Jake Tapper's 'View' on 'American Valor' in Afghanistan

ABC News correspondent discusses his book, "The Outpost."
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Transcript for Jake Tapper's 'View' on 'American Valor' in Afghanistan
War in Afghanistan in Washington DC Jake Tapper spent a year on the road with President Obama while he was locked in his intense battle for four more years in the White House please welcome ABC news senior White House correspondent and author of the new book outposts and untold story of American -- Jake Tapper. Yeah okay. This -- now. Even talking all morning about General Petraeus in this affair with Paula -- well and everybody has a lot of questions so you work in Washington new interview a lot of people. What do you think about this and secondly what are the ramifications. Of this. Well first of all I think it's clear. That the advice an old friend of mine gave me a long time ago before I even met my wife. It holds true which is don't put yourself in a situation. Where something like that -- -- don't. -- meet this woman. Is a good idea I'll bring this woman with me to Afghanistan for two -- I don't think he's got a career. He's done so many things Newt Gingrich was saying you know about the -- I mean we attribute a -- to General Petraeus. What are the ramifications of of the doing this is his legacy just gone I wouldn't say it's gone but it certainly tarnishes his legacy and what's amazing from a military perspective is a few years ago -- released to. Super generals McChrystal and and Petraeus. And now they're both fall one. And what McChrystal did was all he did was bad mouth the president and his administration in an interview this is saying is bad judgment she never should have brought -- chaos it now -- we're. With the you know what is happening. Thing with these men. And the emails they think not only am I gonna do -- which is a horrible and immoral thing you do. I'm gonna leave -- -- -- historical record of slots need to be preserved for future generations during -- -- Any -- he spent the past you're traveling with president had -- you know and away embedded with his entire life campaign at -- and as I would if it were today. Not coming -- the last segment of the there are numerous records -- -- energy. Do you. Ultimately I think the difficult injury mean I'm -- throughout something like that -- -- -- your feelings about the man who was our president. -- -- -- The thing is Elizabeth aren't paid. To be a pain in the butt to these guys I'm not paid to be their friend I'm -- to ask -- tough questions. To respect them whether it's Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan -- Joseph Biden or Barack Obama to respect them and -- collegial but I'm I'm there to task on tough -- so. I try not to have personal feelings about these guys and that's actually a very big source of frustration with members of my family who have different opinions on. No -- suffering from campaign fatigue a little little of this country and yeah. All right here -- this shows on Monday at Sunday morning shows that Cedras was gonna run in 2016. And I was really excited for little I am a little bit excited because I I'm -- Hillary -- throw -- -- into the into the -- All wake up Barack Obama yeah. The threat yeah. You really know I don't know I do know that close Hillary advisory spoke with said that 2016. Just because will be coming after off of eight years of have a democratic president this is before Obama is reelected said this. That'll be a tough year for Democrats so that was before the polls cannot receive what rallying cry about the. We want to raunchy as such is not gonna finally got four million -- talk about you and Afghanistan because. It's been very little written about Afghanistan this long war and it's funny -- and yes. Yes I -- -- you'll still be special operations there yeah I'm -- but you have written about one of the deadliest battles that took place. Between not troops and the Taliban. And -- -- new book is called the outpost an untold story of American -- so little has been written about Afghanistan tell us about the look this is fifth. Surrounded by Taliban fourteen miles from the Pakistan border and I heard about this story. The day after my son was born it was on the TV. -- and the haze of my wife's recovery room -- heard the story and it became a mystery I wanted to know why would anybody put camps there. And then the more I found out about it anymore -- found out about the man who served valiantly. At that outpost and then I got a book contract other soldiers reached out to me they wanted their stories told through their wide stories told -- when it became. Just these unbelievable. Tales that these people told -- her own true you know -- I'm -- I just. I do think in sent to so many of them in his cell work and -- on behalf of the military families. They really value what you've done look at you look at Daniel Rodriguez to storing your booking Chris -- -- I'm captain. Gay people have the remarkable stories and you -- them in your writing I think it's an honor to -- -- I feel like they they feel appreciative that people are paying attention and that their stories are being told and really. The honor was mine because they're stories are credible. And you got an honor from them. They get in what was an onside in his say about us and very comfortable because I just the exit a book I'll launch we -- the other day and a bunch of the troops came in addition to a bunch of Washington reporters. And they presented me with some one of the flags that was left. -- --

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{"id":17701866,"title":"Jake Tapper's 'View' on 'American Valor' in Afghanistan","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News correspondent discusses his book, \"The Outpost.\"","url":"/Politics/video/jake-tappers-view-american-valor-afghanistan-17701866","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}