Inside Jeb Bush's New Hampshire Primary Event

ABC News' Josh Haskell takes us inside the Jeb Bush's event as the governor walks out to address his supporters.
5:43 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Inside Jeb Bush's New Hampshire Primary Event
I think we can go live now ABC's Josh Haskell who is made his way. Over to the Jeb Bush campaign events there in New Hampshire dot what do you think feeling in the map room right now. Well on it is the battle for third place you can really feel it here. In this room I know Charlie was talking about it rubio people on stand by the same kind of thing here this sort of waiting to see. What happens I want to bring in ABC's Candace Smith who covers Jeb Bush. Just got a briefing from jets comes to record. You can't just tell us a little bit about what you were told and where things stand right now here Manchester community college. I I heard senator Lindsey Graham who has been I was going to read news. Now supporting him ante in its communities director Tim Miller came out and told them that Jeff is feeling good and bad feeling after the watching the results are not they were waiting for a downside than is being neglected undoubtedly his own remarks. Dallas his feeling that day. Still aren't as though they beat. This was their main. The problem is the let's work conditions. Have a strong finish South Carolina. What's in millers and their. Back then John King has diligently got behind him he didn't really grandma Myrna much saying that South Carolina. Was country. Look atlas is they want to South Carolina primary. George W. Bush. He's our report beginning at the trail instead. I'm and they think about like sun times. Here is not gotten home health. They're still waiting game here bet you guys did her Candice and the campaign looking ahead in the South Carolina. It's got a different take a second to remind everyone ABC news and not yet make a projection about how that third place finish will shake out we know it's sort of a tossup between bush. Crews and rubio right now bring everyone those results as we have them but I can add up when people ask and it. You know if he doesn't finish where he thinks are where they'd like to finish the visiting man who has poured millions into New Hampshire acting. According to latest numbers we had he had spent 50% more than the entire democratic field combined Clinton and standards. Combined in TV ad spending there if he can't pull it out here how does that affect him moving forward. Saw no ones know you. Back here if you. Here. Placed better work. Before but this night what's right especially among donors who replaced so much money into the secret package to their. The lesson is that thinking when you're exactly his list earlier in England. They're thinking that this would be counted out they lost steam and sounds Atlantic. That you have to remember they still have a lot of money. This campaign still ahead plus eight million dollars on hand so it's not undermining or not please let us. And Texas pain just begging their illness stick with it now allow only those breasts that are coming from series it was. I'm certain areas. Notes with major news sources say that he was his own man. That you don't have to sort of hear my father's presidency of my brother's presidency was July. Now he's got as Bob Oltmanns or. Sides for his brother problems or if things have you decided there's federal runaway it was based to a braves were to open hands. It didn't think that that's going to be some business Lieberman helpful or is it going to be sort of political back and make him look at that you've actually is. The weaker. Please people. Yeah that's a great question LC. And as sells he's talking about how you know when they announced yet even his campaign's logos just. Slogans Jeb. An explanation markers that distance from the bush. If you look at the last couple weeks and Barbara and his brother other people like hitting the road do you believe that nowadays they feel like they need. Whole bush family to help Jeff close the deal and how will they play a role in the coming days. I mean we have definitely seen the evolution of the bush naming him the latest news and campaign like he's saying he was campaigning any spills that it had his own me yeah running primarily on. Records record head up Florida governor Steve a lot of he did during his story of senior yeah pursuant we have seen mother come out its decision making calls his brother has. Fundraisers grant is a better deal with the Santa. Family immediately and his wife. On the now. We're definitely think that most residents emerged on on the campaign trail it's sort of like an act power is being released. Because I think they're realizing that the way that they were trying it was quite like now. Why not bring up listening. A lot of people on the trail they that we need here is listening. It hearkens back reading list yeah right. You've got wanna talk about anything here. Revenue real good fighter jets backyard bar vertebra and try not to knock him. That's what they're playing exhaust turner who have been one of my favorite countries fingers I believe that farmers took to be your man. I would enjoy myself at that time right now I don't know of any privilege holograms back there but it doesn't get the country miles off the think it's a very much.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell takes us inside the Jeb Bush's event as the governor walks out to address his supporters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36826073","title":"Inside Jeb Bush's New Hampshire Primary Event ","url":"/Politics/video/inside-jeb-bushs-hampshire-primary-event-36826073"}