Comedian Gathers Material From Inauguration Attendees

Baratunde Thurston discusses what makes good comedy at historic 2013 presidential inauguration.
3:48 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Comedian Gathers Material From Inauguration Attendees
Let's get it back -- to -- -- here -- certainly there's been who's an author writer -- former digital director of the union and he wrote a book called how to be black bear attending can hear me. Yes I can't always item and thank -- -- we appreciate it. Now thanks very good news come inside -- -- buildings half. That's all we can do for you that's fine but I understand you've been out in the streets gathering some funny material tuchman keeping what even type of people that. We'll have been asking them what they thought the speech with that thought the future of the country will be what they might have hoped he talked about that maybe he did. Or didn't hit the most odd scenario was we're understanding is that the very tail wind. Of the -- gathered for the cuts licences fees at the Washington monument and the audiences than completely -- it was cutting. In and out president -- it was a bad cell phone connects and Battlestar Galactica. One student from Auburn University. Said that they cut it right when he said -- -- problem solvers that she had to laugh because it could solve the problem of the audio feed. To the back of the crowds that that was fun than it was another family it's into the matter the matter with the president Citadel's long as. He just said something so loving -- because percent of the alphabet. And they -- -- previously you were in the cheap seats are telling us right. What. What the what did they went -- ask them why they wanted to come to see the second inaugural what kind of -- -- -- Also -- as some people they would have come before. And they wanted to come back -- -- toward. Detroit and she had come the last time she said she was here for our ancestors who was here for our financial -- -- herself. And she couldn't -- -- whole -- -- -- -- her -- -- -- community -- and -- -- and she felt he -- it to her -- -- pro life and that's -- deficit for the one more time. That some people from France -- -- -- here they're actually students study abroad North Carolina but -- at the bus up to take part. They've really admire America from where they sit back home went to -- up close and personals. -- -- -- -- -- major fans the president you know I spoke with some people yesterday about what they wanted to hear -- -- one of them. To warm up peaceful resolution and they might and even thousands satisfaction has hit a big chunk of his. Talk. About the limits of war. And talking about how we. -- as well done better than. Combat and war itself. He didn't follow up attendance hundreds of thousand people on the street but I imagine if they were listening they have. America is a prominent member of the digital ecosystem and how do you think he Twitter -- has impacted the Obama administration. Us. Well I think heavily. The administration in the campaign as well as you saw -- over the last year has a direct connections. To the people in the way that. Most prior presidents -- been no prior president has had. The opportunity so they could hear what people are saying they can throw things out. Directly from feedback he saw the president the White House is Tumblr that's a revolutionary way of communicating its founding days -- the public is a lot of pressure. Two wins you know -- and gas in the states as a whole new area. Opened up but twenty years ago you didn't have a president thinking about. -- becoming a trending topic on Twitter or wondering how many of these -- their photo from election night again -- -- didn't have that possibility of connecting. With the public and -- didn't have that risk here. They're attending thanks so much for coming out really appreciate -- -- I'm -- -- -- maintenance gets -- they inside yes de -- at. -- some hot drinks. You know -- the place we really appreciate it thank you very much. They do keep of the victims.

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{"id":18277651,"title":"Comedian Gathers Material From Inauguration Attendees","duration":"3:48","description":"Baratunde Thurston discusses what makes good comedy at historic 2013 presidential inauguration.","url":"/Politics/video/inauguration-2013-live-stream-comedian-gathers-material-inauguration-18277651","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}