Joe Kennedy III Pays Tribute to 'Uncle Teddy'

Massachusetts congressional candidate talks about Ted Kennedy's career.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Kennedy III Pays Tribute to 'Uncle Teddy'
This is the first inventions since 1956. That we need without Senator Kennedy. But make no mistake. He's here with us this evening. I see him in the passion of our delegates. The character of our candidates. In the causes that unite us. For my uncle -- Politics is always about people. He was from a big fan. And he understood that lives are measured not by -- line items -- a budget. But my first days of school. Last days of summer. -- promotions one and jobs lost. New homes broken hearts baptism -- funerals. And every precious moment in between. I remember campaigning with him once and Texas for then senator Barack Obama. We showed up at a hall when a small border town with only a handful of voters to greet us. He didn't care. They're working folks -- come out to support our candidate. Uncle Teddy got up. Raised his hands and belted out I had at least go no update on his and a strong Boston accent. The crowd went crazy. For the old friend -- song. And a Massachusetts mariachi -- saying it. It was uncle Teddy at his best. And he gave his best to everyone he met. Whether a sick child. And injured soldier. And unemployed worker. That idea guided him through the bigger battles. To guarantee the right to organize. To end a part time. Bring peace to NORTHERN IRELAND. And health care -- all. It guides us. And it guides us and a tough campaign ahead as we fight for our middle class and an economy that's built to last. Defend a woman's right to choose. Cheaper college education affordable. Protect our seniors retirement security and asked every American to do their part to safeguard the promise of this country. Four years ago uncle Teddy marveled at the grit and grace of a young senator who embodied the change our country sorely needed. As we pause today to remember Senator Kennedy. We recommit ourselves to the leader he entrusted. To carry on our costs thank you very much.

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{"id":17154329,"title":"Joe Kennedy III Pays Tribute to 'Uncle Teddy'","duration":"3:00","description":"Massachusetts congressional candidate talks about Ted Kennedy's career.","url":"/Politics/video/joe-kennedy-iii-pays-tribute-uncle-teddy-17154329","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}