Ivanka Trump defends use of personal email

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the president's daughter and top White House adviser says there's 'no equivalency' to Hillary Clinton's personal email use.
2:54 | 11/28/18

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Transcript for Ivanka Trump defends use of personal email
I have to ask you about your. Your father had taken Hillary Clinton to task for this so how did you wind up in a similar situation. There really is no equivalency. All of my payments at the leak any form of government mark which is mainly scheduling images tanks and and managing the fact that I have a home life and work life. Are all part of the public record are all stored on the White House list them everything's been preserved everything's been archive. Their chests is no equivalency between these things could tell she is the same. People who want to see it as a scams it is this thing. And it fact is that we all have privately Knauss and personally amounts to coordinate with our camera and we don't receive contents to those amounts. And there's no prohibition from using private he now as long as it's our hot. As long as there's nothing in it that's class. So. Myself. Or any sending myself. DLs photos personal schedules second reconcile with my three children and my home and my personal schedule there. Or a friend of mine emailing a suggestion. That may have. A political implications and I would than just forward it. My work account. That is the protocol that's which are supposed to do. So all of tiny amounts are stored underserved so there really is chest there were no deletions. Or is known attempt tying. There Ayers. No equivalence need to do what my father spoke up. But Europe father hammered Hillary Clinton on this said that it was criminal she should be locked up. How was it wrong occur enough for you. Well there is classified information. She had served and sat out with the intent. To keep those emails outside an assist them. That had been organized attackers in my case all of my emails are on the White House harbor there's no intent to circumvent. Hands. There amass the actions after subpoena was actually. My name also not been. Nor was there any thing. Of substance. Nothing confidential there was an. So they're. There's just there's no connection between two things but again I'll go back to the point that. There is no restriction of using personal he non pac are instructed. That if we receive an email to our personal account. That could relate to government more you simply just fla tier government accounts or can be archive. So there's no prohibition against Adams it's classified to the idea lock her up doesn't apply to you.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the president's daughter and top White House adviser says there's 'no equivalency' to Hillary Clinton's personal email use.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59456754","title":"Ivanka Trump defends use of personal email","url":"/Politics/video/ivanka-trump-defends-personal-email-59456754"}