Jay Carney Asked if Obama Considered Canceling Syria Address

ABC News' Jon Karl asks if the president considered delaying address amid diplomatic developments.
4:47 | 09/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jay Carney Asked if Obama Considered Canceling Syria Address
-- the president considered all kids ones we know. The original test on Friday it was to make case for military action. Make the case for congress pass. This resolution would -- Clearly -- No no consideration whatsoever. -- I would be intimately involved in that consideration and it did not take place and and the reason for that is that it is still very important. For. The president to speak to the American people about. What he -- to be. Necessary. In response to this appalling attack by the Syrian regime against its own people. And to put forward to the American people. The context of this discussion. From his point of view. As commander in chief and president. And to explain also the now potential diplomatic. Avenue that has been opened. That could. Allow us to resolve this. Without resorting to military force so absolutely the president -- we never considered canceling the president believed it was a useful thing to do that to have this. Opportunity to speak to the American people and it you know this is something else you know it -- -- -- the days when. Even a speech like that is seen by. The vast majority of Americans and we will continue to. Have this discussion. As we have over the last several days the president has through interviews. In the days. Ahead and try to -- correct answer. Clearly. A threat forces you've said over and over again helps the diplomacy -- why didn't Michael. So if you could have gotten that congress hopes that diplomacy you asked for the president asked for -- -- -- that book because he didn't have. Books the president asks for delay -- that though because we are engaged in diplomatic. Is for an -- that diplomatic avenue and members of congress are interested also in exploring that. Diplomatic avenues you've seen in some of the actions that they've taken with regards potential resolutions. President thought that was an appropriate thing to do. What. Remains true is that it. The credible threat of US military action is on the tape. And it is because that threat is on the table that we have seen. The kind of about face from the Syrians. That we see in these last several days and we've seen the constructive. Approach -- the Russians have. Taken in the last several days. And that remains an and the president make clear last night that his military remains. On the same status that it was and remains ready to implement. An operation if necessary and Diane Feinstein -- that she believes. Really wants to stick to the White House the White House have a similar confidence. That Vladimir Putin is acting in good faith. What the president said in one of his interviews is that we should approach this in the way that Ronald Reagan. A memorably did win. He was dealing with his counterparts and that is to trust but verify. It is simply the case that Russia has not been constructive or helpful. On this matter for the last two years there is an opportunity here. And it and they have -- -- out pretty specifically. For Russia to be helpful. Two. Health create a scenario where we could secure us -- chemical weapons. Place him under international control. And ultimately. Destroy them so they can never be used again. And and so I think that that you know we're. It is absolutely the right thing to do in the responsible thing to do to exploit this potential avenue. We of course remain. Skeptical. Any commitments that Syria. Is making. They -- regime has not shown itself particularly consistent in keeping its commitments. But it is absolutely the right thing to do to explore this possibility and news one out. Question should this agreement also includes a -- turning over his biological. -- -- -- -- -- Defer that to. The experts who are negotiating this. Perhaps state farm -- -- team that's going with secretary -- You know. What is obviously directly concern here was the use of chemical weapons by his side regime but I think that's. A question that's worth following up --

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{"id":20226503,"title":"Jay Carney Asked if Obama Considered Canceling Syria Address","duration":"4:47","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl asks if the president considered delaying address amid diplomatic developments.","url":"/Politics/video/jay-carney-asked-obama-considered-canceling-syria-address-20226503","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}