Iraqi-American Talks Immigration Reform and Prospective Attorney General Jeff Sessions

ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to an attendee at the confirmation hearing for Sen. Sessions.
5:10 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iraqi-American Talks Immigration Reform and Prospective Attorney General Jeff Sessions
This is not sir Elsa dune and we were talking inside still break going on inside the here. Now she's been here all morning you or a refugee who came to United States currently living in Virginia where your from Iraq. Tell us a little bit about what brought you here today in what you've heard so far. Well. I'm Matthew. 2000 eighths. And there as if he she after the 2003. Europe or so left they are with the commonly. Hoping that to find a place ask you for finally. So I US was my favorite 13 came here and today and we found this Q and education. And do I found that thin at any refugees should give protective for the community. That easily can just dead ability and you were but I sides looking pirates. And then with my conditions. Are subject to working with the agents messengers as a professor. And Dow will give out more those for that and would most fun all of TDs and also tell. Tells people that have he can be pat pat productive citizens think can't be more protective I'm here accuse have put all the Fiji's. That the claiming that they have the right to view and peaceful way and they are human like others and they have credentials that they can supply their communities. With the withhold official locals and things. If senator Jeff Sessions were to be confirmed as attorney general to believe that your right is a refugee in use at the you're you're representing all refugees. Are you worried about what policies he may implement to affect you. Yet to be honest here as it five refugee community. Do we are. Happening Hudson about his views about refugees and housing in chains. It's of the country. And what are their backgrounds. Are. And religious. Things like all that I mean people they have to be on that only Fiji's. I being checked and he had a lot of today and through the years but personally I was seeking back security back on two years. My phone only five years so all of these. Definitely. Would give. And vision that they would be screened. Be chant and everything. But win. Announced that it should sessions will add more things more restrictions now will definitely. Scared us as a refugees and immigrants. So you're worried that another refugee and I just want to show everyone your sticker it's as refugees welcome you're worried that someone else. Coming in would not have the same opportunity that you had in 2000 authors. I'm I had a lot of people on waiting that opportunity that I god. Two inches immunity to hill. And most of them as he did here people. And they say put that communities. We we were charged in Harrisonburg we that with a lot of people's faith in action. And makes through. And allegations of changes the world character had to have. Harrisonburg friendly city with Al will concede content with comes city. Means the we have finally communities he was supporting refugees some fluid that. Other refugees they will miss this opportunity to look and peaceful. What if you heard from senator sessions so far today. On the topic that matters most to you are you comforted his it needs you more concern have you gotten any answers at all. I hike in mind I try to meet convinced myself but with that the lessons of this -- cemeteries. That that that parents is that he gave senator sessions. I'm weren't pump and more and more convinced that matters. I am. It's. I'm hoping I'm hoping something I mean. And it will be better but engine I mean they'll be definitely lawmakers that they can help us. In future and it is support their case. It's unlikely that you'll have the opportunity to meet with senator sessions. Or ask him a question today. But what would you like him to know. Your reason for being in the audience. Well I just want to let him now that says we deserve to live in a peaceful life. We are here. Q benefits than that that the nation in the nation here we we are we are seeking freedom here. And justice. US is the pioneer home. Freedom and and humanity. Supply but what why. Why why did this year we view. It's fox twenty minute can she use these opportunities. And we are human and like you and we have kids like you. Believed commonly accuse. And really we decision life. And like this it's. Thanks for the time I appreciate it we'll let you get back into the hearing think you.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to an attendee at the confirmation hearing for Sen. Sessions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44685899","title":"Iraqi-American Talks Immigration Reform and Prospective Attorney General Jeff Sessions","url":"/Politics/video/iraqi-american-talks-immigration-reform-prospective-attorney-general-44685899"}