Indiana senator defeated

Sen. Joe Donnelly concedes to Republican Mike Braun.
2:15 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Indiana senator defeated
A person I guess we should debt to Indiana as well that's another big one we saw Mike Bryan defeated Democrat senator Joseph Connolly. That flips a key senate seat from blue to red needless to say president trump is very happy Lindsey Davis has the latest on the. Hey Diane in the end it was not as advertised it was not the hotly contested senate race here in Indiana and not at all the nail biter that many projected. Still also final votes being counted at this point but. It looks like Republican businessman Mike brought has got about 53%. Of the vote compared to democratic incumbent Joseph Donnelly with 43%. So about. A ten point spread here and perhaps now in retrospect we couldn't read the tea leaves and maybe seen it as as a bad sign when the Indiana Democratic Party started buying about a week out. In advance of the election. And it FaceBook ads in support of the libertarian candidate that became their strategy to win a write in the hopes that. They were going to be able to somehow split the Republican vote and perhaps that was going to to keep Donnelly in office but in the end it was not to be and in the victory speech of now senate elected might broaden. It was a big thank you to president tried to campaign on his behalf here in Indiana four times including on election eve. In Fort Wayne in contrast it was a very short and and rather somber speech. From Joseph Donnelly and while in the coming days and weeks and be a lot of analysis about why Donnelly wasn't able to hold on to the democratic seat here in Indiana one exit poll that really struck me I found it quite interesting was that. More than half of hoosiers says that Donnelly is decision not to vote for. Supreme Court justice Brett Cavanaugh was important in their vote and last night I asked. Senator if he felt that that was favorable for him or on favorable they said you know he didn't know. How appealing was one way or another for hoosiers but he said in the end. He felt that it was the right thing he felt that it was what he had to do it now in the end. Hoosiers choosing not to send him back to Washington Diane aren't Lindsey Davis we appreciated their from Indiana.

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{"id":59033688,"title":"Indiana senator defeated","duration":"2:15","description":"Sen. Joe Donnelly concedes to Republican Mike Braun.","url":"/Politics/video/indiana-senator-defeated-59033688","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}