Inside Texas Southern University's debate watch party

Students share which Democratic candidates have stood out to them halfway through the debate.
2:43 | 09/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Texas Southern University's debate watch party
Back to Houston on Devin Dwyer were behind the scenes here at the democratic debate at Texas southern university and here. But former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel chief of staff to President Obama so he knows Joseph Biden very well give you say you're reading is his performance of farm. I think he has to buy and brought energy that was his first I think Hurley at a clear he brought passion to this effort now also let it run a nicer and more. It was a jester to battle with the way he handled obviously would happen El Paso. So on that level the exit gate and I also think he is a very Smart and health care he meet Bernie is oil. Not Elizabeth form which is Smart. In that effort. That tent also got to say this about Amy. Come along and battle all had their moments I I think the person that got. Hurt so far. Is Castro he looked being looked. Heady some people were saying on Twitter we're we might see there's let out still not halfway through this debate so long way to go want to thank you so much. Offer that lets chicken with some folks here at Texas Southern University who are watching this just steps from where we are hearing campus that's were. But Pucillo idea is with our affiliate KTR case she's there with the students they Perugia what's but they rationed so hard. Or. Well Devin we are seeing a lot of excitement a lot of cheers out here actually almost 101000. Students. Registered to being right here at PSU's official news debate watching party I would say the biggest cheers we've seen. Would be any time any one of the candidates have brought up this. Historically black and and colleges and universities have also seen standing ovation. Confirmed many of its kinds that as candidates have brought out former president Barack Obama. When you go real quickly do a couple of students play gets hot and which candidates have impressed you the most tonight. Our attorneys in ace of commons this is okay supposedly we're Medicare fraud alleges that is that absent a sore and what about health I have to evenings and is I definitely believe Edison and causes to have access to. Yeah reliable and brutally he's 88 Q so much and schools and classes were actually canceled today again a lot of excitement. And a lot of pride in being right here at CNN yelling Maxine Devens. All right futility with our affiliate king TRK there with the students here at Texas senate at Southern University the first. Historically black college in university to host one of these debates a lot of excitement here we've seen clashes on health care immigration. Racism I and they are at the end. And did the president's legacy of vice president's legacy rhetoric President Obama much more ahead here in Texas stay with us. Hi an ABC news live our poll full political team will be standing by after the debate. We'll send you back now to the debate hall debate continues here. Right now.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Students share which Democratic candidates have stood out to them halfway through the debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65582285","title":"Inside Texas Southern University's debate watch party","url":"/Politics/video/inside-texas-southern-universitys-debate-watch-party-65582285"}