Immigration activists march on Trump Tower

DACA supporters urge President Trump to keep immigration program in place
25:58 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for Immigration activists march on Trump Tower
Honestly didn't even ask Atlanta I'm right on ABC news so important reading your name. Honing. I want you know that immigration has been I don't I'm very hopeful we aren't. Unhappily what might have not gotten an apparent heart rate when you look at these young face. I thank. On Americans and we asked me. Oh nine. Isn't the only company they know Chris and thrown bing becoming too then I don't that the election and not. To court may. He had it hard on this time. We're don't want to show that this young man I'm Lehman he has a good time. The president's and obviously the bid it at that I forgiving and that might. The thing that. We're what is your response to those paid. That this is I. Bodies not only our. We had leaked and deport twelve million people these young men and Lehman where they're going to be sent. What form that I don't know anyone thinks this war they aren't these just what they call for them they think their home. Arts. And you know that there's nearly 800000. Aggregate and you know. He and got 24 years of age many of them are in school many of them are and plottage. Many of them partners doing. Dot com I've gotten lean and got an unmarried. That this I'm hopeful opportunity. W continent these concrete that you went. When you hired. And and you make contributions. That we accept a parliamentary and so what is its patents that considering next Tuesday standard and Annie Cheney it is important. Look at this face. They weakness and that has raised a thumb and young people. In that class in many of us where he. A young immigrant. And that's. Not where we are today and that is all they want it's wants a chance. I'm Mary. And to continue to paying not only that bond been tied it up and. Revenue when he got they'll look around at more people are gathering here like I bet. Hundreds of people we are in New York City. Right around Columbus Circle and they are going to marching in just a few moments we do have police that have arrived on the outskirts here. But hundreds gathered some dreamers. Some supporters. Like the congresswoman that are here today I just want them to know that they have helped they have support in this. And again they are hoping that residents did not. Doc that deferred action for early childhood rivals. And in many states are attends the aides are saying that it president of did not make a decision by September 5 that is their deadline that they are going to take to support. This march is gonna get started just right away and Gergen agrees and interviews with some of the dreamers that are here today. You're now. Asked me citing the idea would introduce students to dreamers here tell me your name and why you're here today. My name it. A hard shot at lately because of the town of the and that got the program the benefits nearly one million undocumented immigrants like myself who want to send a message from that is important that you not. Not that. It acted to help you hearing. In Paris and may god has mainly midmorning even though it does not equal citizenship. Because of that ballot they would get a dollar legally and better working conditions and how it those inevitable about this. School I was even as I get ideas that I need I don't I'm proud to be Mexican but also I'm proud new Yorker. And. Just even now yeah. Thinner and and are going to be like going to be marching do it but I would say that they carry and even make you feel. I do. It really breaks my heart is like I'm did blow through it and am I again. And I'm suing Disney bottom undocumented immigrants and their families and you know that I I might be able to graduate next CNN I'm Mike. They don't all. Yeah yeah. Getting the OK I've learned of the American or anybody else and I. The United States and as I can see they're gonna get it started to march or on the people they have this night we have another here that says. Yeah. I'm I gather. Not at UI and got and one. And it will tape her talk about the Arab I. Yeah it. Bringing Ileana right now than other dreamer. It didn't tell the sides burger how did that yeah. And apparently and big wave. Yeah. Graduates. And I'm gonna win and it's been driving guys in. Wow that's. I. Brilliant idea and I didn't. I'm how long have you been in my daddy. I didn't in the US for years. I. Do what. Well rocking that we are getting we're counting a look at I don't regret it around me. When it's live you. And a lot well I'm. Is a dream let it in her order that argument in the united and nearly 800000. We hang its name you know things got well we. Yeah its yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah right. No. They have a in other team is that human abilities and that it would begin with and these are big the American dream. Yeah yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah next. Yeah yeah yeah I bet the UK you know and yeah. It's. A idea yeah. We're in. And your feeling right now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah and it made it appeared. There. And yeah. Every along hands yeah. We got now. And yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Absolutely and it's now. And it's not yeah. I don't like being. Yeah. I really appreciate the militant still cleaning here in the street Sydney. Yeah avenue west and right near Columbus yeah. Country. People want change and did not think that they aren't dreamers. And American dream. The American dream and they did and in the program started under President Obama and yeah. And if you're just joining us we are here in New York City where people are marching to that and Dockett got program that has allowed nearly 800000. I'm documented in the prince. We came here as its children to stay in the united hate I would internecine Stephanie. Too hasty and I think it was I do our dream and yes I am. And how your experience as a dreamer what the what have you any. You what it I had. I'm so as a dreamer estimate with undocumented it was privileged enough to apply forgot about it when it's all my life has changed drastically. I'm going up and here at city another volley that sense of shape even in the sanctuary they like that. A being documented and dot village has that been able to adopt. The undocumented unafraid spirit which would not have been possible appointments will not will be much harder after it docked at canceled. The dot break that yet. What the work permit I had been working at the BI accredited representative an immigrant does this work to meet fellow. I get to represent other got government document that people like myself they are not application. We are helping other undocumented people become dreamer. Are these people I mean we've been talking to so many abundant and even just anyone at the American dream they just want a better life rank well for the confidently risk. Whether or not you have doc are not that doesn't really mean you're gonna buy has dreamer dreamer at from the identifies with the DREAM Act none of not being hazardous to allow for people like me it's actually help we didn't. That is and is currently the document that Britain and I document and I'm and as someone. Who is document that was happening other people a lot of people don't realize that this is an issue that's huge is an American. Suffering is actually the fifth most frequent country of origin for doctorate recipients and the organization that I currently work out at delinquent that there is the only organization that provides legal services in the greatly glitz and so it's a very important. Space and also so doc canceled and I have no longer able to cover that people it's a huge detriment to the community as well. And talked about dreamers that warranted an urgent that DREAM Act is in congress right now an actor can happen. Back on what is your message to Donald Trump building at Penn State all in Latin by the charge of active and that he didn't collective commitment. And they're gonna take the support back I'm so thankful we have 25 other attorney general stretching the opposite that outfit it's not. I reject any type of bill that would get me is that it's I would put my parents and harbor and yet my allies. I'm so I refuse to be a bargaining chip for those. You know to get that from myself while you know the bell at the touch anything about a wall that had not expected. In being here today in seeing this turning. I'm but knowing that a lot of people have a lot of emotions that are here today. A lot of people are fearful at one moment that would organize them it's not really an area. Yes he's getting emotional getting a little choked up at the idea that you know a lot of these young people may have to potentially return. That's U countries but in everything around them. I'm so thankfully were hit here is they would send the message that we are here this day I'm though it's completely OK to be fearful right now. Isn't much different and that was even five or ten years but whether organizations. Led by young people led by. But that people we'll continue to make sure that we are here and constantly here to stay here to thrive as well. And so what else about changing this statement we talked about how I'm a little bit earlier that. A lot of people don't realize that many other immigrants I'm proud. You know Asia in other country. Or other incident in what is the what is that like switching to the conversation around wolf principle we need to get rid of the merit of the bat in the great and the good immigrant hasn't Asian American undocumented immigrant hired used to play the role of the model minority. And it's especially important organization that united we dream where we believe represent all of the different colored them undocumented immigrants living here today. And at an Asian immigrant who entered the country with a B but then worry about I recognize my privilege at summit was not going back to a country that's like. You know where my safety will be. Aren't but that is to say I am hearing from the partnership with everyone all that's airing I would do my best to stay and make sure that we are all protected. What is your message that anyone that's watching this on many lawmakers are watching this what is your message to them about doc. Doctor I had done nothing. To help the American economy help. People like me my family is my. Employers students. We're document that people were teachers were lawyers were doctors or nurses. If we get rid of doc immediately but we'll happened to these people who will no longer have jobs and more. And not more importantly are less importantly but what will happen to the people who are in the service industry and the people that we serve that's not just something that I'd document if you look at that affects citizen. Lawful permanent residents and undocumented people who are not. Privilege fixed and not to be able to apply for dot but because of the restrictions the now. Think you so much that it really appreciate it. And that and that march is still happening behind me we're slowly making our way. Columbus Circle made it we're on Central Park and six the right now in hundreds of people aren't working behind me but one that fits the defendant dock that. They are saying that they're sending the Donald Trump do not and and please do not. In any way reverse stock and out of that program president Obama's dark and got started in the 2000 and while that executive order that allowed. Nearly 800000. Undocumented immigrants thanking here as. Children to stay in the United States and I'd you can see behind me there are some. Doctor recipients here but other supporters. Better rallying hoping that president trump decides to keep docket in glee. Okay yeah. Okay. Okay. A. Okay. Well I'm ready and. Crayton and Bennett back up a little bit here Nader issues. Another doctor recipient Andrea. Tell us about your story. Style and my name is Andrea Allard on I am from Ecuador. Hiking to this country in 1998. I was five years old 94 years old now. And let this eastern need right now it is. I graduated from college my whole life I am in higher education. Here in its stakes in Westchester County. And acting is taking away from heat and I won't I look I won't be able to continue to contribute to my community and I am. Heavily involved with the neighbors Lincoln his I worked for neighbors and on Procter and ancient. Aside from I don't it's. Sustainable agriculture and aren't educator at the John Jay homestead. And so. It's funny when I put icon like Stanley an Ecuadoran they call me I'm married and they sit here and we got your American. Ayman unpacking and there are illegal alien I think all recently and so I feel like I mean this. In mid air I don't along I don't know the culture and it would learn but things here. And so old that I might not be able to continue its work and live and love where I feel I belong. And and it's it's also funny when people ask me all your. Think it'll. You know you you'll. You don't look you know people listen penalty sends you an immigrant I just want to show people that immigrants have. We all are all different all have a different face there are educated like. Actor recipient. A lot of requirements that you have proven oriented the recipient of that. I get them pumped in eight states at the age of sixteen. Good moral standing no criminal bank. Further education in. And so I feel bad for actor recipient it would be an injustice it's taken away the Ari young professionals. Only contributing. Positively to this community and to the United States this 800000. On act amend it and students it. So I wouldn't touch and not because if you like you said you feel as though I'd soccer recipients are contributing very positive but there's a lot of people. Out here in America and maybe even some representatives of our country that don't leave this game. They believe that got recipients get into this country legally and that they should not. What is your response to that you know people that are saying that came here in the break and this is a place where people that were born in the near. I after people helping me. Open your heart opening your own. Everywhere where are if you're born here where your. Parents and everyone I feel that everyone. Even on there. Yeah I'm. Sherry and eight like integration has been. I think in the United States for having forever and this country is need. It's immigrants and be shed in race. Then many strengths that diversity. Of offerings at. Closing on the only the only thing people like people are doing by Clinton's bills is. It's really aren't. Hunting spite why would you want to think and I want to thank. It's imported soon. Doing great and look at look any different light this. I had someone on social media. Call me up from an. And while you. Talking about the immigration protection activists the county. Like how well we don't immigration protection act because. People letters are seeing to report praying. Are scared at coming back is there and America. And my. I think it's her friends family and leave their homes only seasonal home. They call home to come to a different. Closer different country to find better opportunity. Not a prank that's a heroic in the eyes. And people need to. Open their hearts and opened their minds and but that's it. The people that say do what the right way that people in America that are saying it came in eighty maybe you came here but not legally. But there isn't have to wait to citizenship that the country does offer on what is it what is your response you wouldn't see it. You know don't maybe go back to the country into a directly. It's easy it to us it's not. People who stayed. If you want to spend you have feeling members that are going through this process or do you not. A lot of times when people went when immigrants come from different countries. They're coming on education system is not adequate you know people don't have been colleagues are resource. And my. Pizza both grew up right front and my agrees that human right regardless of how you can in my opinion. If your if your lightness it's apparently your home country. And you're desperate you have no money you're desperate you're desperate to China. Provide a better future grandkids. How desperate mother will do what ever it takes then. Have a good future might not have a good future for project it's my mom came to this country. Sixty is more my sister and I were able to concert she came alone. And it worked very hard and I didn't hear the sixtieth all my elected in conference I was telling kings of this country she's by. So tonight's soon just provide a better future for us and I don't see anything. Criminal about that even though. American society and weight along lyrics it's seen as a criminal. I think hair and nighttime night I don't see it. Is so to answer your question I I just I think that. I think. Yeah. I know if lightning had. People mad. Suggested to it the right way don't understand the real struggle and the uncertainty and eared things may be. The lack of education the knowledge from a desperate family looking for Europe. And vanity estimates I really didn't rank and as you can see night without. No marching here in New York City and they. Hundred people gathered with a message to Donald Trump did not and that dog. Not forgotten that does not allow undocumented immigrants that came the United States as children. Eight year. There are ten things that they. Residents not out until September 5 to decide whether or not he is going to and that program where they are going to get to. Port and mr. I think that it's not gonna go without a fight they are here to protect fit. And they're gonna continue to affected by enlarging and and supporting their high. And bring anyone but I think me as we continue to march here in New York City but for now I'm Rachel Scott street news. Okay. Okay. You.

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