John Lewis at DNC: Voter Suppression 'Not Fair'

Georgia congressman links 1960s fight for civil rights to current voting issues.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John Lewis at DNC: Voter Suppression 'Not Fair'
First came to dissident. In 196 to god. -- year Barack Obama was blown. Above 113. Original freedom around us. -- Today a bus ride. From Washington. To New Orleans. -- -- Barack hills land that -- -- about 25 miles from here. Reminds me based Albert Bigelow and I tried -- into a white way to rule. Rivera met and anger among. Be -- -- -- -- line and a pool a since then America may have a lot of progress. We are differences I then did we were in 196 to one. And it to a Salmonella and eight. Result the world -- drama is over American premier elect their president Barack Obama. Amanda from rocky -- this not for evidence Obama's election -- slated to grumble about what became tomorrow. All present Washington has they -- -- want other people won't beat you. I want to apologize. Will you forgive being. Asked live concept -- apologies. If this man -- Good to go back. We don't want to go back. Don't vote just -- all of moles slate creek. It is the most problem nonviolent. Jewelry and -- they're creating MO burglary do -- -- today in -- While looking at prison are trying -- -- some people won't. -- strange and the role. President -- look and impose that requirement in Tenet to suppress the vote. The republic. The lead and -- the main problem even -- -- hills based. New voter ID along the border -- governor Romney to win this day. Does not rise -- does not grant and that deals not just. Several. And that make them while still don't let -- -- -- Okay. Good. -- -- -- -- We must then out. Speak up -- speak out. -- -- Might -- about how global coal. We must clamping down at Texas glad I was Laker right. -- -- Nobody respects we will read let the man who would leave it happened followed the event but Rockwell. And --

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{"id":17175443,"title":"John Lewis at DNC: Voter Suppression 'Not Fair'","duration":"3:00","description":"Georgia congressman links 1960s fight for civil rights to current voting issues.","url":"/Politics/video/john-lewis-speaks-at-dnc-17175443","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}