Inside John Kasich's Event As Primary Results Roll In

ABC News' Ayan Chatterjee takes us inside Governor John Kasich's event after ABC projects he will finish second in the GOP New Hampshire Primary.
7:05 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Inside John Kasich's Event As Primary Results Roll In
About that at that shot inside the John case stake partied there in New Hampshire for mother contacted color on the ground let's join ABC's ion tattered he. Police act that Marty. Right now I am against hate B can't really double down in new hampering folks there have to be happy ABC news and reject. He will then is back in how did that his go down there is no. Though the sun actually bear watching Fox News here and boxes has not made that reduction in the head so there are not yet aware of the union actually can't we presented herein. Negatively cheer every time it because it hasn't even when. You think you mentioned in passing but when it went boxes just talking to a voter and every music they going to cheers. I'll be doing so nobody here it big there and allow him. Yes and I tell me what it's like in the room. They and they don't think. The night air is very upbeat very confident it's kind of let's understand fee which cocktail kind of live there's there's the old car there's Nancy were terrorists it's a smaller incidents about. And they a couple of hundred people and. And I from the folks there that you've talked to did and it with anyone willing to make a prediction about where they thought their candidate would land tonight. Nobody mean really made a prediction but they're feeling very upbeat they're they're feeling it obviously Congo. All the networks protecting that's nothing coming in first place that they feel very confident about their candidates prospects. On the a lot of leaked to siders there. I'm which I guess that's our exit polling. I'm a lot of than meet the decision this morning as they were walking again. They're deciding between and it's like chanting bush Chris Christie a lot of the establishment candidates and the prevent them. Is none government that he thinks experience at the hearing experience experience experience and keep hearing. That he has the right mix of private and public sector experience. She's the governor of a large its defense scenes you all Republicans hopes to collect. I am fascinated by this among the undecideds if we know we're such a huge. A factor when it comes to how the primary vote there in New Hampshire. Experience seemed to matter a lot as you say what other things that they they resonated with them that ultimately pulled them over to indicate that camp from the other candidate. If this is a big music. I think it may be described as rhetoric as someone here just gotten better and compassionate conservative they like the fact that he cares about. There just thinking that a parent letters. Okay. Fell on that he thought McCain. I'm Fox News dismayed that Jackson negative thing both in his second at the queens in New Hampshire primary zone to step onto the lot of tears here is positive mind. Let me get out there saying you know as they feel like him back it is easy. That the policies. Like that not to stand in that experience and grounded. And is home coming off on us. Why are there in the room and people just got that good news do you think we might be able to talk to someone. Certain let me and islands living apart and anything is an excellent intoxicated. It would scare facility what's her name was all Latin holiday. We'll all along with as the you can clearly obviously voted for for government. If you don't want to look old. Worker. As isn't anything governor Molly and van worker and he let the governor probably 8 o'clock. Actually the governor and his buddies when he. On the hats. He actually quite well and I asked a lot of big. An election. Yeah let's. His record in my. Balancing the budget. Phillies yeah. All right we're ten. Oh wait yeah. I thought okay they're doing just that. The wrong I don't mind. They're really not. And all I'm. My friend who is working its here. And the governor call and groups like the he's not talking to a good friend of mine. Resentments and that ten minute long miles away you might need all of our partners. What what did you like about it and I was like yeah down to earth and in. I'm art in. They're not he's like. And you know. So are you. I can't kill me yeah. It's got a real and the shot at the nominee. This it is momentum my client friend Bruce Murphy who worked with Johnny come first or second. Homer Cummings. And it's not an exact and strong zoning. Things I think it was. And I think you can see a lot of certainly designers and everybody in the economy basics ground efforts really get on the ground here. You know the flat ending. In the beatings and spent more time here than almost any other candidate had to get things you know. Yeah I surely we've heard a lot about the ground game there at KC have doubled down in New Hampshire when he looked at the numbers and you broke down how many days he spent in the state how many events he held in Netscape he was. Far ahead a far way above the other candidates 64 days. Spent their total since he announced his candidacy a 165. Events of clearly the ground game there it's really work all the we actually calling are being on the phone with a one voter for ten minutes. To help him change his mind. John McCain to rant I mean you know you. Skipped Iowa he effectively if I'm hundred Annan and he kind of bet the farm on New Hampshire invented harmonics from snowing here this. Cannot assume you. Let a strong showing with honor and independence for the people who value experience. This it. If I can tell it's so much par on the scale crown.

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"ABC News' Ayan Chatterjee takes us inside Governor John Kasich's event after ABC projects he will finish second in the GOP New Hampshire Primary. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36825277","title":"Inside John Kasich's Event As Primary Results Roll In","url":"/Politics/video/inside-john-kasichs-event-primary-results-roll-36825277"}