Was Joe Biden 'Rude and Bizarre' in Vice Presidential Debate?

Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., criticizes Ryan's support of Bush's plan to privatize Social Security.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Was Joe Biden 'Rude and Bizarre' in Vice Presidential Debate?
Democratic senator Chris van Holland who helps. Joseph Biden in the debate -- by playing Paul Ryan. So certainly ask -- but the Republican resounding Republican response tonight which was that your guy was quote unquote. Rude and bizarre your response. -- that that's absolutely absurd what what Joseph Biden is is passionate about the middle class he's been fighting for. Middle class families since he grew up in Scranton Pennsylvania. Working class kid and what got exposed tonight was the fact that the Romney Ryan plan I cares about one thing. More tax breaks for very wealthy people. They didn't come clean on the details of their tax plan Paul -- was given time tonight to explain the -- that he said he didn't have enough time the other dated explained. Couldn't get -- -- out of on the one thing they've said is they won't they will not eliminate the one tax preference that helps Mitt Romney pay a lower effective tax rate. Than most other working Americans. It was very clear on social security and Medicare. The vice president reminded the American people that -- and -- both supported. Bush's plan to privatize Social Security he asked America what what happens to those seniors during the economic downturn they would have been devastated. And that's the same kind of plan they're now offering for Medicare. Look this was a very strong night for the vice president very good night for the American people the choice was clear you've got a guy has been fighting for the middle class -- his life. And you got a ticket on the Republican side to discover the expression middle class during the last six months on the campaign trail that was very clear. Is this the Joseph Biden ice on -- practice. That Joseph Biden is Joseph Biden and the key was to make sure that. That passion he has for middle class families for making sure that everybody gets a fair shot. That if we deal with the deficit we gotta do it a balanced way we can't provide another round of tax cuts for very wealthy people. When it mathematically means you're gonna have to slash education funding for our kids you're gonna happen -- -- seniors pay more for Medicare. You'd have to make middle income taxpayers may more so that people like -- they get a tax break. That came a -- -- came across a loud and clear. And you got on the other side got a lot of people like to throw out facts and numbers and -- and they have no idea. The negative impact their policies we'll have a real people and real families and that's what Joseph Biden brought to this -- com. Respect sounded a lot tonight like Joseph Biden was was looking to reassure and re energize the democratic base. You think this is enough to two to reverse the momentum of the last couple weeks or do you think. That was just enough to stop -- bleeding. I'll look I think this was -- a great shot in the arm for. The whole country because I think what it did was lay very clear the choice here. And in very clear -- -- was on their plan to privatize. On Medicare just like they want to privatize Social Security weather was the fact that there their tax plan. -- keeps cuts to mortgage interest deductions and healthcare deductions on the table. But says the one deduction that they will not eliminate is the one that allows Mitt Romney to pay a 15% tax break. And gets a better deal than most other Americans. It was a really clear tonight. It -- -- -- Ryan are only in this for folks like Mitt Romney. And that the president and Joseph Biden are in this for the rest of the country there in this for the vast middle class they're in this for seniors. They're in this for students who want to get ahead and have an opportunity at a real. Shot life. I thought it just -- the issues down. Very clearly. And so I think this should give you know this is a good night for the country because the choice is clear. -- they came in last week trying to hide the ball hide the facts just like he wants to -- ten years of his tax returns. Got a great tax reform plan he says what we don't know if it'll eliminate all the breaks that he took advantage to us for ten years says he wants to hide the ball just like he keeps his money in Swiss bank accounts -- I think this was a really clear. -- -- choices -- very clear tonight and I think it's good night for the American people and was a good night for a champion in the middle class Joseph Biden. Democratic congressman Chris van Holland who helped the debate prep my playing Paul Ryan. Against Joseph Biden thank -- here we appreciate your time.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., criticizes Ryan's support of Bush's plan to privatize Social Security.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17459839","title":"Was Joe Biden 'Rude and Bizarre' in Vice Presidential Debate?","url":"/Politics/video/joe-biden-rude-absurd-vice-presidential-debate-17459839"}