Inside MT Gov. Steve Bullock's home as he launches 2020 presidential campaign

ABC News joined Gov. Bullock on his morning routine the day he announced his candidacy.
4:42 | 05/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside MT Gov. Steve Bullock's home as he launches 2020 presidential campaign
Democratic candidate number two when he too has officially entered the 22 when he raised. It's Montana governor Steve Bullock. An hour Mary Alice parks got exclusive access to him during the day of his announcement and joins us in Montana with more Mary Alice pretty cool there what did you get to see. Yes and Kimberly and there are 22 candidates that's not Kenneth appealed an entire football team both defense and offense but governor Bullock says that he hasn't special red state appeal and he's gonna reaching out to those voters who are particularly interested in this notion of electability. Expect him to repeat this line a lot the same day that got that. President trump one in the state of Montana by twenty points he won his second term and he says that makes him really unique. But you're right he was so generous Jimenez Stanley let S into the governor's mansion just moments. After he announced his presidential campaign we got to hang Allen and drinking his morning coffee was in his riding shorts his kids who were there. It was a Bill Stanley esteem and is really special for us to get to be there take a look. Hi good morning to ornamental street have not aeration thanks so much thanks for having us and so how does that tell the morning pretty basic I read both. Humbly. You know and every year and a house I was raised four blocks from here so made it four blocks in life it's exciting news we finally Microsoft can get a movement. Lucky to replace him wanting to I guess they can't argue that. Up. And that intimidating it's so crowded already is you now that I think did. I offer some things that the rest field doesn't. And even though there's a lot already. I have a job to do I think. You know my legislature's cut over had to get Medicaid expansion reauthorize against good progressed things done itself denotes a crowded field that there's plenty of room for a guy from Montana because I do believe bring different things. What exactly what's. Pitch your 32 pitch tapping their sects well. First looked we've got to beat Donald Trump but we've also got to get the economy work and lucas' work for folks the only person in the field. One in trump should I get reelected to go sixteen years on the ballot it. One but warming one by 425 to 30% among voters also voted for Donald Trump. I'm also. One who have few that actually bridge divides and get that got things. So this is the sign in movies. Is he document that actually makes me. An official camp. A nervous this morning. Not really I mean you know what this city this big. This is and that is Johnson but I'm not nervous this morning excited this morning really excited about being able share what we. Done what we can't do it feels. Casual around the table and he that is this how you thought it feel to announce that there is running for president. I don't know I think that's a little bit anti. The whole announcing that the candidates are reminds us and it has anything. It's a mindset then who want to go out there and change the world you are. Many kids so everywhere its not fair shot and I think. Here you have this and we're developing the guidelines that you can't. But smoke and. We'll have to next month really good folks soon. Join on board whose team voters are like a kid we got to make the first decision I wanna make the right message and I think that there's plenty of time it out there. Out of you could hear there but his daughter Caroline was playing some Taylor Swift when we walked and feeling twenty to know. Get it get a hint that there are pretty cute and clearly in the entire family led onboard. We tell you the pretty affable guy he is confidant that he was not. Nerve nest. He's had a lot of success here in Montana a ticking through some key democratic legislative priority is. But still much how does progressives here in big sky country. Mike Mussina significantly more moderates in other parts of the country I think in this really crowded democratic primary he's gonna get tough questions. On issues of gun control climate change and others where we've seen the party moved really parred the last. Mary Alice that was amazing that was the definition of keeping it real so cool so thank you so mindset.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"ABC News joined Gov. Bullock on his morning routine the day he announced his candidacy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63052543","title":"Inside MT Gov. Steve Bullock's home as he launches 2020 presidential campaign","url":"/Politics/video/inside-mt-gov-steve-bullocks-home-launches-2020-63052543"}