Jared Kushner introduces new immigration proposal

he proposal will address aspects about immigration other than the wall.
6:06 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for Jared Kushner introduces new immigration proposal
Let's go to the White House where are Jordan Phelps has been doing some reporting. On that Jordan how let's break down what the White House is preparing to release a lot of people may not have been paying attention to this. But they have been putting together a plan led by the president's son in law that will address aspects of the immigration system aside from the wall right. Right seven important to keep in mind this is not about that sticky issue of illegal immigration I'm more hot button issue this is all dealing with. A legal immigration but nonetheless that is an issue that remains one of the president's top priorities and it has been at a standstill. So here are some of the things we're just getting a first glimpse of what this plan. I would look to do you. I it looks to keep legal immigration at the current level so no changes they are about what is key here is it's looking. To shift our system of immigration away from. Sort this family based system to more. Merit based as a means to attract kind of high skilled workers and bring them Ted the United States over low lower skilled workers. I and it also look to increase. Border security through implementing new technologies and simplifying the V says system. I DeVon mrs. at this were an issue that the president has turns to his son in law. To you kind of shepherd now because it has been fact he turns on and off a lot of cases like that thing Jared Kushner actually gave him rare public remarks office. A couple weeks ago kind of revealing what he's looking to do here let's take less and. For putting together very detailed proposals were also working on a guest worker peace it's important for agriculture a lot of seasonal. Work in and my hope is that we can really be something that. Unified people around what we're for immigration and immigration iPad campus Stephen Miller and Kevin passive Reza CA involved in. And I think they both agree with with what this is massive I can get Steve Miller and Kevin passage to grin and immigration plan the Middle East peace will Pia. We'll be easy by comparison so. But I think it's very very good and makes sense and and we have a lot of data to back it up. So the administration is try to make progress on this before they're giving it a second go here. But DeVon reality check this isn't likely to go anywhere anytime semen on Capitol Hill Democrats obviously. Are quite suspicious of working with this administration on immigration issues and even members of the president's own party aren't exactly lining up to take. Yeah especially in an election year Jordan one thing the plan doesn't address obviously is the situation of dreamers are those gas workers but certainly. It into steam proposal on the table wondering if somebody. Who's been part of some of these conversations as Steve Cohen joins us now. From Washington here's Steve is the founder of ideal immigration designed to enhance American lives at advocate. For immigration and citizenship also. Someone who supports merit based immigration steeper to see you what do you make of this proposal that is starting to trickle out. Are from the White House is this something that that you would support. But I think it's a good first step I was a member of that groups that spoke to Jared Kushner and his team about this proposal and yeah I think there are extremes. Views on an immigration there are some extremes that would have us remove all eleven million people who were inducted from this country. There are other extreme that would have open borders. I think what Jerry and his team are doing is trying to find a middle path and I think there is a middle pap that's more rational and more positive for America. The best way frankly to reduce illegal immigration this country is to increase legal immigration and now is a great time to do that. We have three point 7% unemployment we have more job listings than people who are seeking jobs. This is a great time that we should be thinking about ways to increase legal immigration but do it any rational way. And I think the consensus among economists about the idea of having a higher ink and hire illegal immigration number. That that would be good for the US economy is probably as strong as the consensus on climate change among scientists on climate. Catch yet with a note that Applera rates so low that a lot of employers particular wolf's co workers have not tough time filling those jobs Steve potentially what did you what did you find bill among White House staff when you were in bring us inside the room there. We know officials like Stephen Miller the president. He himself does not want to raise the cap at all since the country is full. But did you get the sense that that Kushner believes in increasing legal immigration that's something that they're there could be any light at daylight on there but it. I think he'll listen very carefully to live the nuanced answer that the Jerry gave in that time interview be played earlier. So that we should keep legal immigration the same break but also including guest worker program. Mets certainly important if you go to any agricultural community do any rural part of our country. There will tell you that it we workers are absolutely essential and that that they're in desperate need of them so I think. Jarrett is doing his best to come up with the aid proposal that is moving the ball forward on this movie discussion forward. I think it'd still be difficult in this closed environment to get anything done and immigration but I think the discussion is moving forward on an idea that. There has to be ways that people can come here. Who are working who are paying taxes who are following our laws. Giving them a chance to both come here and ultimately I think the discussion will come to having them having earned path. Two permanent residence I think that might be a difficult path and a long path but I think that discussion has also been percolating in Washington. Important insights Steve Cohen founder of ideal immigration advocacy group Steve has been in the room at the YST thanks so much for coming in I appreciate that senior and hearing from you in Quinn. One interest ending it all this that we just heard is nothing is on the table to address that humanitarian crisis at the border sweeps in from the sports right and these are almost separate issues they're so different because. The proposals we've heard from the White House and Jared coasters plan. I did do not grid there's no mention of it increasing processing times of improving detention center conditions for migrants that are coming across or further enabling CBP and asylum officers to. To do a better job at handling the inflow. And in those concerns are met then there's the there's really no end in sight if congress doesn't take any action Bruno and thanks so much for that much more reporting from you and abcnews.com.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"he proposal will address aspects about immigration other than the wall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62916263","title":"Jared Kushner introduces new immigration proposal","url":"/Politics/video/jared-kushner-introduces-immigration-proposal-62916263"}