Jon Huntsman on ABC's Top Line, Part 2

2012 candidate comments on his poll numbers, says he could support Romney.
3:00 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Jon Huntsman on ABC's Top Line, Part 2
OK what about what was issues as we -- -- flat tax proposed by three of the candidates so far three and counting. At a time when we've seen income inequality grow. And the poll suggests some concern about that among voters is a flat tax that direction the Republican Party should be -- Well I think it's a good move for our country longer term we have. Income inequality in part because the economy has failed. There isn't enough in the way of opportunity there's joblessness and we have joblessness you can expand the base if you can expand the base you have no revenue. From which to pay the bills. I did a flat Texas governor's so I'm not talking as giving an academic dissertation and a practitioner of the flat tax -- took the principle that. Those that they upper end of the -- you'll should pay more taxes. Well -- -- desperately we need to flatten the rate and broaden the base and provide more in the way of of opportunity. I saw this happen as governor we had an old dilapidated and -- mystic 1955. Tax system it wasn't serving our our needs in the 21 century. -- phased out that deductions and loopholes I'd lower the rate -- broaden the base and we simplified and it brought the state. Back to working order investment came in -- -- -- -- -- became more active college graduates hung around and there were more jobs for -- the revenue we tripled the rainy day fund we provided attack that we started to pay teachers what I thought there were. We could do things that we never would have imagined such that we -- -- -- a national level do what you wanna -- I think the I think the principles of the same now governor Perry's proposed a flat tax as part. At his overall tax reform proposal. So He doesn't fix it He uses providing a -- -- -- highlighted by this option if it's optional I say OK if I'm gaming the system with the current loopholes and deductions I'm gonna keep gaming the system a new kind of fixes that. -- and then Mitt Romney is -- nibbling around the edges and then you've -- 999 more more -- -- 909. Whatever the latest of code is and I say I'm the only one putting forward a program that calls for a cleaning house -- OK so loopholes deductions. So so tell me and you -- -- -- nationalism commercialism is that is that basically you're done I mean that that you have been broken through there was one poll that actually had -- -- 0%. A -- so what what what is it what why have you not taken off and and what's the path I mean -- -- -- how do you restart this campaign it's early. There's been no primary or caucus vote we're taking -- to New Hampshire just watch the numbers steadily increase we've done eighty events in New Hampshire. New Hampshire -- fashion marketplace you've got to stand before people. You've got to. Share your vision with and you've got to answer their questions in the league in their more than you have been and still there's there's you getting out polled by by a number of the candidates Mitt Romney looks like he's running away with the -- -- -- well he's he's the home boys so to speak. He has name recognition that doesn't mean that there's He deep Reza for. Go to the mat. Belief in his cause. We've gone from zero in New Hampshire to 1011% in a recent poll and I say we're moving in the right direction. And I -- with Lamar Alexander tonight for dinner and He brought me that data from when He ran -- injured 96 He said when -- -- you or atlas. He said this thing moves very very quickly if you've got a message. Which I do. And if you connect with people which we are doing. You move the market we're moving the market as we move the market it improves fundraising people see that you actually are coming. At a nowhere with a message and with real experience and you look at the list of people there you say who can. Who can stay standing at the very end as a viable alternative. You can look through the list and -- -- can remain as a viable alternative. Will be a viable alternative that no doubt about an interest most Winfield all right I mean did you drop out of the leaders of you know within we've we never say never had. Never say die. We have to do well in New Hampshire there's no question about that. As senator Alexander noses as Mitt Romney knows one sure fire way to move the -- is to spend a lot of money on your behalf perhaps someone have a has -- spend that money does -- lot of talk about super -- coming in here obviously investigating -- resources through your father why -- we seeing that few people -- do you expect that we'll -- and I know that -- you separate your campaign do you expect though to see some significant spending get those numbers those that told -- -- -- the other night we can't talk about who prepared activities. It may or may not be there. But I also worked as a national co chairman for John McCain. A few short years ago when He was in New Hampshire remember introducing him to crowds there small and they grew over time. With nothing. Zero. That's why New Hampshire being the window through which people Begin to see this race mature and materialize. Is so critically important as -- first primary state because you've got to be real you've got to be who you were -- -- -- reality it's about ideas. -- if by some miracle you don't care if it's just just helped solicit sales skeptical Jonathan and I just say this -- it happened. A home -- could you live -- Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee of course. I will I will support whoever the Republican nominee is whoever. Has what it takes to get through a trying -- rigorous primary season which brings out the best in people -- I will support. If if were right now that the two prohibitive front runners it would seem if you -- the polls are McCain and Mitt Romney who who's stronger candidate against Barack Obama. Will -- time will tell. -- I can say is that -- Herman Cain and I were at the same level in the polls just a couple of short weeks ago and it shows how. Fickle and unpredictable these numbers are and I say if we do it needs to be done with next two months ago before the early primaries. We have plenty of time to make to make that -- move and I like our position the last thing you want to do. Is to flame out that you want to be -- rising star as opposed to a shooting star and I've got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well wreck there is I mean he's got to I would say pretty steep climb but -- it seems -- there's no question from listening to him that He is He in this through the New Hampshire primary. That's right ten weeks before New Hampshire you heard him taking shots at Rick Perry it Mitt Romney He is gonna make this thing count and fight to the very -- that -- for this edition of top line. Tech is out of a Twitter slash reclined slash Jon Karl and I think you're right if we're talking about an Easter the end so no survivor for him the survivor we'll get voted off -- -- --

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{"id":14818922,"title":"Jon Huntsman on ABC's Top Line, Part 2","duration":"3:00","description":"2012 candidate comments on his poll numbers, says he could support Romney.","url":"/Politics/video/jon-huntsman-abcs-top-line-part-14818922","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}