the catcher's all. The by allegations had been investigated that is a flat. Untruth. Yeah nobody. Has done an investigation. Anywhere near like the Muller investigation of the Biden's and I think they should and where this is over. The congress will do it if we can't have an outside entity doing I'm think it's very important to find out what happened. Why the prosecutor was fired how the system could let this go unchallenged how the secretary of state step sign. Could be on the payroll of this company so the bottom line here is we cannot have an America. Where only one side is look that. To my democratic friends I stood with the U when you call for an outside entity to look at president trop. I am now asking you. To allow somebody outside of politics to look at what happened. What the Biden's. And would John Kerry's stepson and others when it comes to the Ukraine. Because we're not going to live in a country where only Republicans get look that so here's what I'm saying. At holt put yourself in the shoes and see what would happen do you if you did this. And if you're a Republican please understand. Mister Schiff would not be so kindly toward you. Lindsey Graham right there are sent deciding the best defense is a good offense right there Danny and of course taking this is Republicans yesterday when when Democrats grabbed Joseph Biden. Impose basically doubled down which is some kind of unpack yet some of the charges as a series of first of all if the Department of Justice believes that there was a potential crime here of course. Course they should investigate. North stopping bill Barr from investigating the Biden's if there's evidence of a potential crime that was committed. Why haven't the Biden's been investigated by the Department of Justice why did president trump have to ask presents a list skated this investigation. Because there's no they are there right now now. Again we talked about this before. Hunter Biden's position on that board should be questioned Lindsey Graham says given a pass don't give in the past don't give Hunter Biden a pass. Do ask questions as he says etc. But the idea of a what kind of investigation is he talking about a criminal investigation. Based on what possible crime what is it did Joseph Biden they say did wrong apart from the potential conflict of interest. That's you know what we've seen this again and again with the trumps people say oh you know should be family members be expanding their hotels in certain places and what about a bonkers deals yet. Yeah that's fine to discuss that in politics. But no one's talking about seriously investigating. The trump family for potential criminal action. And I think the same thing applies here there is no evidence to date. Apart from the appearance of a conflict. Hunter Biden shouldn't have done it. But if big Department of Justice wants to investigate. Well in I don't know what he made one other point three talked about the prosecutor in fact the prosecutor was not investigating. Corruption at that time was in that was one of the reasons that Joseph Biden was actually pushing for his remove right. And the big and we have to focus on this when we get the almost keep coming back to this and this is one of the key points yesterday. Tom from represented a Garcia. Was this idea that the problem that Joseph Biden was trying to address was the fact that the Krupp prosecutor was not investigating. The recent. Where Hunter Biden was on the board not that he was protecting briefs. The concern was why aren't you investigating this corrupt company more. And that was one of the problems the conflict eulogies to serve in the Justice Department as well William marsh and he's wants no part. And this investigation. Yeah I can I agree began tonight but I do think as if they're gonna go back to Biden now and talk about that mean. Lindsey Graham's gonna do it separately perhaps hidden in in his committee. I think this does speak to the coming opens at the door again let's have more witness as I do think for history sake. We should have more witnesses in the witnesses would include. Perhaps Joseph Biden can explain not but I also think it meets include McCann of Amy used to include John Bolton. Those witnesses I think Rudy Giuliani should have been called by the house but. One of the reasons I think the house isn't going to get these witnesses now is because they neglected to do that when they should have done it. I'm this abusive and and it's obstruction they should have been doing contempt reports I wrote to contempt reports when the Clinton administration. Did not respond to its didn't do any of that. They even withdrew the subpoena. For John Bolton is deputy I think they've made that demand and second the front and it's open for history's sake we need witnesses but they're probably won't cut them. OK thing on bringing a senator Elizabeth Warren's gonna join us now from the senate senator thank you for joining us right now and we just turn. We just heard Lindsey Graham take up. The challenge is basically that Adam Schiff laid out their for every senator put themselves in the shoes Joseph Biden. When you go said yes everybody should do that in Joseph Biden should in fact be investigated anyone who did what Joseph Biden is probably did. Should be investigated he indicated that something he's gonna pursued your response. And I nice try any distraction one seed but this is an impeachment trial. We are here for only the third time in American history to consider articles of impeachment against the president of the United States. And hand who clearly. Dangled foreign aid and a visit to the White House in return not for something that would help the United States not that would help Ukraine fight the Russians. But that would help himself personally my throwing dirt. On one of his political enemies come on we know what this is about and we know that the Republicans are trying to say look somewhere else. Is there anything that bid the president's team can say when they starving their presentation tomorrow they could shake your conviction on this impeachment. Sure. They can stand up and say we'll give you the witnesses and we'll give you all the documents because we are so confident. That trump is Ryan that he did nothing wrong that where actually willing to have evidence in this trial. You know there has never been an impeachment trial in US history. Not just for president but also for four federal judges that have been impeached but that didn't have witnesses that's when trials are rebel. You have witnesses and you have documents so the Republicans really want want to get all the democrats' attention. Say this is it we're an open book let's call the witnesses he needs let's get beat the documents in or out. I'm ready to listen do you see any evidence from your rep for Republican colleagues that they're ready to respond to that we have a new poll out right now actually 66% of the country. Wants those witnesses that's been pretty consistent over the last. Several weeks and several months but everything I'm picking up in the last 2448 hours is kind of a hardening. Of their position saying. Nothing we can hear from those witnesses gonna change result and decides it's gonna take weeks months to finish him in the senate can't be stalled for that long. But it took which should look at just have to say. So they think they know exactly what the witnesses would say they think they know exactly what the documents would show the what do you freed up. Bring it on out there you think they'll still vote for Trump's acquittal find just could be evidence in front of the American people. At this rate I think the American people have a right to know. And as president of the United States you know what I would do on the very first day I will reveal. All of these documents that are being hidden by the tribal administration. The American people have a right to know it's there government I guess they should be able to see these stock. I saw when he made that proposal it any concern that a new thank you become president. Next year we need to be trying to pass a big agenda you need the country to come together. Around that agenda the looking back at the past would actually make that harder. No I think it's about making this government clean and trans parent. You know that's what this whole morning or afternoon has been about it's been about the club were option. It's been upheld how that drags the government down. And how it shakes the confidence of people but the central question in this theory impeachment. It's the corruption. Of an administration. That says governments just a private plane thing. You can use for a name shoot you couldn't use a shooting war against Russia. To try to leverage country and a throwing dirt on your political enemies. In fact. Another part of this is the tale of the two ambassadors. We've got one ambassador if it's a career ambassador. She's opposed to corruption and so what happens Donald Trump's has along with his buddies. Let's get rid are hurt. And I know the guy who needs to be right at the heart of this. It's the guy who paid a million dollars. To Donald Trump's. Real what his inauguration. A million bucks and ordered yet named as an ambassador what kind of an America do we want to be. Do we want to be the one that says ambassadorships are for sale. It's all about money power and gold trades right here in Washington. For do we want to be a government that's transparent and it actually works for the people. I'm running for president can think I was the one that actually I was just gonna ask you about that how anxious you to get back to Iowa. You know I'd love to be in Iowa I'd love to be out talking to people that's what truly gives me hope in this process. His people should while they take care about our country. I take as you know I do town halls I take on filtered questions anybody can ask anything they want. And they can conjure a self employed and ask anything they want and the questions people ask are truly. The ones about how we build a future they ask about Steele on down and they ask about child care and they ask about my wealth tax. And he seemed real hope that asked about expanding Social Security which is a big part of what I want to do I got a great plan for that. They ask about the plans and they also ask how to we bring this country back together and I do my best to talk about we have to be an American pulls together on these issues she now. Born and raised in Oklahoma got three older Brothers. Once a Democrat to are Republicans. But I'm going none of us want to see this corruption in Washington none of us want to see the billionaires in the giant corporations. Getting away with paying no taxes none of us want to see an America where Social Security is so shrunk up. That people can't retire with a little dignity let's build on the things we agree on that's the America that we can. Senator Warren thanks for tax deception. Thank you and now the president turning case secularist come to the cameras as well to preview Gary myself we make tomorrow let's listen. Let's say just a couple points or takes a question garlic a couple points first I think it's important. Adam -- just said that this idea of the solicitation of foreign interference. Is deplorable. I wonder if he thought that about the fact that the Clinton Campaign. Had sought minutes it's completely cooperated as uncontested this deal dossier. Who was utilizing boasts supposedly assets that if former. British spy had in Russia. To get information. On the president. Then candidate was that not barred interference. With that on an attempt for part in appearance seeking get on your horse. An act haughty and proud about it but it it you know what the let's look at what the evidence that us. Here's what the evidence says there was bar and involvement. Let's not forget where it originated from let's not forget it women to be begun to put on our case yet we haven't we still not begin until actually tomorrow morning. About what you think about this word of that barn intelligence come from parting foreign information come from. It came from connections from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The number three. Whose wife happen to work for fusion GPS who happened to be hired by. The DNC to happen to do an investigation. But Donald Trump and by the way teenagers do it with other steel dossier she was also involved with the was guessed what. You great. So let's lets you know we haven't put our case out obviously haven't begun. But what you you can you should be able to get a sense from what I'm saying right now that this is gonna you're gonna hear that we're gonna rub but and repute. And were to put on affirmative case tomorrow but that's just want. Just one issue at a for the light the meat and they've done it. And why they opened up the door. As wide as a double door on though Hunter Biden Joseph Biden charisma issue. I guess they figure that was their way of getting ahead of it. We will address it because I want to let me say one last thing and allies answer questions arose that certainly one as your questions but. A what you think about this from own. Joseph Biden was charged vice present state but you bring Viles. That was a specific charge his son. Went to work for. The equipment on the board of Ukrainian gas company. First the vice president said he knew nothing about it but the State Department knew about it. Because they were conserve what people were being. Put up for confirmation that that issue might arise so believe me. You'll hear about that issue to let me take a few more questions they don't accidentally. And we are getting treated there on what the artists deceiving the president's gonna make tomorrow and these arguments we've heard. From the president in the past as well. Ad nauseam on Twitter I think tomorrow that break their showed us that tomorrow will be agree it's at greatest hits list hits list of many of the conspiracies that they've been. Talking about a last year months from the server of the steel messier to the Biden's. And eat it and also go with Elizabeth Warren speaking it is just goes to show that that the umbrella that this is had that this has had the shadow this is casting over the 20/20 election right now. We see the Cha routine fundraising off of this today hoping to see huge donation numbers come in as a result of the impeachment. And and the president himself as very focused on the messaging and how all this is gonna play with supporters who were watching. This when he's upset that this is gonna be on TV Marley to meet it's C he called Saturday's. Appearance the Death Valley in television I think Monday will be a guy for an end to an Alley for ratings no one watches on Saturday he wants every and and and it sounds like his team will put the big show on come Monday this will be must seat must see TV. All of this of course leading up to this vote on witnesses next week and certainly don't much Saturday and Monday are learning that it. What's the president planning to go to Iowa for the putting that Wilcox is what you're just a week from Monday. Again your response. Well look I we're hearing some of the same points from. But now he's also talking that the FBI here and now we're coming back to the steel dossier in the Muller investigation tenor. This is not an impeachment. Related to the mullah report. It has nothing to do with that this is about the very conscious decision by the speaker correct correct not to pursue that. But when you start talking about the dossier and and you know again we hear so much about this steel dossier it's become a big sort of talking point. The reality is even if you think. That everything about the dossier was corrupt and we've heard from the inspector general there will problems and a lot of it didn't check Greg L a lot of it didn't check out no doubt about it. But that was a dossier compiled to investigate Carter page who was no longer working on the trump campaign. At the time that that application was made. Now people say well you know they still wanted to get a back door into the trump campaign. He wasn't working on the campaign intern at the five's the five's applications which is what they're talking about which is you know the fires applications use the steel dossier. To help support. Their application to be able to conduct surveillance on Carter pitch. And you heard there and this is an important distinction you heard there. And still dossier was not. Eight and legal document that was compiled or used in the five's application to its conduct surveillance on the president it was to conduct surveillance and part of it they AM in defies application went ahead in compiled information on the present during the just just some of the rectify its application peace in this could you write that the steel dossier did relate. To the president and what the president's role was. Absolutely that a lot of energy held in check appeared you want to bring you in on this because this was extensively looked at by the inspector general. Michael Horowitz of the Justice Department who found. That the FBI is opening of the investigation into possible Russian interference and and the links possible links to the charm campaign. Was not in it was not begun by the steel dossier. That's correct do the inspector general basin we found ways there were legitimate reasons to launch the investigation. But as Dan said they did find some serious problems with the fights a surveillance are worn application in terms of the FBI withholding some information. And so far George what we've seen every time Jay circles speaks in including what he said in a well in the senate. Sharp as a victim. Government officials is going to be part of their marriage I think we can expect that George. And video very good objected to marry Bruce and mariner even talking to senators and there is as they're coming out. Of these finished hearings and is there listening to the arguments and I think we're starting here. A number of different arguments particularly among we saw dean of the democratic. Four again against acquittal. Right now we are starting here at different gradations of Republican arguments. For why this might not be in peaceful why doesn't need to go any further. And of course we have seen at first a former that in and that and the president's defense right. You see the president's defense team arguing that that they simply don't believe that abuse of power rises to the level of an impeachable offense. And you are hearing varying degrees of that coming from some Republicans as well it will be very interesting to watch over the next three days of course. How much the president's team actually defend the president's behavior because you'll note there from what you heard from. What the president's actions are here the Democrats have been. Is going to continue. At it and you know I can tell you having been in the room and that the president's legal team is still carefully monitoring all the I watched as they went through several legal pads. Taking notes so it'll be anything to watch just exactly how much statement. Respond to every little point from Democrats for just how much they simply go go on on offense and as we've seen in the last few minutes going against. The Biden. And chairwoman thinks Terry Moran one of things we saw in the briefs filed by the president's team the repetition of the phrase several times over the course was reached the president did absolutely. Nothing wrong one of the questions coming out of this is going to be how many Republican senators are willing to back up that statement. Well and that really is the challenge for the president's legal teams are many possible defenses for the president to this case it bounced managers have laid out. He wants one to be front and center. There is no case he did nothing wrong it was a perfect call he's the client he's the boss chief Donald Trump that's what he wants these lawyers. To articulate now they are going to do that for sure I think we will also see however because some of the mark are quite experienced and skilled lawyers attempts. To undermine and demolish that evidence that has been put together by the house managers it is. For the house. A circus get circumstantial case primarily at the end of the day that can be very strong can be overwhelming many convictions are won in American courts every day on circumstantial evidence but that's what you hear. So often the house managers. Essentially. Get to the conclusion there's and this evidence then means or you can see from this sort. That evidence speaks volumes it's it's an effort to stitch together quite skillfully at times what is a circumstantial case but that will leave opportunities. For the president's lawyers at the end of the day though they they have their marching orders it was a perfect call the president did nothing wrong. At a Republican senators are gonna have to swallow and then now and bring that to Denny it was clear. Suffer and in. Shoes a vote of one of Trump's lawyers right now they have to speak the president there's no question about that have been several. If a different audience what's the best pitch they could make. Two Republican senators kinda been on the fence doesn't really like what the president did but is a Republican who may not want to convict. Well look they could say something that they won't be able to say which is the president shouldn't a done this. But it doesn't rise the level of an impeachable and removable offense mean that's the easiest defense out there. It's not one that that most people could certainly not when his lawyers can use because the president's position is. I did nothing wrong I did nothing wrong and as a result they have to they have to stick to that looked. There are real and serious arguments. Against the obstruction of congress charge about the fact they should have worked their way through the courts. There are real arguments to say that this shouldn't rise the level of a removable offense. But that is different than saying he did nothing wrong because I think it they have put together a very powerful and persuasive argument. The president should not have done this. But that's a separate question from whether he should your movie what which. Expect of this several Republicans that is due at the end. Yes I think what you'll see is missing statements by members who don't either vote for witnesses or throat. Into voting for acquittal saying I don't agree with the defense I do think you did something wrong it's not a perfect call. I'm good with the aid never should have been withheld in these are inappropriate things but let's let the people decide and I think. Adams says I think is made some and of mistake but last night and today I'm being so contemptuous. The president because I think with the way the president's voters as well as Republicans it is contemptuous of them. And when he goes a step too far like that I think it backfires on him and it allows for that kind of yeah I don't agree with that the president has a lot of things like this but. Not impeachable. Okay thank you all very much we're gonna return now to our regular programming the coverage. Obviously this is senate trial will continue on ABC news live of course we'll before wrap up. Tonight on world news tonight. But given your employee break back here at 10 AM tomorrow as the president's team opens their case. In the impeachment trial of president Donald truck.

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