Richard Mourdock: 'I Abhor Rape'

Indiana Senate candidate says people twisted the point he tried to make at Tuesday's debate.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Transcript for Richard Mourdock: 'I Abhor Rape'
In the debate during last evening. I made -- comment that I made quite honestly from the deepest roots in the greatest base of my faith. Which used to say. That I believe life is precious. I believe that to the marrow of my -- I believe that life itself is the greatest gift that god can give us. And I know because polling shows that. At least 80% of all Americans I'm sure at least that many hoosiers think that god is the author of all life and I stand firmly on that belief. Point number two. I absolutely. -- -- while. I abhor any kind of sexual violence. I have four rape. And I am absolutely confident as I stand here that the god that I worship. Import slopes. Of words sexual violence. In divorce rate. The god that I worship would never. Ever. Want to see evil that is an element of -- faith -- god doesn't want evils. But occasionally it happens as this has unfolded. You know I've come to understand. Through my face over many many years humility is an important part of -- I have a much more horrible person this morning because -- many people. -- Twisted. Came to misunderstand the point that I was trying to -- And if because. Of the lack of clarity in my word. That day came away with an impression other than those and I stated moment ago that life is precious in the night or violence and -- out of weren't violent very. If they -- -- with any impression other than that I truly regret and I apologized to take him away and I have certainly been humbled. By the fact that so many people think that that. Somehow -- was an interpretation. So lastly I would say. That for those who want to kind of -- the comments and use them for partisan political gain you know I think that's what's wrong with -- -- these days. You know I spoke from my heart I spoke with my principle I spoke for my faith. And if others wish to try to turn those words -- use of Vegas we again that's what's wrong with Washington. It is win at any cost. Let's make up issues when we can't find real. Let's cliff let's distort looks deceive and I think that's -- process. You know we're moving on from this I'm confident that the Hoosier voters are going to be moving on -- -- Supporting us in big numbers in just thirteen days. But. -- -- -- -- As I said the comments were made the comments have been misunderstood I spoke from my heart I -- what I believe. Believe everyone has write your own beliefs in that area as I started my comments last night about this. -- -- that I respect people who have differences of opinion because these are tough issues. But I'm not running for United States senate because I wanna avoid tough issues to take difficult thing -- I want to coast AM before all of you right now and clarified this. Because I think it's very important that all of you understand what I said what I intended -- just one last comment by revenues were the last three times yours I think things. But anyone who views who goes to the videotape and views that. Understands fully what I really believe that if they watched a video that's out -- understand. Website thank you -- equally. -- with it. Got -- hands for the life. Results rate. -- say that god didn't pay for the -- that I will say unequivocally. You know I don't think god wants rate. I don't think you want all history is evil. I have for you I want to assure every woman in the I want to assure every woman who here is this who read stories of this that import -- incompetent -- of course. But to use to lift and suggest that somehow everything that god -- -- rate is the wrong thing because it's not saying it's certainly not intended. And again if anyone came away with that and I apologize that they were -- interpretation from. My lesson fully articulate. -- of work.

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{"id":17553604,"title":"Richard Mourdock: 'I Abhor Rape'","duration":"3:00","description":"Indiana Senate candidate says people twisted the point he tried to make at Tuesday's debate.","url":"/Politics/video/indiana-senate-candidate-richard-mourdock-says-i-abhor-rape-17553604","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}