New Jersey lawmakers approve 6 gun safety bills

The state Assembly passed the bills and the Senate will now vote on the measures.
2:17 | 03/26/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Jersey lawmakers approve 6 gun safety bills
The new Jersey state assembly approved a series of what it is calling common sense gun safety lost. The package includes six bills and comes nearly six weeks after the Florida school shooting massacre today's vote brought. Hundreds of gun rights protesters to the nearby Trenton war memorial. Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charles we'll live in Trenton with both sides of the story Michelle. Well these bill six of them passed right through the new Jersey state assembly there were expected to now they will move on. Choosing New Jersey State Senate they're expected to move through there and then go to governor Murphy's desk he has promised to sign them. But tell you about a guns rights rally. At the war memorial we were out just a few hours ago in Trenton here. This was to protest the package of six gun control bills that. Passed the assembly this afternoon at the O came to fight additional gun control in New Jersey. Came from all over the state some of them are parents moms some tell me they do not even own a gun but so far. The bills seem to be headed to governor Murphy's desk where he is promised to sign them once passed through the New Jersey State Senate that's expected to happen. What are they do number one reduce magazine capacity to ten rounds. Ban armor piercing bullets. Another makes it tougher to carry a handgun in New Jersey and to make it tougher for people with mental challenges to have a gun. I'm a mom and I'm and aren't mom and I'm against violence tip. We mourn when children are slaughtered in schools you know I'm mad men but. Changing the laws and making a law abiding criminals do nothing to stop crime. Limiting the capacity to ten rounds and forcing that individual to reload it allows good samaritans like football coach and in part Glen stepped forward. The work for law enforcement to intercede and stop further violence. Scores are the assembly majority leader he sponsored a few of those bills new Jersey's state gun laws are actually. Some of the strongest and the toughest in the entire. A country. Bump stops were made illegal last session and assault weapons. Have been banned in new egg assault guns have been banned in New Jersey the six bills continue on to New Jersey State Senate are expected to pass their. And go to governor Murphy says he promises to sign them we're live in Trenton Michelle Charles Werth channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":54025012,"title":"New Jersey lawmakers approve 6 gun safety bills","duration":"2:17","description":"The state Assembly passed the bills and the Senate will now vote on the measures.","url":"/Politics/video/jersey-lawmakers-approve-gun-safety-bills-54025012","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}