Jeb Bush 'Worried' GOP Candidates Are 'Turning Off' Independents

The former Fla. governor said independents are key to 'a winning coalition.'
0:34 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Jeb Bush 'Worried' GOP Candidates Are 'Turning Off' Independents
The process is -- and uphold those pivotal moment in. Any of these candidates know that once the process our process is complete they're going up against 700000800. Million dollars. Negative attack machine so. Miners will be prepared for it by going through this process. Like I I think though it's important. For the candidates. To recognize -- that they have to appeal to primary voters do not turn off. Independent voters that will be part of a winning pollution so you'll sometimes I -- worry more about that not necessarily about the competitive nature of the primary. You seem troubled by it. -- running your answers today about just the direction that some of the campaigns. -- on and on education policy -- I'd like to hear more about how important it is. That we to create high growth economy where there's more prosperity and -- job creation that we transform our education system. And what general the questions are -- think the federal role this and you know -- -- that that's fine but that's not a policy. The policy would be happy transform the education system and -- perhaps a general election conversation immigration as well immigration is another issue where. If we. If you really want to grow at 4% per year for example for ten years. That would eliminate a lot of this arguing about. Income disparity. We're gonna have to create -- immigration strategy -- -- an inspiring people you know. College graduates -- -- -- universities don't have to go home they can stay here. Hard working people that -- -- make a contribution ought to be able to the -- many young people to come to our country. To merge with our own people to create more -- America I think that is a positive conservative. Pro growth. Paulson. It's hard to do that in a time when people are very angry about the lack of control of -- border.

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{"duration":"0:34","description":"The former Fla. governor said independents are key to 'a winning coalition.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15785626","title":"Jeb Bush 'Worried' GOP Candidates Are 'Turning Off' Independents","url":"/Politics/video/jeb-bush-worried-candidates-losing-independents-15785626"}