Is the US Considering Cutting Off Aid to Egypt?

White House says it would "not be in the best interests of the US" to change aid to Egypt.
3:00 | 07/08/13

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Transcript for Is the US Considering Cutting Off Aid to Egypt?
Just just be clear is the administration. Actively considering cutting off aid to Egypt. What I would say John is that we are. Monitoring the situation in Egypt we aren't taking the time necessary to make the determination about what happened and what to. Label it if you will and we will work with congress on. That and on the issue further assistance I would point out simply that our relationship with Egypt is not. Limited to -- defined solely by the assistance that we provide to Egypt. It is broader and deeper than that and it is bound up in America's support for. The aspirations of the Egyptian people for. Democracy for a better economic and political future. And and we support that we support that process so our decisions with regards to the events that have happened recently -- it will be and how we. Label them and analyze them will be made with our policy objectives in mind. In accordance with the law and in accordance with any consultation with congress who's asking various -- I think you answered and there but we just beat me correct. One point five billion dollars in aid to Egypt is one of the things under active consideration cutting off that -- I think it would not be in the best interest of the United States. To. Immediately change. Our assistance programs to Egypt we think. I just we think it would not be in the best interest the United States to do that we are reviewing our obligations under the law. And we will be consulting with congress about the way forward with regards to specifically the assistance package that we provide. -- no immediate. We -- that would not be in our best interest and you said and was said in the statement. Over the weekend. Desire to return to -- democratically elected government that is a democratically elected government. The White House is not calling for the return of the democratically elected. Government can't force. We are calling for a return to democratic governments governments democratically elected government. It is for the addition Egyptian people to decide who their leaders are we have the president has expressed his deep concern about. The actions of the Egyptian military and removing president -- she from now. -- we are mindful as I -- -- that talk about the polarization in Egypt and the views of millions of egyptians about the undemocratic governance. -- the more -- government. And their demands for a new government so and and again I'm trying to be candid here about you'll you'll you'll get no argument from me if you. Go on the air and say that this is -- highly complicated situation. -- Requires. -- very careful monitoring and engagement and and that we do not we want to take action that. And make decisions that helps. Egypt move forward in this process. And it helps Egypt. Reconcile and egyptians reconcile. As they move forward towards democratic. Governments in the future what is deeply. Concerned as you are about how more she was removed you're not calling for him to be reinstated anyway -- -- calling for a return to democratic. Governance not to a democratically elected. Government.

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{"id":19608987,"title":"Is the US Considering Cutting Off Aid to Egypt?","duration":"3:00","description":"White House says it would \"not be in the best interests of the US\" to change aid to Egypt.","url":"/Politics/video/is-us-cutting-off-aid-egypt-19608987","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}