Huntsman to Romney: Call me, maybe

Former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman criticizes Mitt Romney, hints at 2016 run.
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Huntsman to Romney: Call me, maybe
Hello welcome spinners -- winners I'm Jonathan Karl today I am joined by former governor former ambassador. Former presidential candidate John Huntsman. Thank you for take time to -- -- you think. Look at what's happened at least what happens in Libya. -- when you look at how President Obama respond to that and when you look at how Mitt Romney responds that. Who gives you more confidence in the ability to deal -- -- -- crisis I think for the American public there's nothing like that visual -- president speaking in the Rose Garden. With all the trappings of the presidency. When your -- -- -- -- candidate. And sometimes you make impetuous comments that you'd like to take back everybody does. That would Romney did it -- in -- was that I think it it the initial comment. I think was a little bit. -- -- -- At a time when the nation is looking for call. And looking for I think the message of unity. And some clarity about America's purpose and role. What is -- -- severely. And not looking for a political answer. And they may have gotten too much of a political answer Paul Ryan which think -- the pick and how was he being used brilliant pick. I would love to see Paul Ryan take ownership of the Ryan plan. I think it's it's tough medicine but I believe the response. From people would be we understand the arguments trying to make what you're saying is not taking ownership of the crime but I don't think that maybe he's not being allowed to take ownership of the right hand plan. Some -- -- closest friends -- I've spoken you're frustrated that he hasn't. Been able to really get out there and and do that what -- -- -- -- Why did Paul Ryan stopped being specific that -- -- came -- -- running that then there's your reality your team and you have to defer the quarterback congressionally one quarterback and each team. Well the same time if there's one thing the Republican Party needs to -- -- solutions is supposed to sound bites and take that plan out articulated. They'll put up all the messages about scaring. The elderly in this and that I think the people this country much rather have. -- list of solutions hard hitting though they might be as opposed to. Just. -- I believe it is now time for our party. -- uniter -- on the candidate. Best equipped. To defeat Barack Obama. I believe that candidate. Is governor Mitt Romney I was there when you endorsed. Mitt Romney. South Carolina correct that's correct yeah. Have you had done any campaign events -- and -- you've -- campaigned with him since then. Any haven't spoken since. That it seems odd to well. -- We didn't answer me in the least. Work for. Some presidential candidates the last two or three. You help them when they want help and some have their own team and that's perfectly understandable could you see yourself serving in -- Romney administration. I could see myself. Helping my country and it Mitt Romney ever needed help and of course as I did with. President Obama as -- -- with every president since President Reagan source. You consider serving in its second Obama. Administration as well well listen if another us that it become used to back to China again maybe -- State Department better that would never be the case. So you didn't go to the Republican Convention and you explain your party was not seeming as inclusive as it should be. What you mean by that what's what what's wrong with the direction of the Republican Party here. Well I would I would simply say that. We have to be. Rather than we -- today and recognize that demographic trends that are impacting our country. So what where's the party gone wrong we're not expanding -- demographics. -- that. Thinking in terms of the -- optimistic solutions. Were doing a little too much pandering. We're doing a little bit too much in the way of pledge. And we've got to get back to the Iqbal -- -- stuff of who you gonna vote for. That run at that was gonna win. Oh I think it's it's a very competitive rates may -- too close to call. We -- Candidate Barack. So. Some people like you should jump and taking them Americans elect. And it means that we are well with -- here have in the same organization. You know you never make these decisions when you still have the fog of the last election that still present your head. And I think it probably takes -- year to purge the cobwebs from last round. And think clearly about the future so you can be back in this again orders from highly doubtful we will have to have that that -- deposition. All right governor Huntsman -- -- thank you thank you talk to -- -- -- And that's it for -- and winners for ABC news -- Yahoo! News I'm Jonathan Karl you can follow me all week long on Twitter at John -- on FaceBook. Thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman criticizes Mitt Romney, hints at 2016 run.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17267662","title":"Huntsman to Romney: Call me, maybe","url":"/Politics/video/huntsman-romney-call-17267662"}