No new indictments expected to come from Mueller probe as many await report

President Trump cancels new sanctions targeting North Korea, juvenile arrested in racial school threat in Charlottesville, and the EPA is bringing awareness to water crises.
21:22 | 03/22/19

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Transcript for No new indictments expected to come from Mueller probe as many await report
And. Everybody welcome to the briefing her mother's front and ABC's Devin Dwyer Washington with a White House reporter Catherine fall there's Catherine we are content to watch Dei what now I don't know this county is. Edge I'm not sure much of the country is although the cable channel certainly are. But we do have a lot of indications that special counsel Robert Mueller is final report. Is due to the Justice Department any time now. Into avoid some of the breathless speculation that we do want to bring you some of the facts and artifacts Catherine that indicate that we are very close in this in fact president trump. I just a short time ago leaving the White House heading to Florida and he brought with him you have learned. Several members of his legal team. He was unusual it just. This is White House counsel travel down with him. Today and you know it's unclear whether it was specifically a four and the anticipated release of this report in the bottom line is that his White House counsel is. A traveling with him on the point of. Lawyers have been very deeply involved as you have been reporting here and ABC news lives. Present statements he is already beginning to draft what he will say when that report comes out you already know about the race I was just. On the toe the White House source that said they're preparing for every scenario here they're adapting multiple different statements but. As we're talking about us being on edge in this town being honest this same thing over in the White House the president said today. That he doesn't have any indication of when the report is coming Awami controversy and my source told me that they are too urban. They certainly our own we are also learning and those some good news from the White House that. Our sources close to end the investigation tell ABC news John Carl. That they believe there will be no further indictments. Handed down by the special counsel certainly a headline that many reporters close of the story have expected for some time. But to hear it definitively in that way is significant let's put up what we do you know about Robert Muller's probe it's gone on now for 22 months if you can believe it costing. More than 25 million dollars and Katherine at the end of the day is this tally is done there have been 37. Indictments in this case many of them against Russians and Russian organizations but that's a significant number and apparently eight. Total and final number four to believe these sort. AM on the bay end a six time associates who were indicted in five. Who pleaded guilty in and look we don't know what this report is going to say at the end of the day of course that was positive news for the White House the here are reporting. And from sources and there's no word zionist in the bottom line is here that a lot of people close to president from palm and for Michael plan are all implicated here when you think about what actually is going to be in the report. It we shouldn't speculate too much about it but there's a question about whether Robert Mueller speaking through indictments do we aren't you know a lot from what we've seen in and the promise former campaign chairman and now. Secured six former trump associates have been indicted in this matter we don't expect any further that some. News here today for march on Carl and also. We're learning just a little bit more here on the eve what we think will be delivered this report about how rod Rosen Steiner deputy attorney general. Expects the scope of this document what he expects to scope of this document to look like -- look at this. Statement from a letter that Robertson Stein wrote just about a year ago to senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa received very little attention at the time. But is now being interpreted as being significantly telling about what could come very soon and at rod grosans emirates there. We have a duty to prevent the disclosure of information that would unfairly tarnish people. Who are not charged with crimes in fact disclosing uncharged allegations against American citizens without a law enforcement needs. He says is to considered to be a violation of a prosecutor's trust and what that means Catherine. Is given if you put two and two together if there are no more indictments and the president of the United States his son his son in law his family have not been among them. Then we don't expect if you believe rod roses sign any information in this report to be particularly disparaging. Of them right that's a road map in anyway and look the president could very much we begin this tip it may be why he wants and the report public and the bottom line is here we we don't know what will be an aunt and that even with this roadmap. That Jon Karl reported on this is exactly what we expect that the White House is still. Preparing for. All options aren't so we wait we'll bring in the latest here on ABC news live as soon as we learn that the report has been delivered become the president. From Florida now at his monologue a resort and creating some major waves in foreign diplomacy he has just. Rescinded since sanctions that its own administration slapped a North Korea. Just 24 hours ago that is walked and back Sarah Sanders says president trump likes chairman Kim. And he doesn't think these sanctions will be necessary let's bring in our Alex Mallon was over at the White House but us reporter there he's been on top of this story today Alex. This was a major major walk back the white house with much fanfare just yesterday said they were gonna sanction North Korea and new what's going on. And this was a stunning reversal Devin we just just being national security advisor John Bolton took weeded out. That these sanctions probe weren't not just important. He said that all other nations who look to help North Korea they'd say sanctions should take notice so essentially by rescinding that order what what what message is the administration. Really sending these sanctions were specifically directed at two. Chinese shipping vessels that were helping North Korea a baby sanctions but it really does send. A kind of shocking. Message the rest of the administration that the president no matter what kind of good roll out you do you take. To announce these policy positions that the president can just reverse that be a tweet even 23 hours later. And help us understand Alice what the sanctions. Actually did. So that these sanctions are Ers at the basically the administration is to describe these sanctions. As they were they were targeting this Chinese vessel. That was bringing oil to North Korea basically against the US existing sanctions so. The administration officials when they were describing this in a briefing with reporters at the White House yesterday. Said that these were actually new sanctions on North Korea the or just to reinforce the existing sanctions so that's kind of why this is such a stunning move the president. In his meetings with him has always had I given away nothing to North Korea. That seems to be exactly what he's done by announcing this reversal. And Catherine you have this sort of follow this administration very close that a lot of close relationships with aids. In the west wing it's it's often hard to tell whether this is a coordinated strategy did. Is this a carrot and stick thing did John Bolton announced with great fanfare yesterday in new sanctions on Kim Jung learned to try to stick it to him in these failed. Nuclear negotiations are at least stalled negotiations. And then is the president riding in just want to act and in some personal favor. Is that what's what's happen. Here it could be a good cop bad cop thing that after this story broke and it caught. Frankly I was talking to some sources in the in the west made cot a lot of them off guard. And the question was one this according to strategy and right now they just really don't know there is some speculation and it might be but. Again I wouldn't be surprised if it was. And they were caught off guard and beat Alex before we let you go this. Wasn't the only foreign policy surprise the president's strong on us in the last 44 hours this comes on the heels. Of a major announcement involving Israel just yesterday as well that caught people off guard. Yeah the president announcing again in its wheat yesterday about this this section of Israel. That he says is now under Israel sought the sovereignty of this is something that the administration no hit bid long been previewing is a possibility. But did not yet made that announcement official on but again that it added that announcement at catching. The State Department off guard and in terms of just the fact that he sent the tweet but I think that. With the with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu set to come here next Monday they expected this announcement administration officials. We're previewing that announcement. At there's something that was expected potentially on the heels of that visit. Art Alex found force of the White House thanks a lot Alex will be back with you later if there's any breaking news in the show. Meanwhile Katherine as shifting gears a little bit where about a week. After that massacre New Zealand fifty. A Muslim New Zealanders by a self avowed white supremacist it ignited a conversation in this country. About white supremacy and racism hot and some disturbing news out of Charlottesville Virginia police your very familiar with the past. Two days were the schools they are all public schools and Troy ounce from Virginia were shot down. Because of a white nationalist threat against African American and minority students. And that police chief today said that this particular person reference. Ethnic cleansing but I'd put out that it. Charlottesville incensed when he seventeen really when they have those what the white nationalist protest what whites 200 years ago just two years it is an infant. Start with these issues for some time in the police chief said today that they. Willie have been hounding hard conversations about race and been trying to fix this issue is still in other taking it very seriously but it just wasn't you see. Oh right they're just from a couple years ago they have. The struggle it with these issues with having these protests there and frankly the those who lead these. Protests have also wanted to come back to the school and do something simple answer this you really wasn't the newspaper's attorney two authorities and strong global mind of its history in light of the New Zealand attack. And white of a growing trend of white supremacist. Attacks racist attacks in this country hate crimes. If you will authorities rests just a short time ago after they announced that they had apprehended a suspect a seventeen year old male. In this particular case they were asked whether they think. That this act was a prank. Or yet another indication of white supremacy Nicholas. I think we actually. Didn't mean. The the intent of the threat if we call it a prank. Regardless of whether they have the capacity that thing about. Terrorism is that it does strike sealer in each and never one of our hearts you don't necessarily need to have a weapon in your hand to strike that type of fear. Thus the laws have been changed to reflect that so I won't dignify it at all by calling it a prank just the opposite a person who intentionally post something. On a website I'm regarding ethnic cleansing and targeting individual groups. I am. That person should be charged and rightly so. Let's bring in now a former Homeland Security advisor in the Obama administration an ABC news conspirator Jon Cohen. Who joins us by phone Johns John you've been very familiar with these sorts of threats the rising number of them. Over the past couple of years. Officials in Charles who regime taking the sufficiently seriously. To close schools. They're not messing around here. Yeah they and they have stated seriously the you know after the Illini. You know the had a number of lengthy conversation as the law enforcement officials that I work with across the country there is real concern out there that we're in the midst of a significant trend. Involve paying extremist violence in the United States and in particular violence by. Those who subscribe to the beautiful white supremacy and and its follow on the he comet being made by officials down there in Virginia. You know the death by definition a hate crime. Can not only includes violence but efforts to harass intimidate. Whether it's through vandalism or on line. You know online commentary so. You know part of what we're seeing an increase in in this country as we look at the increase in hate crime works you know multi year increase in hate crimes. It has included not only violence. Behavior. But also an increase in. Harassment or opposite terrorized people after that minorities or of certain religious groups through the use of our online activities. John how surprised are you by the fact that this happened in Charlottesville and the fact that it's two years after. What had seemed to be. An episode that prompted a lot of soul searching a lot of coming together a lot of community. And attends a community healing and yet here we are. And a lot we've heard from a number students today in various outlets talking about the fact that so little has changed. What do you make of all that. It doesn't surprise me at all because while. Particularly apt terror despite that when you describe back and 2017 in Charlotte so or incidents like that which resisted expect witnessed. In New Zealand there tends to be a gathering. Good people come together they. A they talk about how horrific tragedy our state speech talk about the need for change but the same time. Part of the reason why were seeing an increase in extremist violence is because the availability up. Violent hateful rhetoric. On the Internet via the Internet. People are still consuming not material. Groups hate groups are. Putting that material out adding quite frankly. We are seeing at the same time. A an increase. In the use civil language. Andy the adoption of scenes these hate groups by mainstream politicians. So far all the good conversations that take place and fortunate to counteract its vote online. And through public statements. By not only extremists but leaders but by mainstream politicians. And and and as you said John we need more people to speak out about their shine a light on this especially as the president. And other officials seem to be downplaying the significance and and in in growing number of these incidents on the country Jon Cohen thank you so much and we should note there that those pictures you just south of Charlotte's who have worked for were from two years ago those didn't involve. Today's incident involving the charts below schools. Moving on now let's take a toast Catherine what do you say it is a special day. In the world we have no matter he's a couple glasses of water because it is world water day. Cheers here. This is calling him honor. And bring in our resident water experts on and I think it's bad luck to toast waters. OK well I don't. World water day all the world are putting the spotlight. On the import. Simply Maher also the challenges facing particularly clean drinking water Stephanie great to have you were also joined. In this conversation by more layers she's an assistant professor of her room planning and public policy UC Irvine. And someone who has studied. The safety of drinking water here in the United States we'll get to that in a second. I'm but what a start with some headlines. Stephanie ads on this world water day that are coming from the trump administration's EPA. They had just this week highlighted water as their top environmental policies caught a lot of people by surprise. Yeah have absolutely I mean at some Andrew Wheeler made some headlines when he said that water in the bigger global oil crisis and climate changed. But really this administration has talked about water a lot you know the president loves to talk about the cleanest water. You know they have they're even youngest C. Climate changes at work is a here can't say they they're saying you know on creates is a tangible thing that we can fix they see an opportunity to make some. Some progress on improving drinking water and and other forms of water. So let's bring more a layer into this conversation or thank you so much again for joining us from from California. Professor and you have you conducted the study I think you released last year but looking over expansive period of time of water safety mission in the united it's a guest on this water daily got to ask you. How safe is American drinking water these days. How clean the there in general beat UMass. Has some of the Enid water really globally but nonetheless there's an easy getting ear about seven or. All Hines and don't meet national standards for drinking water. And so my objective with the big study and I did. Here now is to look over thirty year history. Eight drinking water act and really see what kinds of communities are struggle. And what did you find let's drill down on that we've we were showing some of the statistics from your study that you look at. From 1982 through 2015. A big stretch of time and communities across the country and found. By one estimate it is a wide range of between nine million as I understand and 45 million Americans in that period of time we're drinking water. That was in violation of those. Drinking martyr standards. Tracks so. You do you think he will how white or heard. That you really. Art I. Art. And really trying to look at how white and issue our country. So an ear that. Clinton grabbed national national headlines about 21 million people are being served by water systems that are not complying but national standards. And in particular the communities that seem to be falling behind were parole low income community is so it seems that. These are the communities that's certainly what it require most assistant and meeting that is those national standards. And Stephanie as someone who covers the EPA and which has taken quite a body heat from environmental groups and this administration. It is interesting to hear from and we interviewed Andrew Wheeler together a couple weeks ago he would it would at least if you take his words at face value. They seem very interest and in reaching out to some of those communities. That mores hockey dad they they are very concerned is that yielding thinkers is this is a lot of us and you now show I don't. Think it would be fair to doubt their sincerity on the issue but in terms of practically addressing the problems you know there are some obstacles and it have to overcome. You know problems with drinking water come from infrastructure which we know the administration loves but is theory very expensive to update your talking about. You know regionally entire city's pipes all the public building schools. Wastewater treatment like that's millions and millions or even billions of dollars. Steps need to happen is going on us that the act and that and other problem is regulations rate there's a lot of regulations in terms of what's allowed to be entering the water how much all of these things. This administration has been reeling from of those things back and there's concern that you know they are not. Going to follow through on regulating new drinking water such as these chemicals that they are promising available they're looking at. And other issues in terms of you know what we allowed to be at. Into the water income requires a lot of oversight here. Probably are before we let you go as you look at this now your study conducted last year over that extensive period of time. What sort of that the tip of the spear on the clean water issues in the United States who were. What needs to be done right now where is there any low hanging fruit that say congress or this administration in your view could address. I think there's quite a few things that can be done one didn't improved my training especially apathy libel Baigent and declining house. Just get it. We'll go to the problem it. Treatment systems can be greeted me and beyond that smaller systems could come together. In order you aren't really treat the economies of scale are required to delivers water to everybody. Nagger reminder that so much of water distribution in this country is a local process in states and local governments are really the ones involved with the help of the federal government it is. Very lower local professor lair thank you so much from the UCR Irvine system great to have you in your analysis with us today. And Stephanie you before we go in we should draw attention against your re reporting nine one of the biggest water initiatives right now under way and that's to clean up those sticky. Chemicals and a lot of these communities you have don't yet reporting on that. Yeah absolutely and we're actually expecting some EPA officials on the hill again next week to face paint and grilling from senators there are some. Concern about reports right now that the Defense Department in the EPA are not on the same page about where these chemicals it. Chunks out there those chemicals are called. So if your water drinking your route and let's just another little toast here admitted and a lot of he claiming that. Used to help Yemeni. Between fresh glass of water your disposal on this Friday. And in something more this weekend as well great to have you with us today here in the briefing rumor here. Every day of the week 3:30 eastern time 5:30 eastern time is well under an ABC news live download BBC news app. For the latest on these all the stories you talk about today great to accept hands with us capture folders here is well on Devin Dwyer Washington. We'll see you next time.

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