John Kasich Thanks Supporters in New Hampshire

The Republican presidential candidate finished second behind Trump in the New Hampshire primary.
13:13 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for John Kasich Thanks Supporters in New Hampshire
It is. This campaign. Utilizes more. Angered enough. Okay. Those arteries. And he's. But also it is time and he's ours and we're. Okay. Cole. And this work locking it homeless stereo here. And it recoveries you know. And he's. It's a world. Actresses and hate. All hotly where they're eager for news. Okay. Yeah. I'm okay. Yeah I came here. And I think the news it is standing in the house. Here they myself. Urge and you're obviously eagerly. Actually after about it in his book subsequently candidate you hear me. Yours routes or her. And there's. Oh. You know he's it is. All. It's you. It's all of you. How does a guy like me. Thank you. Wear it countless hours and calls the were if zone and you come from where's our archives days. Okay. From Maryland and you work and all the way it is. Little difference and there is among any. Okay. It's something that's going wrong. I. I understand. There's magic in here is. We'll just use this campaign. Wheaties is. All of us all of us. Able. It's bigger. Lives exchange partner the shrine near the resort is your partner equity know what you aren't aren't right. Okay. He. Oh. We ahead. Hands and tens of millions of dollars against. We've negative air. A we now we had and is an uneasy that fuel. You know there. We never went negative because we have work that is now. And his. Okay. Okay. Good. And quietly and clearly Cheney and here. This day we here at the age. Are part of American politics. And I don't like over it are. Okay. Okay. Okay. We're reservists here equally. Me. A last resort or resort and and it's not like to talk about this very poor country and the American home witches and we know that it family is he's wrong Clinton foundation is wrong and asked why wait every single page of every American has dropped in the United States. Okay. Okay. President of the United States. Okay. Okay. We're gonna happen and rant and opt out woolsey's. They don't want chain. All of our lifetime. We're going to tell me I. Think hope you agree. We're it is all problems and where. Not being extreme. Not fighting for those Republican or Democrat remind everybody that we Grosvenor is dedicated. Okay. Oh. This embodies change you people who live here. Women are equal. And yeah. And happens. I don't know you know. I don't happen personally I am hopeful news are. We are closer and closer to that. Those hundred town hall six and finally finish. People for some reason. Great low income city's power poles. And Jose. I'm and hate the other day in. He was crying in the along with his arm it's my son's cancer. And I feel as though. I didn't warn him. And crisis hurts is that it's tragedy it's terrible. But it's not your fault. He communiques does the other days. Conversation live that way off his shoulders. That you came from New York this is story. It's you remember the woman is any way. Seats and she told the story of her daughter that is being a child and it. She's all alone and I can't you come down. And I hug that woman. We don't prior notice that night. Not long ago it went into the town halls. Ladies in the back actively going through them mechanics fighting drugs. She brought it really pleasant life. Energy talk about her 31 year old. An eleven months old. And I looked around the room is you imagine how hard it is. If you belong to a one point just hope that little baby here arms. At the wake up everyday hasn't looked over at the good lord is listening. To have her daughter. Now we are incentives like. You're getting alerts. There are many people in America. Who don't feel that. Eight victories that knowledge celebrated when it. And they had these pain sometimes that they have to. Sort themselves. What I really thinking EEE this economic growth and job creation. But at the heart soul United States where the American through little he's loss. Or my father Kerry Ellis is everybody's business and Ross enjoyed it is time trial and was able beyond it and step in private than when it possibly love. She asked the America that I know. Where we slow who now lives. We slowed down our lives and buses leave this all night in and I would ask you just black on this. Because cheesy all of me change the world. We're all made you are human in his world. And we would just slow down. An odd way. You don't divisions within our program is. He willing to listen to that person Lewis next or when you're such a hurry to get our primary. We're such hurry. Shopping center. Slow there. Ultimately. Get home. You see us as a government. It tastes are. Our hearts to change America in his campaign. I've I am convinced even more. What it takes man campaign. And let let in this case somebody and you leave. It's not just let us up here and head. It's also where is he in your heart and the people of New Hampshire. Populace. And from this day forward I'm going to go slower has spent my time listening and evenly and healthy and bringing. Okay. And. Okay. I. Long. Is. And I mean. Hillary is the is much in his your life and work here. And. Okay. It's a look. After all the news that he's so happy about life and apparently in. Practice. The lord has blessed me. Out really aren't getting this page season. Your we will Europe all across this country will end up in the news west. You just wait. Let me tell you there's always happen if you don't have Z oh got. Okay.

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{"duration":"13:13","description":"The Republican presidential candidate finished second behind Trump in the New Hampshire primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36825739","title":"John Kasich Thanks Supporters in New Hampshire","url":"/Politics/video/john-kasich-supporters-hampshire-36825739"}