Incoming President Joe Biden’s ambitious Day 1 agenda

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer looks at the initiatives President-elect Joe Biden hopes to address immediately after being sworn in, from the pandemic to immigration to climate change.
5:36 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Incoming President Joe Biden’s ambitious Day 1 agenda
Aides to soon to be president Joseph Biden say soon after he's officially sworn in tomorrow he'll take immediate executive action on his top priorities and campaign promises from. The pandemic to immigration to climate change. The new president has an ambitious to do list for day one it's what's on that list and how much can they actually do on his own. Here's Devin Dwyer. The nation's 46 the president. So control again why are vowing sweeping action in his first day on the job. We get to work tune and results right away on day one. We're gonna reversed Charles roll backs. Award 400. Public health and environmental rules. Joseph Biden plans to sign a dozen executive actions just minutes after taking the oath. Including one imposing a nationwide mask mandate for 100 days go star. Are at my side in order on day want to require mass. Where I can under the law. Like federal buildings interstate travel on planes trains and buses. We need your help. Wear a mask for just 100. Days. BC thing you can do to reduce Coby chase is hospitalizations. And death. With the stroke of a pen Biden will roll back some of Donald Trump's most controversial policies. Ending the national emergency at the southern border in freezing new construction of the wall the barrier some border residents have been fighting to keep from their backyards. There's no in Beijing bench. There's no Christ is no national emergency and national emergency that we have now is that pandemic. There were stored dot gov for young undocumented immigrants pause all deportations. And reverse a travel ban and visitors from thirteen countries. I'm Daewoo now and troops on constitutional Muslim and I'll push congress to pass hate crimes or slash. And two years after trump ended that controversial child separation policy Biden will created task force to heal those families still broken apart. Immediately on day one I'm setting up with special commission we're gonna find those kids. How are you not to but the prayer. Sources say president Biden on day one blew a firm global alliances like NATO and the United Nations which trump openly criticized. He plans to immediately rejoin America to the World Health Organization and Reese signed the Paris climate accord. Autumn day one when I'm elected treasure not going yeah. And right Paul all of the members of the Paris accord. To Washington DC on civil rights Biden move reinstate protections for transgender Americans which trump rolled back in health care education in the military. His team also preparing to immediately extend a moratorium on evictions and on payments for federal student loan debt. Welcome relief for millions of families especially those of caller. It's a burden on family isn't it herbs and Anthony's communities generations. These are generational curses and we are fighting to breathe right now. And it's Covert response falters nationwide Biden vowing to activate emergency re sources to create thousands of community vaccination centers. How my first day in office some instructed Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA. To begin setting up the first of these senators. But some of Biden's biggest campaign promises won't come quickly or easily. Two gun owners out there who say well by an administration means they're gonna come from my guns Ringo your right if you have an assault weapon new gun controls elimination of the trump tax cuts forgiveness of student loans in citizenship for millions of immigrants who all require approval from congress. I'm the first thing I would do literally I've already have one written. I'm day one I was sending to the United States congress. A immigration bill providing a pathway for eleven million undocumented and I who make sure every dreamer is protected. Sources say Biden's immigration bill lays out an eight year process to legalize and documented immigrants. After paying taxes and pass a background check millions could keep green cards within five years in citizenship three years after that. The plan would need Republican votes to pass. Democrats only control the senate 5050 with the tie breaking vote going to vice president elect Kabul Harris. So the question of whether they can do everything they want to view is very much up in the air and facts they probably can't anti American ought to tell. And first Biden will need his nominees for the cabinet confirmed by the senate. The confirmation process already lagging behind delayed by runoff elections in Georgia in a changeover in party control to Democrats. President elect Biden will really work to try to turn the page on the divisive nest. And the hatred of the last four years and really lay out a positive optimistic vision for the country. And and lay out a wave Atlanta path forward that. Really calls on all of us to work together. After his inaugural address Biden will take a symbolic step toward setting that new tone. Joining the Obama's bushes and clintons for attributed Arlington national cemetery where do. A as president Biden moves quickly and an ambitious agenda for his first term. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Quite a lot on his plate already are things today and for that.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer looks at the initiatives President-elect Joe Biden hopes to address immediately after being sworn in, from the pandemic to immigration to climate change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75358928","title":"Incoming President Joe Biden’s ambitious Day 1 agenda","url":"/Politics/video/incoming-president-joe-bidens-ambitious-day-agenda-75358928"}