Impeachment tug-of-war continues, US pulling out of Syria backlash

The White House tells House leaders they will not cooperate with impeachment proceedings; both Republicans and Democrats continue to speak out against Trump's decision to pull out of Syria.
28:04 | 10/09/19

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Transcript for Impeachment tug-of-war continues, US pulling out of Syria backlash
Every welcome to the briefing him on Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us today we begin with the latest on the impeachment inquiry. In to president trump and what is now effectively a declaration of war on that effort. By the White House late yesterday. White House lawyers sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi not mincing words they said. Effectively they are no longer cooperating with the inquiry calling it baseless dangerous. You'll legitimate and unconstitutional. Here's what some of that letter had to say the president's lawyers writing. Because participating in this inquiry into the current unconstitutional. Posture. Would inflict lasting institutional harm on the executive branch and lasting damage to the separation of powers who have left the president no choice. But not to cooperate let's bring our White House reporter Jordan Phelps Catherine falters as our investigative reporter up on Capitol Hill she Georgia's as well Jordan and start with you. I'm help us understand these objections being put forward by the White House are they legitimate how should we make any sense of this. While DeVon of course house Democrats say they are not legitimate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly fired back. To this letter saying that the White House is manifestly wrong. In saying this is only the latest attempt by the White House to cover up his betrayal of our democracy. I note Devean from the White House's perspective. Part of this is political but part of this is based on law and press the text. If you talk to White House officials what they'll tell you is in. The two previous everything impeachment senator nick sang and Clinton there were some basic due process he's built in. To the process that they say are just lacking here and that Intel those are bill thing they're not gonna acquire operate so. One thing they like to see if they like to see a full house. A floor vote. To formalize this inquiry rather than what they say is just been a press conference by Nancy Pelosi. And I also talked to White House official who is poring over. Rules that a committee under Clinton actually agree to. Before undergoing the impeachment cross that's. And that gave the White House or write to how council president and to cross examine witnesses right now they say those things don't exist for them and so therefore it's on. Fair. Yet Democrats moving so fast they bypassed some of those measures that were agreed to back during the Clinton impeachment like you said Jordan. They're not technically required on the part of the Democrats but certainly no lot of people now starting to raise questions about why Nancy Pelosi perhaps isn't pursuing. These things Catherine. You know this puts Democrats in a little bit of a tough spot because the public is warming. To the inquiry we see in these polls but now. As people or sort of starting to look to get more facts. Absent some sort of agreement from the White House was sort of at a stalemate. A yes so Democrats very clearly don't want to lose. Momentum here you saw a chairmanship come out and say that this actually wasn't that the stonewalling wasn't going out to slow down our investigation so. At bill issue more subpoenas with of course the knowledge that they're not going to get any information from the administration are. From the State Department or any of these agencies that they want information. From DeVon so I think that they're still on track to do this quickly as you mentioned public support is opt for this. Bites in the articles of impeachment and it's very unlikely that there will be one on obstruction. Committee has set in their letters to sit at that their subpoena letters. That if they don't turn over documents and don't cooperate and that will constitute as. Obstructing their house impeached. Pratt. And Jordan a real quickly the White House does seem to be. And considering the fact that perhaps drawing this out perhaps going to court over things like subpoenas for documents and testimony could work in their favor. Because the public might see that as a fair claim in this fight. Did stalling tactic if you want to look at it out way. But the White House right now is very much it's sticking to this strategy of fighting this out and tell their satisfied that it's a fair process. Of course this is a White House that never shies away from a fight so this is really what you might expect from the from White House. House. Perhaps the White House though also turning up the volume the White House and the trump campaign turn up the volume and their attacks. I'm Joseph Biden in all of this stoking this case of conspiracy theories raising questions without presenting evidence. About Joseph Biden's conduct in the Ukraine and now just moments ago the former vice president went further than he ever has before so far. In talking about impeachment Nicholas. His words. His actions. Prison trump has indicted himself. By obstructing justice. Refused to comply with the personal record. He's already convicted here's Donald Trump is violated his oath of office betrayed. This nation. And committed impeachable acts. You and couldn't. To preserve our constitution. Our democracy. Our basic integrity. He should be impeached. The big deal Jordan Joseph Biden had been one and there are more reluctant democratic candidates to call out right for the president's impeachment didn't want to alienate. Some centrist voters so big deal for him to come forward and say that outright right. Absolutely a big deal DeVon especially since he is kind of what is the leading candidate in this race it kind of brings this forward even more he hasn't let it late to the game. Here on this though DeVon in the president of course add must have been watching Joseph Biden speech they are because he was quick to take to Twitter. Calling it putt that egg and saying Joseph Biden calling for my appeasement when I did nothing wrong dose failing campaign. Gave him no other choice. So the president there might be calling it but that ache but DeVon at Joseph Biden certainly succeeded in getting the president's attention. They and Catherine part of this and I know I you have covered some of the of these candidates out on the campaign trail as well Joseph Biden has been has taken some heat. For not more aggressively pushing back against president from B talks about his ability to beat the president like a drum. On that some of his critics a send he's been a little slow out of the gate. It change of course today right we saw him actually tweaked back in real time at the president. Eighty absolutely and I think and Jordan really hit on it there where critics have said that he has been slow to respond Eddie hasn't responded appropriately Orwell. Really to this Ukraine matter but yet you did see him changes tune he. Really essentially replied in real time to the president DeVon and I just think another thing to point out from what Biden said. Is he's using the president's own words against him now the president have that. Famous infamous comment where he said I could shoot someone in Fifth Avenue in nobody would care while Biden also said that. Though that the president is essentially shooting holes in the constitution's. And I aces it quickly escalating fight between trump and Biden on this question of impeachment lot of fast moving developments thank you both very much Jordan felt Schwartz at the White House and Catherine folders. Up on Capitol Hill speaking. A president trump and Joseph Biden trump it is not. Biden's only target today his campaign is also taking on FaceBook. Over there are a commitment to running a trump campaign ad that includes wildly misleading and at times false. Claims this dispute along with the Elizabeth Warren's attack on FaceBook has now. A mushroomed out on the campaign trail import FaceBook in a somewhat of an uncomfortable car position. As we head into pay any deeper into the political season are Rachel Scott or White House. Correspondent is here Sasha has nick covers the Warren campaign she's out on the trail also joined by Jeremy Kaplan attack. Reporter joins us from New York got great to have you. Fascinating number of developments today between these democratic candidates and FaceBook. Really going to town on. I'm Mark Zuckerberg gonna wanna start. With this campaign ad and what's in it let's just start by showing our viewers what has become so controversial. And what's a flashpoint here. Rachel take a look here where we ABC news isn't gonna show the ad because it is misleading CNN has actually declined. To run the sad and its Airways there here's 1 of its central plains. The claim in the trump campaign ads as Joseph Biden promised Ukraine a billion dollars if they fired the prosecutor. Investigating his son's company in Rachel that is. A highly misleading claim. Exactly and visiting artist but they add the ads do they push these exaggerations they push these unfounded claims because for the truth campaign this is about controlling the narrative we saw this with similar investigation. They're using the same terms witch hunts. Things that appeal to her boaters they want to cause this. The vision between Democrats and Republicans and for bump this is about Democrats not accepting the results of the 2016 election and they're trying to draw that home to their base even if it means. You know moving forward these exaggerations and unfounded claims through a lot. Pressure on groups like FaceBook to put something like that into the bloodstream just to take on that claim for the put up and again. Joseph Biden promised Ukraine a billion dollars to actually didn't. The United States congress had pledged billion dollars in grants guarantees to the Ukraine back during the Obama administration and the United States Joseph Biden is the point person for Ukraine policy along with dozens of other countries around the world. Threatened to withhold that money if Ukraine and the prosecutor in that country didn't read out. Corruption. That prosecutor was taking a look at Joseph Biden's. A company that Joseph ransom was involved with it wasn't his son's company right Richard this is. A company called charisma was oil and gas company and hunter Brian was on the board. Right exactly and the but the preferred the trump campaign they're trying to Lebanese waters a little bit more and I think what they are fighting against here is that the whistle blower and complaint was deemed credible and of urgent concern by the inspector general and their having to battle the fact some someone dean in this in these concerns legitimate and not only that. But actually the fact that. This is easier to understand I think for a lot of voters than similar investigation I always AT VL are too long dinner and bringing it was us 400 some odd page document bush. And voters couldn't really wrap our heads around what was going on this is very simple for voters this is the president of the United States repeatedly urging a foreign leader to investigate a potential 20/20 rival. And so this with this reason their concern like well this is why the president is doing and are trying to change. Their money in the water for shows put up one of the clintons in the this one's outright false again just to give you a flavor of why FaceBook is for proof facing so much pressure. How right now because this trump campaign ad that is disputed and it pushes these false than this one. In data says when trump asks in Ukraine to investigate corruption. The Democrats want to impeach him that's simply false as proven by the in the transcript that good president himself put out he didn't ask. Ukraine to investigate corruption he asked a favor. I'm and that is now under investigation so there's there's such a move in misleading their let's look at how the Biden campaign is responding to this end of Facebook's willingness. To disseminate this ad across its social media platform. Our campaign manager Greg Schultz wrote to FaceBook the past Airset said recently FaceBook pledged to reject. Political advertising previously included previously debunk content including links videos photos demote posts or plead placements containing such content and a delay related information from fact checkers that provides users with an accurate picture of the facts the pledge that pledge is implicated by this ad. And we expect FaceBook. To follow it Jeremy you've covered FaceBook Mark Zuckerberg is sort of stained hands off here. Yet America's and a real find on this when it all comes down to the concept of fake news something we've covered extensively digital trends of course. What exactly is fake news and fake information misinformation. So in this case fees but as a very clear policy dubbed fake ads. Those that contain demonstrably false information or information proven wrong by third party fact checkers is bad. Now here in this case the information from the president's own ad. Is actually fake it has been proven that by third parties FaceBook draws a very fine line here and says information comes directly from the president himself. Falls and are different set of rules and regulations. As a very fine line that they're drawing. But it's a very good point if you think about the news that comes on a daily basis from ABC from other major news sources oftentimes it quotes directly information the president says. Even if it feels like it's false information or misleading information he comes from the president it is itself newsworthy. It's a very fine line and their they're walking here you might argue they're splitting hairs. I actually favor what Facebook's doing your I think they're making the right call even though it's a difficult one and it does involve. Distributing and sharing information that is. Walls that great analysis and well said Jeremy thanks for that I want to actually put up for viewers what FaceBook has gone on the record same response. To the Biden campaigns formal objections to FaceBook were running this. False ad here's what they said. Just earlier this week they set our approach is grounded in Facebook's fundamental belief. In freaks bash Russian respect. For the democratic process. Among other things. Of course Sasha let's bring you into this because it's not just Joseph Biden complaining about FaceBook here but Elizabeth Warren. Has been hammering FaceBook in fact just this tweet earlier today said FaceBook already helped elect Donald Trump by pushing. Fake ads 'cause they were asleep at the wheel world Russia attacked our democracy. In put these sorts of false statements into the social media bloodstream. Benefit and she's taking them fight it looks like digital some problems number. Aren't you number meets here mom and dad this latest attack from her comes after you know FaceBook has had a lot of issues that they're misinformation. Distribution on their site and she's also walking a fine night herself because she's come after Biden. Very subtly as well as saying that she herself would not have. One of her children on a foreign board like that fighting has kind of scrutiny for. And Jeremy Google going back to you you know they they FaceBook has pushed back now on this objection. Raised by the Biden campaign which you called close call splitting hairs here kind of on their side here. Elizabeth Warren joy raising her voice in that complaint but she's also threatened to do something that Joseph Biden isn't. The next break up FaceBook if she. Takes power in goes into the White House how do you how concerned do you think. Mark Zuckerberg should be about that what we're what do you think FaceBook is preparing to do in the event she's elected. I think FaceBook should be terrified of that there's a very real possibility that Elizabeth. Will act on that if she gets elected and she has every reason to their a lot of reasons and justifications. For breaking up FaceBook is that she's having up I've personally argued four on our on digital trends is well on that said this issue of about fake news is a really. If it's a very challenging thorny one FaceBook. Has in fact shared information that has caused problems in the past and the true made steps to try to prevent that from happening going forwards. In this case because the information comes straight from the president it's arguably not the same type of fake news is that again it's a really fine line there it's not. Campaign from a foreign operative it's not the spread of false information that has been created by a news organization it comes directly from the president himself. So as such I Philippine probably do have to. Get that information out there and then leave it up places like ABC did to refute that they will here's the actual truth of this. Vontae is a reminder of the importance for fact checkers out there everywhere Jeremy. Kaplan now with digital press thank you so much really astute analysis there and racial back to you because we were sane at the beginning here. This is all about muddying the waters creating a lot of smoke raising questions it seems very similar to me. Two the president's strategy towards Brock Obama. And raising these birth through some questions there isn't any evidence. To suggest Joseph Biden did anything wrong in Ukraine but just that the mere raising of questions causes so much confusion for vote. Senior hitting the nail on the head here because I traveled the country talked to travelers at these rallies and that is exactly when that would that questioned its rings in their head then they're able to push back. They have doubt that these claims concerning how little but wait if the present in the United States is saying that this campaign is saying it. Well maybe something that ensure here in any challenge it. And you see it when you talk to voters out all on out on the trail they can raise some of those unfounded claims in this leaning exaggeration. And DeVon I just what appointee just moments ago the trump campaign announced that they're not stopping with these ads are Warrington than ordinary they announced new ad that bothered to continue to push. All part of this ten million dollar advertising blitz that aren't seen. And the trend campaign are now pushing ahead on and these continue in key early voting states here so you're trying to head biting head on. In and states like Iowa and new can't. Where is that money in those early state markets with these false and misleading ads and why his Joseph Biden's allies are calling me and him to be more aggressive in countering them grow quickly. Before and move on now back to Sasha peasant she's they're covering the Warren campaign because there is a lot of at a news at a different topics option that I wanna hit before we go. And that is that Elizabeth Warren has just today announced that she is now expanding her pledge. To not take any major debt dollar donations from fundraisers. If she wins the nomination tell us about that. Yeah that's a assistant originally she had pledged she wasn't gonna take any big dollar fundraising money. And any big super pacs are big donors in the primary now she's extending that forward to the general election should she win the nomination and its. It's really great it's what she's built her brands on during this campaign but at the same time it's making some of the DNC. Kind of nervous because they themselves are pretty heavily in debt seven point three million dollars in late August that it. And she is going to be if she gets the nomination facing a big money machine in the trump campaign in the RNC you've been reporting on that are rich guy had such a president thank you so much for it to Scott think you know you're headed to Minnesota to cover. A prison terms rally tomorrow in my hometown of Minneapolis Alicea out there think airlines are. I'm moving on now to a rapidly and those rapidly unfolding developments along the Syria Turkey border this is a region. Of the world that you need to pay attention to because it's considered the front lines. In the fight against crisis US troops just until this week. Had been in this region hoping that fight until president trump. Abruptly made the decision to pull them out now Turkey is filling that void vowing to invade that area and as one US military official put it. Bringing the fight to crisis. To a halt in light of this so how concerning is this what does it mean for those thousands of ice is fighters that are being held in prisons. Our Ian panel is in Turkey covering this story and a short time ago filed this report. Hi dad Devean I think it's bad to say that this region. Now racing toward the 'cause certainly ready for an imminent attack remember the Kurds are the American allied attack. It's gonna come from Turkey musicals is another key American ally and a member of NATO. However the president of the want this is a matter of national security people to control. The border area inside northern Syria and pushed back its pledges. Which he regards. As terrorists. Because however this is the math saving of just alliances civilians on the ground of protecting. That homeland physicals came back out after president trumpeted on globalization presents a good one. And shortly after that American troops pulled away from people older areas. That troops had effectively been acting as a buffer. Zone preventing the Kurds and the tech from attacking each other. They let you must immediately and now this season nothing likely to be able to stop that. Remember that this is an area where most of the fighting against eyes this is taking place inside Syria. The cuts have been key allies on the ground the ones who do most of the fighting. And most of the dying lips together with American forces beginning staunchest deliberate loss wasted territory. But they also at the moment god thousands and thousands devices prisoners including many foreign fighters in the goods and said. And if Turkey moves across the older than they've hopeful that trip back from the areas around the prisons and it and areas and been receiving liberate devices. Which amount to face against Turkish troops. What happens to those aussies president. And already in the last twenty whereas we see reports of racist attacks in America. She used to be the Catholic how bad is also in northern Syria. Again an indication that arises we'll try and make an eight ball of sunshine we'll by the committee pools of pulling out of that area. Many people a deeply concerned about further instability approximately. At a time when people earning just starting to recover from war with a bubble als disease about civilians on the ground the men who. The women and the children whose of it isn't years of conflict. And announce staring down the barrel yet another war DeVon. Thanks to impanel for laying out the stakes in this conflict and why that region is so important what every and our senior pentagon reporter Louis Martinez who has been covering. The US military's involvement up there and what is going on with president Trump's decision also joined. By use of air around from Istanbul he's with Turkish radio and television analysts they are gonna help. Help us understand how the Turks are viewing all this Louie get a start with you because. This comment from a US official. About the how the fight against basis effectively been halted. Because in the president's decision this week is a stunning. Headlined what does that mean. Well a little contact your name and what we're talking about is that the Syrian democratic forces. That's the predominantly Kurdish force they are the ones have stopped their counter ice is operations not the coalition not the US they're continuing on with their mission inside of Syria. That's what they're there for and that's what they're continuing to do. But the Syrian democratic forces the Kurdish forces they are saying that they have stopped to their operations because of the Turkish incursion. And in kind of makes sense right they're the ones that they're spread out over that map that you saw there that northeastern Syria. Area and so they're gonna gather all of their forces to repel this Turkish incursion I'm so it kinda does make sense but they importing clarify or doesn't mean that all. This includes the US forces or the coalition this is only applying to the eastern to. Katic forces. Just means in that area our allies have got bigger fish to fry right now so to speak at. Let's bring in Yousef Arum from the Turkish. Radio and television network to I give us his perspective used to think he's so much. For being here in a lot of Americans wondering perhaps why Turkey and president air one had been so determined to go into this. Our region and why they had been pressing president trump to get those US troops out of the way outlets understand that why is this such. In important. Strategic area for the Turks. Well from Turkey's national security issue now. People that the US are calling cards there actually a group called people's protection union Kurdish paramilitary group. That has direct links to another group called PKK. He turns you just anti terrorist group and it's also US designated terrorist you're so. The simple life is prudent call it curses. Not not a president not a correct labels. They're stepping up occurs there's over thirty million Kurds in the Middle East scattered through four different countries Iraq Iran Syria and Turkey twelve billion just living in Turkey aroma. So it's a major national security issuing this summer because grosans 2014 win does not want told Obama not partner this group. Obama went ahead and in India V inevitable happened. This is an that is completely unacceptable. Further turkeys are great right along its borders. At this Turkish affiliate has launched a war against her keeper forty years inside Turkey. Being over 40000 people how we realize that the PKK. Has killed. More terse and I Jill. People hear it. This is a rare national security threat to Turkey now and I says. Might ultimately. Let me ask you let me ask you about let me ask you let me ask you about that the ice as tight in and you are very right to point out that this is not a black and white. Situation there this is a complicated. And dynamic with different groups of people different allegiances and obviously. Complicated players. On the question of crisis. It. Housing all of those ice its detainees what what can you tell us on that side of the story. That Turkey and abiding citizens to about sixty launched operation Euphrates shooting to beat Charles outlaw and area I strongholds. Turkey actually neutral actor. Less politically correct killed. 3008 despite his itself so I think this is not an organization that. Turkey certainly at all actually them. Targets are anywhere or an opportunity to regain his all reaching they're gonna target price is well and yes. Had given presidential assurances that Turkey will keep over the responsibilities. To buy any I just. LME's in that region and Rivera I sent. Because I'm almost at a time I just look at drug use and remembering Louis back in for final thought Louis because that if we're talking about complicated this is the PKK is very different from the EST gaffe. As that is that right. They have their very it's a very complicated situation on he said Evan is not black and white but they the FDF is linked to the PKK. I historically. But the united states military you know sees government as a whole has chosen to work with the S yet because. They say that this is not only just a Kurdish group and also includes Arabic fighters inside of Syria. This was bigger than United States used to align itself to fight and ices and they're the ones have borne the brunt of the fighting against ices and that he'd been on the battlefield. Complicated and dynamic scene now as Turkey is moving into that area our thanks to use if Arum from Istanbul Turkish radio and TV think he's so much was she a more timely. Martinez in the Pentagon thank you as always sir thank you for joining us. I hear in the briefing room on this very busy west and Devin Dwyer Washington over her every day 3:30 PM eastern time. Hopefully join us right back here tomorrow.

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