John Kasich Holds Town Hall in Maryland

ABC News' Ben Gittleson talks to supporters who attend John Kasich's town hall.
6:00 | 04/20/16

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Transcript for John Kasich Holds Town Hall in Maryland
I and then you know. Just roundup. The north and we are now and he came under his so we knew about Maryland next week eleven Maryland good home. Republican candidates dog to come down to Maryland and has a minute late really firm. Years in. I'm national. Residential nominating. Contest but I'm here now it is supporters of the airline to another loved music and other domestic germs. Ellen Rick problem it's okay. Why you like. Well so when when you mentioned at the end he's back and shut out as. Four in the July. Are you concerned at all about. Not elementary. Every now. And it's it's an evening Haas. And some thought magazines on zillow now negativity in the race. Intel did not record what do you think that was in the race right now and dollars on these places to legendary love York. I think it. The race overall. Becoming a little bit about what you do Berlin. What it's like having presidential okay. Caroline nowhere where. I love how he. And having to go over now. To rob Willis big I if you tell me a little bit about yourself you're also supporting John as I am yeah I'm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland us. Principal in North Carolina high school. And supporting John intensity as the greatest opportunity to take his accomplishments and translate that. Nokia six boats and fire heard joking about teachers' lounges or has brought up in the penalty was that you're asking now zoning chizik was asked about. Commented in the past about how these we should abolish teachers' lounges and a teacher ask a question today about and what he meant by that because that's still something that comes out. And what would you think about his responsibilities. I thought of that response was was great he was talking about the fact that sometimes a lot of negative. And sometimes that is true educations and tough profession as a lot of criticism. Negativity that is coming from the outside but you know what they're teachers are doing their best every day in the classroom that's what I see in my Ontario. Someone that understands that. Leading our country the transformers. And then say your parliamentarian from the Mellon a Republican Party yes what's it like to actually have it is thought that this primer actually matter for the first time I'll well. Starting with the election a governor Hogan fourteen a lot of things in Maryland and now. Having the opportunity to really. Cast that vote and make a difference and sent Nardelli gets us back you know some months back a little bit. It's really exciting to actually gonna have presidential candidates here's something that we are not used for buried side. That is something that I'm sure you've seen is done music. It's his way it is we do hear our views on the trail in New York City he went to its deli humans do. At least one pizza shop humans you. Kosher deli. In a disputed telling Delhi. It kind of went to town. Wherever he went he ate pizza with a fork which you get a lot of controversy might have been pre pre premeditated but there. But hey case. You know valid is obviously I'm proud to candidates do you think it's necessary for a job he's thinking dedicated to come here to. Chow down on some air and pads. I think it vacated they would have a new favorite. Is it necessary. Depends on when they're here. Certainly we would welcome them and there's a whole host of places you can choose from to get. There you have it rob let me just challenge John Cusick to come in its present mailing kind of what it would have its place with the disease an ingredient for life you've got to have a thing. Video old days seasoning VW of the store. And his last few more questions. You're you're just leave of of the dikes it next week right absolutely. And platelet what does it mean to you that. So Mike Casey is still staying in the race and some people are trying to get him to drop out. I think he's got a positive match message and I think he's got something that he went to Ohio when he mentioned. And Cleveland will be able to listen to. You know we have processed and somebody gets a majority they're gonna win that's not gonna happen which means that people are really -- take a look at it was involved patients. I think he is reverse that stance on better programs are very loving you so much brotherhood appreciate it. Again an ABC then get Osama Indianapolis Maryland John key sick was very competitive in the New York State primary.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"ABC News' Ben Gittleson talks to supporters who attend John Kasich's town hall. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38524649","title":"John Kasich Holds Town Hall in Maryland ","url":"/Politics/video/john-kasich-holds-town-hall-maryland-38524649"}