Inside Sen. Marco Rubio's Debate Watch Party

ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from Des Moines, Iowa.
11:21 | 01/15/16

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Transcript for Inside Sen. Marco Rubio's Debate Watch Party
ABC's Josh Haskell into Moines Iowa of course the debates taking place in South Carolina but there's plenty Marco Rubio fans here in a movie heater into mowing. Okay. And as you can see behind me. Giant screen in a movie theaters that's where they're going to be watching the debate tonight. To win for to fill up that are really good crowd here volunteers they've actually been making phone calls or some students here from North Carolina have come out for two weeks of volunteer Marco Rubio. Who's currently in third place. Leading up to the Iowa Caucuses were eighteen days it wastes a lot of excitement here his supporters gathering in the morning let's go up and talk to one of those volunteers. From. Any headaches and handing I do. In any tell us what you've been up to I've seen you on the phone. And panic. So you're you're inside a movie theater yes you're here to watch the debate. Which are actually making calls from her second meet shift makeshift desk officer. Can you tell us that bedecked BB gun so far. So far we have a lot of people I still undecided which has been on the anyway. It's like west immediately from the cockpit so that's what we're getting a lot of right now I'm excited I'm not committing Edsel we lose custody and then I wanna be here in two points. What kind of questions are you getting you know are you educating people hey this is why should vote for more go one of those conversations. A lot of fun. Singing just because they're undecided on yeah the other give us any. I'm. I use and saw that way let's. So now I mean they don't really give up a lot but here they're still thinking about it. Salvage and. So everyone knows the way it works here in Iowa is that all people if they tell you they're undecided. You call them again. You continue to call then. And you remind them that the Cox threw me into these days so whether they like it or not they're gonna have to make a decision sooner or later. On its antlers. It. And that's because of adding. This is the first rubio debate watch party you've been to an island isn't the one and there's some pretty cool set up his end of the most popular movie theaters and usually I'm. Actually that's. We'll yeah. And that's a pretty good scene. There's actually there's actually a Marco Rubio who. That was just gone casino here and islanders ads every five seconds on every single station so that it's going on behind me. Com and that's what any was watching. As an interview in her and that's screen you'll be watching the debate and Wellington so. You tell us you're expecting tonight from your community. Another top comments please tell us and others you now have an excuse he's. If things come into talking AV digital. Cable and we'll let you get back to make its. That's in its list right there and DC right now just dialing another number. So it's extra costs Haskell here inflicts brew house where rubio supporters in Iowa or gathering ahead of the debate also making some phone calls and want to introduce you to someone I was speaking cute Chandler and through North Carolina. And Chandler you're out here tells kind of what you're doing for senator rubio and Iowa. Yes well we interest rates going on university in name of them were flat here and experience cocktails. And so reductions or candidate six just rubio it's more than any other candidate. And so lately even phone call in a knock on doors trying to rally support senator. So are you guys voting and caucusing here this year additions to work where hazardous sport. And I'm finding a lot of different people. Who support these kids throughout the country coming in from other states that what's it like to be in Iowa in the middle we've certainly got an election we've had so much fun you're worried because it's a little ordering her Carolina but its finger in the human race island's sunrise so friendly and really positive about it's kind. And now you guys are in the front row. Conflicts just sentiments. It's great. Cory Gardner who showed up as surrogate. Her. While rubio Centre court order from Colorado he's one of the guest tonight at his watch parties. Introducing himself yeah. I think we're gonna have yeah. Wanted to ask you know questions what do you like about Martin kills someone who's renewed I would your. Employs young energetic and very charismatic and I think it is a great job killing two young daughters and I think it's best if Hillary and the general us. Pretty good answers right there. So much tailored for talking us and Britain. Yeah. Yeah I've seen. Hi guys doing Tuesday and it excited the market he's into well tonight. Yeah it was what are your expectations. It's yeah. Carnage and coordinate carnage and proceeded rising up as articulate as he always is. And sing and doing things and I'm so proud and so although he need beaten at the center of some attacks tonight from Ted crews have. From Jeb Bush how do you think the responded so I think it's an armistice I think the amazing thing about him is Howard Hughes has the perfect answer. I didn't here. And agreed. And he spins out so I'm. Just. Two I C a mostly destroyed peace deal there that is. All right here yeah yes this is pretty cool set up you have your own little desk some people are making phone calls. Other guys like you are reading Keith ideas hostility that you and only. The company doesn't pan. Do you. Environment house. What do you tell us your name convoy and Don I take it that you live in Iowa you're voting in the caucuses are registered him. And so what is it about senator reveal the kind of guy you so excited about the direction of the news. He's you'd think he's got for these different charges he stands up when it leads him and he didn't have experience particularly. Given argues. I mean he needs something now and not music people you. We also will be even. Dixon watchdog. Owners bring in senator Cory Gardner you do very differ Marco Rubio do really well we're alive and earnings did an excellent excellent too little. For today. Parties and I noted Microsoft an idol and I'll tell us why are currently expect out of the center tonight I'm here because the greatest thing Marco Rubio could do for this country. We've become president of the United States he's right on the issues he's right on the economy some he understands the everyday Americans issues. Whether that's the child is they have paying for. College whether that's towns they have turned against me home he's the guy who can take us into the new century the next generation sees the generational choice. And I'm excited to have him to be here. That happened as an expert at six you've heard a movie theater tonight joined by other repeal supporters in Iowa finance food so you feel like I'm I'm looking forward to a you know it's it'll snow on the ground feels like Colorado's rape. Tell us what what else you'll be up to while your child. Besides what's the today well congressman known and I for snow from South Dakota and I are gonna we came into congress the other two dozen ten. It really kind of that that generation that. That we're excited about revealed over Ireland next couple of days who have with Marcos who in some evidence that. Sometimes exact built make it wheel over to sharing the news in the campaign and the promise. Welcome your references. And let's talk to be yeah in past debates mark reveals kind of in the center of many attacks from tech three's from Jeb Bush. From some the other candidates on that stage wouldn't expect tonight from. And as we get closer the Iowa caucus rooms ETDs out how important it is for your community have to look at its network performance this is somebody who understands. Like it's that the issues facing the American people and tonight he's gonna share the optimistic message he would with with the American people once again. And Colorado beyond what we're looking forward I think the American people or somebody who understands. Something is always looking up and over. Colorado leads they upward over the Rockies announced next horizon and that that's. He's going to do tonight Cheryl why is still optimistic about our yeah and what you can do with his economic plan his tax plans national security plans to make this country. And ABC's Josh Haskell lives here you can stay regulatory it's that. Let's show everyone the this marine did three shows on right now on fox it. In court when I ask you one more question about the way that this witness stand right now on court Marco Rubio is in third place in Iowa polling around 1213%. Which is pretty solid ahead of Ben Carson but obviously so much change in January 19 days out. What do you think you can give your surrogate and what does the senator have to use to really kind of cement. Giguere. Third second or maybe even first place finish near an island is that possible with me finish in Iowa. Let's got to he's got to connect with the people of Iowa he's got to share. His messages plant and I think he's gonna do their licks that several days this is the time in the campaign work. Things don't change by the week the change by the hour and an exit it's an exciting that you really feel on the ground right here is that the all the people here tonight all the excitement they have this is how it's going to get done and how he comes in wins. The presence the United States so you're sensing that excitement from high winds and talking to Ian Gordon absolutely and I've. That was and it's often used to be blog outside and and that brew house tonight and just say what's going on in there and I Saddam we're here from our group goes public and I love it so they were you planning out of there goes up against. Great and one at twenty somewhat and trying to lose money on ABC Diego thank you would join the debate do. Before we sign off here sort of kind of show you know what it's like inside out or to kind of the usual word of movie here this gentleman. Passes popcorn ready. And it looks like it here. Are you guys happen when would you expect tonight. Good question. And logical questions. In depth answers. Everybody Republican side stop. Apple is many people scene sports better get your popcorn ready will you got a full. That's right there and it's good it's got a lot of luck but you're not here for movie you're hear her real today. And this is up for the presidency of the United States high stakes don't think. I think it's higher every day. Right now things just aren't quite because Jack wish for who's the chairman and Iowa with Marco Rubio campaign is introducing senator Cory Cory Gardner is now speaking to. The right behind me so workers. Enjoy every one to let it into tonight in Saint John movie theaters here at the screen behind these stately BC digital. For more updates and she's Josh Haskell into.

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