Jindal vs. Malloy: The Kumbaya moment of governors that turned into a partisan fight

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal and Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy fight for the microphone at the White House.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Transcript for Jindal vs. Malloy: The Kumbaya moment of governors that turned into a partisan fight
On the state of the -- the president talked about using his -- and also -- said in subsequent speech about using his phone. To take executive actions in the bypass congress and certainly I made a few suggestions today I've got additional suggestions on how like -- -- that. If you're serious -- on the economy Keystone Pipeline certainly want increasing. Drilling and leasing activity on federal lands is another -- things you can do on educational choice. The reality is the presence got a choice -- I worry about I heard a question over here about whether you mention the minimum wage yes he did mention the minimum wage repeatedly to -- what I worry about is that. This president the White House seems to waving the white flag surrender after five more than five years now under this administration. -- -- economy Bob Connie is now the minimum wage economy. I think we can do better than that I think America can be better than that and so I think there are things he can do through executive action the Keystone Pipeline just one example. I think there's several other things he can do we I asked him specifically about. Reining in excessive regulations especially from the EPA. Maybe adopting a regulatory budget before they adopt new costly regulations there repeal outdated -- regulations -- I think there are things we can do a instead of waving the white flag of surrender instead of declaring. This economy to be a minimum wage economy I think our economy I think America can do better. That I just. Everyone -- second until -- a few moments ago we were I've been going down a pretty. Cooperative. Road. So so let me just say this that that we don't all agree. That moving Canadian oil through the -- to -- the United States is necessarily the best thing for the United States economy that's not to say that we don't want to. Make sure that we're maximizing our access to American gas -- American oil so there are clearly differences here quite frankly. And many states you know we don't get revenue. From those oil stops as or gas doubts as well so -- let's be clear that there are differences here and you just heard what I think ended up being probably the most by the post partisan statement that we -- All all weekend. So let's be very clear there -- many people like myself was aboard a minimum wage and an increase that minimum wage we get it once and our state already this year 45 cents. We have we have a plan to get to ten dollars and ten cents I don't know what the -- was. A reference to white flag when it comes -- People making 404. Dollars we've -- that's the most insane statement I've ever heard I think so let's let's be very let's be very clear. That we've had a great meeting and we didn't go down that road and I just started again and we didn't start thank you. I think -- thirty seconds I don't. What I like I'd like to respond just just quickly. If that was most Parsons Aggies are all -- -- -- want to make sure that he hears of more Parsons thing which is I think we can also grow the economy more if we delay more of these obamacare mandates but won back to that the essential point that I may. The reality is this if we're serious heart grow -- and we should accept two to 3% economic growth we should accept the labor force participation right. There is the lowest that it has been in 36 years we should accept policies like. The minimum wage which the CBO says will destroy 500000 jobs they just said Obama Carol -- more than two million fewer Americans working. Look this is America can -- better America can absolutely grow our economy we should be waving the white flag when it comes to grow. I do want to say that the present a very gracious in meeting with -- seat he took our questions and it has been. -- -- doesn't mean though the we have to ignore our real substantive philosophical differences we just have a difference of opinion on this -- -- we can grow the economy. We think we can do better than the minimum wage economy -- yeah. I think it I think we should -- governors and other during the NCAA. Your music. That's -- Governor didn't know we're glad -- guy I apologize.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal and Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy fight for the microphone at the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"22654469","title":"Jindal vs. Malloy: The Kumbaya moment of governors that turned into a partisan fight ","url":"/Politics/video/jindal-malloy-kumbaya-moment-governors-turned-partisan-fight-22654469"}