Inside the Anti-Trump Free the Delegates Nerve Center

ABC News' Shushannah Walshe heads inside the Anti-Trump Free the Delegates Nerve Center in Cleveland, Ohio.
9:45 | 07/15/16

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Transcript for Inside the Anti-Trump Free the Delegates Nerve Center
Hi I'm eighty seizures on the walls from here Cleveland in the nerve center for delegates unbound is as deep waters who is quite running the group. Dean you are. Really heading up one of the efforts. To convince delegates that when they vote on the convention floor next week that they should vote their conscience that they don't have to be bound. Your movement suffered a defeat last night the related movement give a single all. And that was really they didn't have enough votes. To force a minority report we went. Possibly in the end it be able to I'm buying themselves have dealt with on buying themselves. It didn't pass and it wasn't close what's ring next steps. Critics have visited this is outraged the delegates I mean is one thing to say. You know that hey you can't vote your conscience but for a vote for this 88 people can come together and say okay we're going to. Basically go against the delegates this is an affront to the delegates as an affront to the grassroots. Efforts amid those those people that really make up the Republican Party they are outraged what they did last night was. They created more and outraged mormons monster gonna say that five other actions are forward and do is continue to show that the delegates are unhappy with us. This effort is much longer now says it's opposed Cleveland. You know these delegates are gonna get together vigor of the long term. Reform of the Republican Party. Poses far far far from over so in the short term though are you giving up we still trying to convince each of these delegates Ted. That vote their conscience speak out on the floor next week possibly causing a floor fight. Listen we we were not giving up any stretch of the imagination and and this morning and we are. Our FaceBook and our Twitter and our calls review and calling and say there is outrage more than ever about what's going on. Social trimester of the final plans because when the concerns we have is that they that the Republican establishment. I mean they've shown that over and over and over again that they want to shut down the delegates whether they've intervened in Virginia lawsuits where they're trying to deny individuals. Delegates com and and last night is another clear example blatant example that they're doing everything they can do. Just to keep Donald Trump at McDonald's not the nominee but I also heard that they're going to have the nomination on Monday night Bible and voice vote they're trying to truncate things. To the point that they are trying to silence the delegates and they will not be silent. So last night wasn't just a defeat for these anti trump folks. Actually RNC passed language to make it even. Tougher talk on buying yourself so that that these delegates. Have a harder time trying to vote their conscious which is what you guys want. Automate what would what's your reaction to that and do you still see a path for even with that new language. There's and as the sentiment empower me was what's crazy here is that you know Donald Trump is the only horse in the race and that this things that they're having to do to ensure that he gets the nomination just shows how toxic he has a shows. How the Republicans that rank and file Republicans don't want him this is much bigger than our job now this is about. They aren't sea trying to wrestle and take away the power of the true authority in the only legitimate authority of the Republican Party which of the delegates. So are we finished or we don't know not by a long shot what's gonna happen. I think that the delegates will make it clear they're unhappy about this but what they RNC has done to consolidate power try to continent trying to silence. Acting you think you'll see the on the floor next week. A possible floor fight is that we can predict what we were trying to figure that out because when problem we have is that you what what we've consistently seen as the RNC is doing everything to stop us. It was really frustrating is that they're trying to say that this effort fizzled no it didn't fizzle I mean. They stopped it because they were concerned about what was going on they try to clamp down what was going on so what's gonna happen we'll have to see but. They still control a floor they control them Myers the controller things going on so we're just trying to measure of the best way for the for the delegates to show that they are happy. And just explained that viewers the roll call which is what we're talking out. Usually really asleep the affair everyone knows the end result because. It's been known from month to the presumptive nominee is going to be and usually the Republican Party app that we're seeing of course the pretty backing Donald Trump. But a lot of resistance from anti trump folks. For months this game that was very much relax stand. Not just you but so many anti trans people of them working on this for months. What happens on the floor next week and whatever action it is your last. Chance to block it. Why you know. As a citizen much larger than Donald Trump. And and our effort has always been about the let ended delegates freely. Choose a nominee and it honestly than a day if they wanted to freely choose Donald Trump then so be it if Donald Trump truly wanted to unify the party of the RNC wants to unify the party. The that would allow the delegates to freely choose Donald Trump and Donald Trump leave Cleveland Saint Louis I have the support. Of the Republican Party I have the support of the delegates I have the support of the people. This set of basically in my opinion the RNC and the child campaign a rig that this nomination which is funny because. Donald Trump kept saying that they the process was rigged the process of trade wealth. He's taken advantage of the root system he's the one who rigged it last night with the RNC and and in this is not our last. I mean it's very very important to know that. And we may have five or six days left in Cleveland but this is going to keep going until they aren't seeing truly is reform to the point. That the delegates are recognized as the only legitimate authority. Other. Or so last night the rules committee actually went. Really late into the night it was just yet chilly day affair they feed it really and on this past 11 o'clock to talk about these rules. This is private most dramatic moment. But there was. Other trauma when talking about this summit delegates. Who supported binding. That biting the delegates we're talking about bringing the party together in unity. One delegate even getting emotional in and crying a little bit on the floor. What you seated delegates like that's who The Who singer Karen the party apart. There's and we can't do anything good to tear the party you are divided more than don't pass and that's what's so frustrating about this is a Donald Trump has created this toxic environment. Where were the RNC has to go to such lengths to ensure that he's the nominee. Sort of act of my point is if if they truly want unifying than allow the delegates to vote their conscience I means it's just funny to say that the that we. Of the delegates and fourteen hundreds of 15100 of us or whatever we're dividing the party against the RNC establishment against Donald Trump and his campaign we that's absurd to say that. I mean we are doing everything in our power to unify the party they're doing everything in their power to divide the party. And yesterday earlier in the day. There was this. Closed door meeting and it does us more about 20/20 and and had Kris Allen that it was about and I think the Doggett but. Can tell me you know what you guys were able to get out of that or he or not get out of that closed door meeting. Well I mean there there are a lot of things have been discussed the mean there's over forty rules of me whether there RNC convention rules are there aren't you rules. As in the day pretty much everyone who was involved and always us negotiate discussions. It was made very clear that eighty people were gonna control whatever happened. And I don't think that anybody who wanted to truly reform the party and ensure that it represents the values of the party were happy with the outcome. So what of these that things are going on simultaneously. The movement from last night and they just told us her name is Kendall and room she just told us that she's actually down going to. Push forth the effort to try to get a minority are part just explain that that means that you have to get 28 of these delegates. Signed a piece of here before Monday last night he voted needing come anywhere close and we were under the assumption that should the trial we can still get those votes. That's not gonna happen Kendall just told us so does that hurt your effort to detect kind of concede on that point. None oversaw that Dave whatever Kendall wanted to do last edited by voice vote so to say that she didn't have enough votes who knows because it is on the vote voice. It's important now. That is important now number two. Does it hurt her effort now as far as them in order or listen the RNC is controlling the process and they're trying to do everything empowered to show. That that the delegates themselves are trying to you two on the on the bind themselves so. One of the reasons that discussions took place about not to push for them in order or not because I'm the right it is because the RNC has proven they control the process. And the last thing we want is for to be seen as. As somehow that the delegates don't want a bind themselves or whatever maybe so. We are just looking at trying to work within the parameters of the currency control and process trying to shut us down and figure out the next so that's what we're known for. You'll continue calling these delegates or the beginning and tell them that they can. They're right is to vote their conscience. Yeah I merely a we have called going on now we were still reaching out to state leaders because their hunger tea I can't tell you how many emails. That we that we received in face but those were received or how disgusted they are an upset about what's going on. And so. We're just trying to help them understand what happened for trying to you know help educate them about whether or opportunities still are. And that this has happened late last night one thing is important to know they held this until very late last night that kept proposing amendments. To ensure that this took place this place possible to try to give another news cycle. So the fight is far from over that's what you told us last night the fight is far far from. Well thanks for joining us Jane we are here. In Cleveland had the delegates unbound office. Gains as the fight is far from over that means that we're going to be closely watching that will call next week thanks for joining us here and keep update with all this news I'm more at

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{"duration":"9:45","description":"ABC News' Shushannah Walshe heads inside the Anti-Trump Free the Delegates Nerve Center in Cleveland, Ohio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40613427","title":"Inside the Anti-Trump Free the Delegates Nerve Center","url":"/Politics/video/inside-anti-trump-free-delegates-nerve-center-40613427"}