Inside Facebook's Exclusive Party on the RNC's 'Freedom Plaza'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Devin Dwyer report from Cleveland, OH.
13:00 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Inside Facebook's Exclusive Party on the RNC's 'Freedom Plaza'
Hey everybody on the we made our way out tonight yeah. I pointed that was all they need your. I'm were inside the secure area of the Israeli government authorities. The delegates outside the arena and I'm pretty calm as morning. The late night of the late night it's still early very beautiful morning here and I hope street. Two words back and behind us here in the bar nickel rush didn't. We can pretty quiet at this hour did you get seated chances are ready but liquor is there is ready for another big night. On the back in the distance behind you is that. If that stage. You acknowledge that they are that campaign is going up here I think and keep it alive and in ninety arena. Also did something around the arena for anything. Point out and now. I'm a mountain. Well when they're right there they're here. Throughout the night and I want. Right this cocktail tables. You can see here are pretty busy lately late into the night you know we're sandwiched between two sports Arenas here you've been to Cleveland. We've got the baseball stadium behind us here and then over here we've got good Q where they are everything convention itself hoarse. At worst that music coming from. Many matters of party going on right now 83 connection card payment. Yeah that haven't heard him. Think everybody out there behind the audience mini hook can't dwell on anything. Lose money calling I have a high level. That's that's on your ground and point out here just don't just behind us it's for all the music is. There it is it's eight. Double backward this story FaceBook. Set up very gotten. Lax and under the brand now I'm about. The start of play it's going this morning here in freedom plaza convention. I wanna take inside and that about party known on the servings. The hostess and passport nerves we were able to come out here and Greg can get a little laugh I know management camera around and one of the many parties and unlike in the mile 30 in the morning and I and this is already happening to the glamour and CE part. Nightmare and there is the guest list we should save record we're not on it so we were. Think about it today is back on everything gets it he gets island six. RAC. This book parties this morning scenario Lincecum on. Okay. News. A lot about. I'm alive and yeah. Marty. Some of them have yet like they write up some. Ice water. Big handsome restroom alone without. Food coming. Ask them at some happenings outside yeah on all. No GE. And politic. Apparently the part that you can you honestly. More yeah. Reading a lot about how. Putting pretty. They ever had learned they'd gotten knocked out of him more about that but FaceBook users want them back Johnson corporate sponsors. Pumping in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Both parties' conventions its bipartisan. Let's not talk about why her number of companies that aren't here. But here around. I'm pretty hot here in place. We have what ideas. I got back outside. We're excited FaceBook party. Look at it. I swanky. Her party here outside you can see these parties are going to be going on all night it's only day two. Good entertain. Book of about eleven. Spilled out enough not to speak read and I to right here and armaments a camera around and. And sponsors. Or its you and I were talking in a number of big name sponsors not here this year. Apple Store and GE a bunch of companies normally take yes 100000 dollars not just a bank all the parties but to help rent the space. Security all an act costs money. That's great and yeah million. Only on the then Mike and finally here in. Right there. And everyone as he's very confident that out later that he is here. Marino. Inside the united. That money and then that was written in black and went to millionaire I know. He RNC chairman of the day that's not true when we all apparently come to our budget. You are doing just fine but it does and how to handle it happened. Hold off port city. You wouldn't know that there's any lack. Oh yeah. There's a lot of money going around here it's got the big number in the game just do it would have been a resurgent 64 million dollars. It's what across put this party on this convention this coronation. Donald Trump a lot of money. Democrats that it just about as much but again I think on the security which supports him in geared to these parties. We want to give you tasteless we give you have enormous tourist that are happening after night aren't you X. Opening day here. And eminently campground. Yeah. Q were you just don't know how many cats he now believes it now. C a lot of again. Just one on the right to keep it doesn't politically both. It's normally the main entrances into the look at some security. Just because you have these this barrage. Credentials here doesn't mean you can go anywhere you want. Are your credentials at every entrance throughout this complex and believe it or not is knows full well. We're inside probably the third layer of security. Around the cues we've already been checked. That's several times that. Here entering the building you get checked again your credentials. Are pretty tight now. And sign on the door way back no guns. No guns I was open carry state. Point out you have been relatively mom pain. It didn't really tell you about here outside the que of course with the main concerns. Going into you definitely did that there protesters coming they're protestors here and that McMahon. Every day so far all the protested and carried out its largest and I've been very peaceful very civilized dispersed importance. That out for themselves not unless they're hoping that continues. Our it team's morning. We'll go join us tonight we've got a lot of action plan for the rest of the day today and tonight. From here at the Q we've got a live coverage starting at 5 o'clock eastern time on ABC news digital and on FaceBook and all our platforms yet. That Lambert. Log on its content lots of color lines and there is spending your comment that you might simply trying to get an answer and ask. Leaning swing it back in now let's go into the air conditions get a drink of water. I got calculator makes a much.

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{"duration":"13:00","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Devin Dwyer report from Cleveland, OH.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40703196","title":"Inside Facebook's Exclusive Party on the RNC's 'Freedom Plaza'","url":"/Politics/video/inside-facebooks-exclusive-party-rncs-freedom-plaza-40703196"}