Impact of Trump's tweets targeting congresswomen

President Donald Trump's language repeats historically racist tropes and could embolden white nationalists.
5:24 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for Impact of Trump's tweets targeting congresswomen
And as we know president trump is the leader of the of the free world in anything he writes or says. Has of real consequences in the case of these racist tweets there are already white nationalist groups praising his move. Words have impacts our peer thomas' and our DC bureau with more here. Kimberly good morning today there's evidence in this organizations are embracing the president's comments. They're trying to use an Energizer movement anti defamation league tracks the activity of white supremacists and neo Nazis. The league has identified a number of leaders in these hate groups who were very animated on social media about the president telling me for women of color to leave the country. One such leader was broad by the president's suite saying quote this is the kind of white nationalism we elected him for. All of this is FBI officials tell losses are told where there's been a 30% increase. In terror cases involving people who advocate for the supremacy of the white race. Now we all remember what happened last October. When those people were massacred at the tree of life synagogue. In Pittsburgh. Kimberly. Irate pinkie Pierre and down staying with the president. Here's what he had to say when asked about the white Nationalists supporting his comments. If you're not happy here you could leave. And that's what I say all the time. That's what I said in a tweet which I guess some people think it's controversial a lot of people love it by the way lot of people love it he answered. That many people saw that we've his racist and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause me you on that we doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. Yes I want to bring in Mike muse from serious sex and Mike unhappy that you're here to discuss this is. The consequences. Of this tweet cannot be overstated they can't. And this is something that isn't gonna go away just for the mere fact that. Our country is more divided than it's ever been and the fact that the president has tried to insurgent south and that's a race about ten. We are no racism exists in this country it isn't going way that is something about racism hits that it notion in the Oval Office. It doesn't inflammatory rage that's rooted in complete write supremacy you can't get a way around it there's nobody around the blisters no excuse for what is happening right now. It is disheartening and it's troubling for Americans around the country to feel that our leader of the United States as acting in this manner. It's dangerous and dozens of the country any good. You know if it feels like sometimes that people are more bothered by someone being called a racist than the actual racism. Exactly it is being called moderates is but rhythm they think about it. At least that was rooted historical context of racism going back to Africa going back to a country where you came from is rooted in this trumping of racism but the fact that he would say this to leaders of congress right. To people who are trying to make a difference of people who are question our democracy to make it better than where it once was which is a spirit of Americans this is who we are our constitution allows us to criticize we're protected by the first what we're protected by freedom of speech overprotective have been able to criticize but was more so when you really pull into layers of Nichols and that he died of our policies. This individual who is setting a mandate for for immigration. It is front and he doesn't understand the language of immigration to understand that basic principle is a Puerto Ricans are US citizens. That alone a struggling what are also traveling alone isn't understanding when that was based it means that the president Omar is a naturalized citizens who she is assistant United States of America as though here received houses immigration being set for about administration who does not understand immigration whatsoever. And must I remind you that the president's wife is immigrants seeking this was not her first language his mother was an immigrant as a huge cubs smackdown of immigrants who think that allowed him to even get the Oval Office. And oh by the way change likely sin to which. Our first ladies Hanley was able to come through so there is now only in this this this ability to be. Ironic if you will but also that his family his in laws has been able to be Prestowitz. By the fact of quality that he's anti against. Yeah and you know it's interesting because this isn't a political issue racism is just racism. But you know the Republicans have been largely silent. It makes people wonder what is the breaking point with this president. And you hit it right. On the money to Republicans have been silent for this. And when you are silent you will allow often acceptability of it when you're silent you get permission for others that feel empowered emboldened as you just mentioned we've always known that recently exist. But not your emboldens individuals that feel comfortable in doing it because listen my president is doing get so then why can't I do it. Who might not not sue if he is the fact that our leaders have been silent on this is very troubling that the Republican Party. I'm asking them who are they in this space and who they want to be defined as I understand they had a Republican agenda there's a conserve notion that needs to go for it. But the same time you have to stand up what is right and for what is American. This is that time and asking the Democrats who are they going to be in this moment. Because they also informed went to as well how easy it wise for individuals to pile on this freshman class. Because what we have here is intergenerational divide them out talking about ageism with the Democratic Party but you got one side is used to reach our politics you have another site has uses social media and really getting the people involved in this whole notion and so. Both sides have to have some accountability in this.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"President Donald Trump's language repeats historically racist tropes and could embolden white nationalists. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64369331","title":"Impact of Trump's tweets targeting congresswomen","url":"/Politics/video/impact-trumps-tweets-targeting-congresswomen-64369331"}