Joe Biden Fires Back at Paul Ryan in Ohio

Vice president says GOP vice presidential candidate "wasn't on the level" about GM plant closures.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Joe Biden Fires Back at Paul Ryan in Ohio
There's a lot they didn't tell you at their convention. Congressman Ryan as -- -- came to congress. Things we're doing just fine balance budgets middle class thriving. What they didn't set the date we got sworn -- We were handed a bill for one trillion dollar deficit for that year for that fiscal year. They -- increased the national debt over five trillion dollars. Didn't tell you about that. And much of what they did you wasn't -- reliable. You heard congressman Ron Weinstein. -- -- earnings -- Blame the closing of a GM plant in his downtown -- -- the present United States. -- let's look at the facts. But want the congress is right about an -- and community. That you plant closed in Delaware. It was devastate. The people in his community but what he didn't value. Is a plant in Janesville actually vote to President Bush was still up. Tell you that. But -- didn't say but for the sacrifices. You all made. And the -- of the present United States although GM plant to be clothes hair all across the country. 200000. Auto workers -- -- an added to the -- cents reorganization. Would not be working women have lost a man. And job. GM wouldn't have been reorganized it would have been -- liquidated along with Chrysler. It is chairman of the board of Ford Motor Co. -- told me said publicly. Without the reorganization plan -- put forward for would have been devastated as well because -- supply chain would have dried up. What they didn't say what they didn't say the convention. Is because the auto rescue there are 4500. -- working -- making it decent wage. -- -- -- adding to shift -- and as -- as been already mentioned announced -- 200 million dollar. Investment here -- -- to. Combined with the auto companies have committed across the country 23. Billion dollars been promised by war. Chrysler and General Motors. In expansion in the next couple years and -- But they didn't tell you is not the pain went. Not in Mexico. Not a giant -- Vietnam but in large town Detroit Toledo.

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{"id":17129069,"title":"Joe Biden Fires Back at Paul Ryan in Ohio","duration":"3:00","description":"Vice president says GOP vice presidential candidate \"wasn't on the level\" about GM plant closures.","url":"/Politics/video/joe-biden-fires-back-at-paul-ryan-in-ohio-17129069","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}