Jack Abramoff Endorses Rick Klein for President!

3:00 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Jack Abramoff Endorses Rick Klein for President!
Well I don't -- you realize this Jack but today's a big day -- top line this is actually records were. It is indeed and I think that's not going Gordon -- zone Hannibal Lecter who want. And Ann and came quick break and we have something here we -- well we -- this medical top one I mean what we take this seriously. On Rick we we've we've got you some awesome -- thank you I hope you enjoy this and I understand you're now. How old I'm old enough to run for president as of this -- he's thirty fighters and I actually had a suggestion. Which is a now that you all are old enough Toronto we can see this year but cline 22 little Luzader your first -- person -- yourself -- always. This is part of the top like a pretty parent aren't so it. Jacqui what do what do you think could give you see yourself endorsing Hillary Clinton -- an endorsement for president thereby killing his candidate. Heads the candidacy right there John Cornyn been helpful as always -- this is impressive. All right well. Thank you I appreciate everybody that you cannot donate to online today my favorite charities enough cash thanks so much stack -- Vermont thanks pleasure having you here and put a conflict reclined -- an accomplice John fraud since the buzz -- just delusions --

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