House releases report of impeachment findings

The report says President Donald Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president involved a “scheme” as the House Judiciary Committee prepares to hold an impeachment hearing.
7:29 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for House releases report of impeachment findings
Chairman Adam Schiff of California of the House Intelligence Committee the laying out a 300 page. Impeachment report summarizing their findings. Of what they said was an abuse of power on part of president from soliciting foreign help for his political campaign subverting. US foreign policy and undermining our national security. Chairmanship moments ago as it detailing relieve the stakes in this process. And so we have a very difficult decision ahead of us to make. And I have every confidence that the Judiciary Committee in consultation. With the and tar caucus and her leadership. Well not only receive this report. As well as the reports of others. And make a proper determination about whether articles of impeachment were warranted. That's gonna our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl traveling with president from. Over in London for the NATO summit John. A significant moment in this impeachment process how is the president receiving unit at this hour. Well we haven't heard directly from the president since the report came out but we certainly heard from him earlier today as we anticipated the report coming out. And I Alitalia DeVon for so long extraordinary. Split screen moment here that the president has just wrapped up. Oh above reception with the queen. At Buckingham Palace the royal family and he is at ten downing street's at a reception being hosted by the British prime minister. Boris. Johnson so we have the young that wall the presence on the world stage. This unfolding. Earlier today the president was asked about the impeachment process and had some extraordinarily harsh words for Adam Schiff. Even perhaps more extraordinarily harsh we've heard from in the past. Saying he is very sick maniac. We actually have a statement from the white house Press Secretary as well. Which is also. Something. You don't usually see for more of white house Press Secretary saying chairmanships. Its report reads like the ramblings of a basement blogger. Straining to prove something when there is evidence of nothing so that gives you a bit of a sense DeVon of how the president in the White House. The seeing this report and I'm sure once the sun comes up there in London John we will hear from the president first hand tomorrow he flew in a press conference we know you'll be there thank you so much. I John crawler chief White House correspondent sort of Terry Moran our senior. National correspondent he was in the room is chairman Adam Schiff laid out. Its findings Terry odd that the findings aren't particularly new we have been hearing this drumbeat from Democrats over the past few weeks but. They chairmanship here hoping that by pulling this all together. They can make it pretty convincing case to the public. Well that's it precisely the language is is new this is essentially a kind of closing argument I should say opening statement released four. The House Judiciary Committee and for the country trying to gather up the evidence that the intelligence community. The intelligence committee got in closed session and an open session before the country and put the strongest possible interpretation on it with those very strong words and an and the very dramatic comments that we just heard from chairmanship. They're. President's defenders say for all of the strong language and all of the testimony. To them this remains a circumstantial case there is no direct eyewitness ear witness testimony of the president directly ordering. That that military aid or that White House visit be withheld. For his personal political game. They actually have the kind of do the plus two plus two equals four in this report they feel it's very strong ships a former prosecutor I'm sure got convictions on. On harder. Two win circumstantial cases but it remains at the end of the day a circumstantial case. Terry Terry Moran force on Capitol Hill much more reporting from you Terry coming up. On worldnews thanks to Terry for that let's go to our team here now of experts on this and clarity. Our senior reporter on this story John cot the democratic strategist joins us and our deputy political director Mary Alice parks is here guys desperate this download it. And starting with you you have. Read almost the entirety of the 300 page report so far tell our viewers what's in the report what are some of the top lines what is it looked like. Well I think they're too big points and that's DeVon one is that it describes a scheme and that's the word that the Democrats used. To describe how the president leveraged his power in the White House. For his own political and personal gain the second point that they make is that. The president of tried to obstruct the inquiry of this is that argument that he had told his White House staff not that it cooperate with the investigation. And the heart of this is still this same July 25 12019 earlier this summer the phone call president trump had. With Ukraine. Released the transcript rough transcript released by the White House that's talked about here but there. We're so many more dimensions to this story that have come out in the weeks since that transcript was first up unveiled. That's all laid out here in sort of a full picture of that moment. It is but I think one of the biggest points in the says that it says the vice president patents secretary Perry who has since left the Energy Department. We have acting chief of staff Mac mall zany. That they all either knew about this or they were quote active participants and I think that's an important thing to note that the Democrats are not letting these people after. And Mary Alice you've been sort of tracking Republican or pre bought all tennis they released a 123 page report of their own to get ahead in this. I'm very argument hasn't changed very much here is that there's there's no evidence in their view which seems to run counter to actually what were read. Well there are very specific argument which is a there's not evidence of the president's state of mind nothing that says the president was specifically tries it has to benefits at 20/20 election. What's interesting there of course is that so many people that might appeal to speak to the present state of mine have refused to comment speak to congressional investigators. They don't want to participate in this process and it deathly don't want to be put in the hot seat. You know this has been a fast moving process but a process nonetheless if you look at the stock and it laid out from Democrats. And you compare it to a traditional legal investigation or judiciary investigation. This is basically a bunch of finding that there are now handing over to the prosecutors in this case that would be the Judiciary Committee. And the Judiciary Committee will look at this evidence and come up with. They're recommended charges and on that list of facts that they've now presented John. We don't see any of the words that we had been here and. I over the past few weeks we don't see the word bribery we don't see the word extortion. In this 300 page report but it does seem like that's something that the committee as they now move into this next phase. We'll start to craft language in these articles absolutely no I think what you're seeing is the difference between intelligence committee and Judiciary Committee the intelligence committee had their investigation found their findings they're handing it over. Too true lawyers who are gonna actually drop charges and that's where I think you'll see. Congressman Napa chairman Nadler. Actually come up with the new language that you'll start seeing which will be more legal when more focused on what the actual articles of impeachment arm which is why I think his. His first set of witnesses are constitutional scholars that's that's the next phase that they have to make to the American people. That's the case they have to make what is it in this that violated the constitution why is it's so important. That we impeach him and land and it. Whale eventually vote on the right they're not in a vote on finding some intelligence committee but the idea is that eventually gonna vote on some report from the pressure and that process begins tomorrow.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"The report says President Donald Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president involved a “scheme” as the House Judiciary Committee prepares to hold an impeachment hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67472612","title":"House releases report of impeachment findings","url":"/Politics/video/house-releases-report-impeachment-findings-67472612"}